10 inch vs 12 inch Miter Saw

In an instance where you want to buy a miter saw, you may wonder whether to buy a 10 inches or a 12 inches saw. This will highly depend on the kind of projects that you do. The landscapes that you deal with is also a factor to consider. The materials which need to be cut in big or large sizes may require a bigger miter saw. On the other hand, it is wise to purchase a big one rather than a small one. The small one is limited to small sizes whereas the big one can handle both the small and the big sizes

The maintenance cost of the two sizes of saw may not be the same. It will cost more to sharpen the larger blade of saw than the small blade. In cases where you may need to be sharpening your blades more often, it is a good thing to consider the costs. The number of teeth are also different since large blades have more teeth than small ones.

Miter Saw

This means they do not achieve the same qualities of cuts. The usability of the saw will also differ as the 12” will have ease to deflect and also it is better in terms of wobbling than the 10″ blade. This factors are so important when it comes to quality of cuts as well as the accuracy.

In the case of working with fine wood, a larger blade would do better compared to the small one. On the other hand, the 10 inches blade is lighter and less bulky to carry around. It is also easier to boot compared to the 12 inches blade.If you need to get tight miters, a 12” will give you hard time but the 10” will do so well. You should identify the factors that are important in your work so as to choose the saw which will best suit you.


Failure to identify the right tools for you job will give you hard time. When you have identified which tool best fits a given job you get to do your job with much ease. It is so crucial to be informed and have enough knowledge about the performance of different tools for your job. This way you will be able to manage your time and do much within a short span of time. Wastage of time arise when you get stranded due to use of a wrong tool for your job. It is wise to spend more time researching on what tools fits your job than trying to force a wrong tool to perform a job it was never meant for. With a confidence of services that you may gain from a given tool, you get going fast and finish your orders for your clients without delays. This shows professionalism and you get to gain your client’s confidence.