19 Fresh Paint Ideas for the Front Door

Are you in an idea to spring clean your home or buildings from top to bottom? Starting with your front door will be the best option, provide a fresh and attractive paint job to give a unique look from other ones, there are hues of colors like green, yellow, turquoise, blue, etc. which will make people take a wow look when noticed.

Front Door Paint Ideas for Instant Refresh to your Exteriors

Proceed below to explore some of the best fresh paint ideas you can try out for your front doors to provide an instant refresh. You can make use of any airless paint sprayers to provide an astonishing and gorgeous outlook to your front doors.

Schoolhouse Red Door

Schoolhouse red odor is the best option in the case of your front yard filled with blue hydrangeas as they act as the natural color for many seasons and are eye-catchy.


Green Door

To provide a cheery welcome to your friends, family members, and loved ones, you can try out these bright green without any confusion; the paint provides an astonishing appearance during the nighttime as they reflect a lantern flame.


Blue Door

The stunning blue color door provides a more significant pop as a whole, including blue pots nearby your gate acts as a beautiful addition and offers a breathtaking look.

Turquoise Door

The brass hardware is the one reason for the hue, and the best compliment you can include with these front door color options might be the yellow blooms bursting on the container garden.

Navy Blue Door

One of the excellent addition to your room for providing a refreshing look when paired with the right wall.

Red Door

To provide a patriotic look to the door, you should start with the red paint; this suits well in a place with white exterior.

Classic Neutral

One of the contemporary color that works best for most of the interiors, they get transformed into a lilac color which is also best for cabinets, doors, putty, etc. They look timeless and fresh at the same time when they are paired with trim and white wall option.

Bold Blue

The bold blue is considered to be the best bet for any cottage style house around the white interior sliding. They are capable of providing strength which can balance the white starkness and also ensures the freshness.

Deep Black

Most preferred color by most of the persons suits best for classic exteriors to provide the crisp and attractive finishing, they produce a warm, chic and sophisticated look and acts as a great curb appeal.

Egg Blue

Egg blue is considered to be the new black, best to opt for any building materials and offers a facade finish as a complementing option. Other optional colors that suits are copen blue, galt blue, high noon and lament blue.



Orange acts as the best color option in the case of things unexpected, they provide the best attractive look to your front door that looks modern, the tone gets improved when they are paired with grey siding and stainless cable rails.


The color with a mixture of green and blue and this is preferred mostly by the people who need to provide a happy looking front door for their friends, family members, and loved ones.

Tomato Red

The door with a mixture of orange and red offers great fun and attraction to your interior as well as exterior and provide you a traditional look as a whole.

Light Blue

Light shades always provide a pleasant look to your doors; they would be the best option if you need a color that suits all types of front door interior and exterior.


Combination of green and yellow would be the best pick during the spring season; you can make use of them to paint your complete house so that you can feel the cherishing appearance of your home in a reliable way.

Tropical Blue

The color when it joins with vibrant flowers around will be undoubtedly an eye-catching one.

Light Green

A subtle color which will always be identified as a gray color, this would be perfect when it is painted with white exteriors.


When the color is paired with sky blue paint on the exterior side, they provide a bold look to your home; this would also suit a white exterior home.

Peach Front

The color will be the best option if you have an outdoor filled with pillars, bricks, and siding.

Try out the above color combination paint on your front door, and I bet that you will never stop loving the output you receive.