Is A 2 Gallon Air Compressor Right For You?

For general jobs around the house the most popular choice of air compressor is the 2 gallon air compressor. They are usually pretty compact and light but still powerful enough to get jobs done.

2 Gallon Air Compressor

An air compressor described as 2 gallon is one with a 2 gallon tank. This can either be a single tank or two connected tanks. The tank or tanks play an important role to the compressor. They build up a reservoir of air inside the tank and when it has reached full capacity stops so that it doesn’t explode. Also, it allows the compressor to produce a steady flow of air with no variations.

As 2 gallon air compressors are quite small in size they are nice and portable. They usually come with a useful accessory kit to help you use it in conjunction with tools such as nail guns and spray guns. Most 2 gallon compressors will produce around 90 PSI and up to 7 CFM so enough for a pneumatic tool.

The majority of 2 gallon air compressors use an electric motor and can be plugged into a regular outlet. There are also portable versions that run on gas or batteries.

2 gallon air compressors provide a good middle ground between weak 12 volt compressors and huge 6 gallon compressors and are your best bet for most household chores. In general they cost around $250 but shop around and you may find a bargain.