20 Foot Jumper Cables with Carry Bag Review

Jump starting a car after dying is not an easy task, not even for long-time car owner and most especially for beginners. Therefore, at least having the right tool will make the job worthwhile. Buying high-quality jumper cables is a necessity, not an option. However, since the market has become overwhelmed with too many brands and products, car owners may find it confusing to look for the right cables.

To help you start with looking for the right one, the 20 Foot Jumper Cables with Carry Bag should be on your list as it is considered in the top performing jumper cables of today. It has heavy duty wires and easy to use cables to assist even the beginners. The product worked pretty well for every user therefore, it is really worth considering.

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61HgIyc5XML 1Flexible, Heavy Duty Jumper Cable for All Types of Weather

A heavy duty jumper cable is enough to handle not only small vehicles but larger ones. Also, this means that it lasts longer than the other jumper cables sold in the market. The 20-foot jumper cables do not only handle hard tasks but also, it is known to be versatile in working with different climates – hot, cold or neutral.

The tool is perfect for all vehicle types such as cars, vans, trucks, SUVs and even motorcycles. The heavy duty job has also worked perfectly for large vehicles like a full-size truck. Therefore, for a product that cost no more than a hundred bucks, this is definitely worth a try.

Easy-To-Use Cables for a Less Stressful Job

Jump starting a car is not a joke, and this goes well for beginners and even for long-time car owners. Time, effort and patience are needed just to start a car, may it die expectedly or unexpectedly. As the owner, the least you want is to own an inefficient tool that instead of working as an asset, it has become more of a liability.

For this reason, the 20 foot jumper cables are created simply to avoid any other confusions. The design is simple to be understood. Plus, it is tangle free which means that it minimizes the time consumed in starting the car as there will no detangling of cables anymore. Tangles happen in most cables and this is one thing that most car owners are avoiding.

20 Foot Jumper Cables with Carry Bag Features

Aside from the versatility of the jumper cables when it comes to weather climates and its easy-to-use trait, the jumper cables also has other features that would surely lure car owners.

Here are as follows:

Color Coded – The cables are color coded with black and red for easy identification.

Carry Bag – The tool comes with a carry back for more convenience, easy and quick storage.

Lifetime Replacement Warranty – The warranty is just one solid proof about how confident the brand – Iron Forge Tools – is with their tool, or else, it will be replaced with a brand new item.

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20 Foot Jumper Cables Reviews and Ratings

Incredibly, the brand has over 100 reviews and mostly, it has positive feedbacks. For this, plus my own evaluation, the product is given a 10 out of 10 stars ratings. Costing less than $30 bucks, you are guaranteed to get a very reasonably priced product without suffering the performance and quality.

In fact, one user has stated how it has become what he exactly needs in a cable. The gauge wires are thick enough to handle even the jobs for large vehicles like an eighteen wheeler truck. Also, the length of a 20 foot wire has made almost everything convenient. And lastly, the strength of the clamp is potent enough the teeth are made to be in the good attachment.

Also, another user shared her experience about the product stating that it came and function as it was advertised. The product looked the same as she saw it on TV and it worked the way it was described. Overall, it was highly recommended.

Things to Improve

However, like other products, it has its own flaws. One user, out of the hundred feedbacks, stated how sturdy the product is. It didn’t work on the colleague’s car but he didn’t found out if it was the cables or the car which have the problem. Therefore, this does not affect the major performance of the jumper cables. Thus, it is a product worth investing in.


The 20-foot jumper cables are made of high-quality materials suitable to do heavy duty jumper starting jobs on cars, SUVs, vans and even and eighteen wheeler truck. It is flexible and can work in all weathers plus it is tangle free.

Overall, the product worked efficiently on a majority of the users thus, it is highly recommended.

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