Cosco 20417T1ASE Ladder Review

Does your ladder fail you with its sturdiness? Cosco Multi-Position Ladder is true with its promise because it is made of aircraft grade aluminum box “I” beam construction. There are various brands that claim their ladder is tough and sturdy but, once you use it, it is not stable when configured into different formations.

This ladder can be positioned as an extension ladder, stairway ladder, scaffold, and wall ladder. Imagine that all you need is one ladder to do different jobs. It saves space storage in your home and you can now donate your other ladders.

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5-in-1 Ladder System

The objective of Cosco Multi-Position Ladder System is to deliver the best for their customers. The 5-in-1 ladder system feature helps every user to do different jobs with only a single ladder. Whether you need to do painting works, clean out your gutters, adjust the position of high-level materials, ceiling works, and install lights, it can be adjusted easily.

This ladder is designed to use indoor and outdoor activities so it is also suitable for heavy-duty industrial work. The versatility of the ladder can make up to five positions as step ladder, ten positions as stairway ladder, four heights as wall ladder, ten heights as extension ladder, and three heights as a scaffold.

Aircraft Grade Boxed Aluminum Frame

The Cosco Multi-Position Ladder System is made up of heavy-duty aircraft grade boxed aluminum frame. The ANSI type 1A industrial duty allows the ladder to hold up to 300 pounds weight. The stability of the ladder is constant even at its full extension. Each rung of the ladder is equipped for slip resistant and it supports your feet to maintain stability. If you are using a slipper or if your feet are wet, the rungs can still manage to support your feet without an unmatched feeling of stability.

Even the ladder has a weight of 34.4 pounds, you can still manage to move it from one place to another and it can be easier once you find the best way to carry it. In addition, the ladder in any position can still hold up to 300 pounds as compared to other ladders; it varies when converted to other formation.

Cosco 20-417T1AS Multi-Position Ladder System Features & Specifications

  • This ladder has a height that can reach up to 17 feet. It is best to use for indoor and outdoor jobs.
  • Multi-position ladder that can be converted to five types. It can be converted into an extension ladder, wall ladder, stepladder, stairway ladder, and a scaffold.
  • ANSI Type 1A industrial duty rated feature of this ladder can certainly support up to 300 pounds.
  • You can easily adjust the ladder without experiencing any hassle because of its secure patented hinge design and levers with large spring locking.
  • The commercial grade aircraft aluminum with box “I” beam construction allows to hold up its strength.

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Cosco 20-417T1AS Multi-Position Ladder System Reviews

Most of the reviews posted online highlighted its heavy-duty industrial feature that can carry a real 300 pounds. The majority of the users were happy about the stability of the ladder in any configurations. The rating of this ladder is 7.8 because all the features indicated in the product descriptions are all true. The weight of the ladder is heavier as compared to other typical ladders but it is still easy to transport from one place to another once you learn the best way to carry it.

In addition, a user posted that he will recommend Cosco Multi-Position Ladder System to those who are heavy and worried about the capability of the ladder to hold their weight. He said that he is 220 pounds and yet he could still stand with confidence on the rungs of the ladder. He feels secured every time he’s using this ladder in any formation.

Things to Improve

One user posted his review about this ladder and the only thing that he saw as an area for improvement was the stability of the ladder on uneven surfaces. You have to make sure that the base of the ladder is standing on an even surface so that it will not bounce. This ladder might be hard to use on stairs or any other area that does not have an even surface. But overall, the Cosco Multi-Position Ladder System is an ideal home ladder.


The Cosco Multi-Position Ladder System is a strong, tough and sturdy ladder. If I will be asked, “What would be the strongest ladder in the market?” I will endorse Cosco as this manufacturer has proven its credibility in producing real sturdy ladders. Thus, the versatility of the ladder as it can be converted into five different positions makes it a perfect home ladder for every user.

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