3 Benefits of having a Portable Air Compressor

Large, stationary air compressors are fine for work in the garage or workshop but if you need it for any other jobs you may encounter problems. That’s where a portable air compressor comes in handy. You can use in around the house, in the car, even take it to other jobs with you. Here we take a look at just a few reasons why portable air compressors are so useful

Bostitch Portable Air Compressor

Emergency Tyre Repair

If you need to pump up a flat tyre whilst out and about, the compressor sitting in the garage isn’t going to do you much good. A small, portable compressor kept in the car means you will never be left in the lurch again. Some portable models run off batteries and some can even be plugged in to your car’s DC power. They use a valve system to connect to the tyre and while they may take a little longer than larger models but are perfect in an emergency.

Household chores

DIY around the house may well require air powered tools. So, instead of metres and metres of power cord trailing from the garage, a portable compressor right where you need is it a lot less hassle. This can apply to nail guns, spray guns, sanding; even working up on the roof.

At Work

Those amongst you that use tools such as nail and spray guns at work could benefit from a portable air compressor. There is a myth that they are less powerful but they are usually enough to power most air tools. You will need stronger versions for tools such as sandblasters.


If you are looking for a well-respected brand that is widely available then Campbell Hausfeld are a good choice although it really is up to you to decide what is best for your needs. Whatever you use them for; portable air compressors are handy for a multitude of jobs.