4 Ways to Breathe New Life into Your Old Kitchen

If food is the thing that keeps everyone alive, then the kitchen is the place where all life begins. It is arguably the most important room in the house whether or not anyone but you and your family ever even get to see it.

That said, the kitchen deserves high-class treatments and upgrades every once in a while. Here are a few home improvement projects that you can take on today that will help make your kitchen new again.

paint wall

A Fresh Coat of Paint

If your kitchen is a dull, drab color, then no one will want to be there, and that’s a shame since you have to spend so much time there cooking and meal prepping anyway. Fun fact: yellow is supposed to make you happy and boost metabolism just by looking at it.

You could brighten up your kitchen instantly by painting it yellow and then accenting it with other colors. Yellow would look great with everything from exposed brick to colorful ceramic tiles; it’s all up to how you want to flavor your fun new kitchen, but there are plenty of other colors that would look great, too.


A Fun New Backsplash

Maybe you’re not in the mood to re-paint your whole kitchen, and that’s okay. If that sounds like you, then invest in a new backsplash that adds a pop of vitality and something new to your kitchen that wasn’t there before.

You can do brick backsplashes even if you don’t have any brick to expose with innovative new contact paper. This backsplash can be different from the color of your walls yet complement it, like yellows and purples or blacks and whites.

If you do get a new backsplash, make sure that it can withstand everything your kitchen throws at it, from high heat to sauce stains.

A Few New Appliances

This is where treating your kitchen to a makeover helps you as well. New appliances serve not only pleasant aesthetic looks, but they serve a functional purpose as well. A new fridge can help keep everything cold or give you more space. A new oven may have safety options built in that is a better fit for your family.

You should also choose a versatile-looking appliance, so stainless steel is a good, neutral finish that is easy to clean and will stay rust-free and looking fantastic for the entire lifetime of your kitchen.

kitchen cabinet

A New Set of Cabinets

This is yet another way that you can re-decorate your kitchen with functionality in mind. You can score bonus points with yourself if you get cabinets that are ready to install without having to put in a lot of extra effort.

It would be a pretty smart move if you bought new appliances and new cabinets so that they can look good together. They also make new cabinets that don’t slam so you don’t have to feel guilty about going for that midnight snack because now it won’t wake anyone up.

You can also upgrade your island and other your under cabinets by installing a vacuum system so that when you kick crumbs underneath the counter, you;re not avoiding the problem, rather you are helping to facilitate the cleaning process.

Whether you decide to do all of these or just one for your kitchen, you should treat your kitchen like it treats you. It is the lifeline of the home, where both mistakes and masterpieces are made. Give it a breath of fresh air with any one or any number of these things.