5 Factors to Consider when Buying Water Jet Cutter

Businesses are turning to Waterjet cutting technology to cut with precision various materials for their use. The pure waterjet cutter can cut soft materials like rubber, foam, and some types of gasket material.

An abrasive waterjet cutter will cut a wide range of materials including all metals like stainless steel, hardened tool steel, aluminum, as well as copper and Titanium. You can also use it to cut ceramics, stones, laminates, composites, and non-tempered glass.

Hence, having an abrasive waterjet in your business is an investment that will make it easier to cut all sorts of materials not only quickly but also accurately.

Before you buy a waterjet cutter for your business, there are important factors you must consider to avoid making a grave mistake.

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Consider the features you need

Waterjet cutters come in different prices and at a different cost. Before you go buying a waterjet cutter, you need to ask yourself what size of a cutter you need. That question should be answered bearing in mind the kind of work you mostly do.

To make any economic sense, and also for your cutter to be an asset instead of a liability, you need to buy a cutter that’s suitable for most of the works that you do.

Since waterjets can run with two heads, you need to find out whether the majority of your cutting tasks require one or two heads. If a one-head waterjet is capable for the majority of your tasks, there’s no need of buying a two head cutter which is expensive.

Operator costs

Waterjet cutting machines require skilled labor to operate. It requires programmers as well as competent machine operators. If you can’t recruit such staff, you need to consider purchasing a machine with an intelligent control system. It’s more economical as it’s easier to run compared to the CAM, and CNC machines.

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How is your facility?

Your facility will dictate whether you can use waterjet cutting machines or not. First, they are large, and so they require considerable floor space. They also need power, water, compressed air, and proper drainage.

You will require storage space for the materials. The programmers will also need a room. Hence before you purchase the cutting machine ensure you have the necessary space to accommodate the machine and its associated operations.


The machine has to undergo routine maintenance which should be done by qualified personnel. Therefore there are some costs involved. Alternatively, your workers can receive training of how to service the machine from the supplier.

The best waterjet cutter

One crucial fact worth considering is where you’ll buy the machine from. Not all waterjet cutting machine is the same. Hence you should only go for the best waterjet garnet cutting machine. Yes, Garnet is a naturally occurring mineral that provides the best characteristic for waterjet cutting.


Waterjet cutting machines provide the best cutting results on any material. They are accurate and work quickly. However, before you embark on purchasing the cutting machine, you must take consideration of the factors discussed in this article. Above all ensure that you are buying the best waterjet cutting machine