5 Landscape Tips for a Lush, Irresistible Lawn

A beautiful yard is arguably the goal of any homeowner, whether you live on a sprawling property or a suburban cul-de-sac. Simple, inexpensive additions can make a world of difference and add a pop of color and style.

Here are five tips to make your yard the envy of the neighborhood.

Use Starter Fertilizer for Any New Planting

Be sure to use starter fertilizer for anything you plant. According to Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences, starter fertilizers provide emerging seedlings essential nutrients near the roots.

Choose starter fertilizers that are low in nitrogen, high in phosphorous, and include mycorrhizal fungi. Mycorrhizal fungi link the plant to the soil by acting as a sort-of nutrient messenger. Always combine starter fertilizers with good planting techniques. 

Make a Real Path, Not a Herd Path

Connect the points of interest in your yard by adding a walkway constructed of stone, brick, or concrete. This technique will ensure a beaten-path of dead grass does not develop in the middle of your property.

Want more blending? Try using materials for your path that look similar to the material used on the outside of your home. 

Layers, Layers, and More Layers

5 Landscape Tips for a Lush, Irresistible Lawn

Image via Flickr by mathplourde

Use the three-row method of layering your flower beds: smallest plants first, then medium-sized, then large. Think of your flower bed as a group photo; the shortest people always stand in the front; the tallest in the back. Also, make sure to keep balance in mind. Include a variety of textures, as well as sizes. 

The Sweet Relief of Shade

Who doesn’t love sitting under a shady tree on a hot, sunny day? But did you know, shady trees can offer the same relief to your home, while also lowering your electric bills?

Planting shade trees around your property, specifically close enough to your home to provide protection, can lower the internal temperature, reducing the stress on your heating, venting, and air conditioning (HVAC) system, which thereby reduces your electricity bill. 

Plus, as we all know, trees are beneficial to the environment because they absorb carbon monoxide and other harmful gasses.  It’s a win-win! Always make sure to trim your shade trees and hedges early and often to create air corridors. 

Let There Be Light

Nobody likes to trip, especially in the dark. Welcome your patio, backyard, firepit, or lawn party guests by providing illuminated paths.

In addition to allowing your guests and members of your household a way to see where they are stepping, landscape lighting places a spotlight on your beautiful yard so that it can be admired, even after the sun goes down.

Creating a straight row is not always necessary to light the whole space. Try alternating sides of a path to create a natural break. The best news? Many of these lanterns are powered by a small solar panel. 

Show off your green thumb and make your neighbors equally green with envy; no need to break the bank!