5 Steps to Starting an Online Safety Training Site

One of the things businesses deal with all the time is training their workers about job safety, new safety developments, and revised procedures. There are often also required safety courses that employees must complete before operating certain machinery or taking on certain positions. How do you get that information out there without constantly having training classes in person?

One way is to create your own online safety training site.  This can be a place where you house video and even virtual reality and augmented reality training, where employees can take tests and get certified whenever they need to. It’s a good solution for your company, and you may even be able to share or even sell the content to other companies. How do you go about this process? Here are some tips.

Purchase a Separate Domain Name

Okay, you don’t want this to be part of your business site, especially if it is consumer facing. You can gate the content behind a password login, but it is better to have this as its own domain with a completely different name. A part of this is so that you can sell this training to other companies if need be.

Choosing a unique domain name does not have to be a long process for this kind of site. Your company name with “safety training” added on the end is a good place to start. If that is not available, look for variations of your domain name and purchase the one that works the best for you. Online searches will often offer you options if the original you were looking for is already taken.

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Update Your Hosting

If you are going to have a lot of video and other training files on your site, you may need to reevaluate your hosting plan or even upgrade. Employees will be using the site often for training, and so you may have high traffic, especially if you sell your training to other companies.

This means not only will your hosting need to be able to handle the traffic, but you may need more memory for video and other storage options, especially if you use virtual reality and augmented reality as part of your training. More on that in a moment.

Make sure your host has the speed, memory, and ability to handle traffic that you need it to. At this point you may want to consider dedicated hosting if you don’t already have it, or you may even want to look into self-hosting and creating your own server.

Use Modern Online Training Methods

The old school lecture or simple training video is not nearly as effective as modern methods. Not only should you make sure content and videos are up to date but consider using the above mentioned virtual and augmented reality.

While it may be initially expensive to create these things, it will be cheaper in the long run to use a simulator app than to actually have trainees operating equipment, plus it eliminates some elements of risk. It also allows you to throw scenarios at them that would not be possible with a standard video or even a training situation. This makes training more effective, but it can also improve workplace safety by a large margin.

Gamification is also a good option, teaching your workers through “games” how to perform certain tasks. This allows you to have levels of training as well, allowing them to “pass” and “level up” once they have successfully accomplished one task.

No matter what methods you choose, just be sure that your training is up to date, modern, and engaging.


Protect Your Content

Whether you plan to sell your training to other companies or not, there are some really good reasons to protect your content. It is expensive to create, and some of it may have proprietary information you do not want to share with your competition or with your customers and clients.

There are a few simple ways to “gate” your content. First, you should require log in and passwords for employees, require changes at least quarterly, and make sure the passwords used are of a certain security level. This means restricting passwords to good ones that are actually effective.

If you are going to sell your content as well, you need to add a “store” component that allows you to collect payment before you issue new passwords and log in credentials. Fortunately, these things can be done through a few simple plugins, making it easy to get your site up and going no matter what your needs are.


Educate Employees

Once you are up and running, you need to let employees know where your site is, what it is for, and how they can access it. This is a process itself and can be done through a number of means. You may also have to have trainers who walk employees through the first course or two that they undertake just so you are sure they know how things work.

Your overall goal is to equip your employees for success, and the best way to do so is to be proactive about educating them when new systems come online and new courses are available.

Setting up an online safety training site is not too difficult, and if done properly will benefit your company, save you money in the long run, and can even make you some money on the side.