6 Gallon Air Compressor – A Good Choice?

Although 12 volt and 2 gallon air compressors can tackle smaller jobs around the home, for tougher jobs a 6 gallon compressor may be more appropriate. Smaller compressors often do not produce enough power for tools such as sandblasters, grinders and saws.

6 Gallon Air Compressor

A 6 gallon air compressor is one with a 6 gallon capacity tank. This tank builds pressure yet stops when full to capacity. This is really important as if it didn’t stop the whole compressor could explode! It also regulates the amount of air the compressor gives out, producing a nice, steady stream.

Although not designed to be portable a 6 gallon compressor will not weigh more than 50 pounds so could be moved without a lot of difficulty. They are usually powered by an electric motor of around 120 volts. Most do not use oil and whilst this makes them a little louder it also means they are simpler to use and keep. Using oil would mean adding extra bits which you don’t really want on a simple compressor.

To make them as portable as possible most 6 gallon compressors are designed with a vertical or flat ‘pancake’ shaped tank. They are the largest size of compressor designed for home use and can generate between 100 and 150 PSI. Most cost around $250.