7 DIY Ideas for Teens

During your teenage years, you learn a lot from your family, peers, and the environment. It’s, therefore, a good idea to be constructive and create memories while at it.

We have learned from school that creativity is an important factor in life. We are expected to come up with unique items using what we have available. This is why I compiled simple DIY ideas you can take inspiration from and easily do at home.

Dog Leash Holder

It is very frustrating when you can’t remember where you last placed your dog’s chain. I got this idea of a leash holder that you can put in the corridor, your room, or any suitable place in the house. It is quite easy to make since less assembly work is required. You need a smooth piece of wood, wood furnish, a few hooks, screws, and a screwdriver.

The first step is to apply wood furnish to the wood for that smooth glowing finish. To fasten the wood to the wall, you will need the appropriate size of wood screws and a good screwdriver set. Once done, screw your hooks onto the wood in any sequence. Lastly, apply wood glue to the back of your wood piece and fix it on the wall. That’s easy, right?

Collar Covers

This is an exciting gift idea for your puppy. How about stitching a collar cover for him? To achieve accuracy get your pup’s measurements between the clasp and tag. Use soft, durable fabric such as cotton to make the neckband. Bring out your creativity by mixing colors, writing your puppy’s name on the band or adding a bow to the collar cover.

Tissue Holder

A homemade tissue holder is a fun way of organizing your bathroom and an easy way to pull out that piece of napkin you need when sneezing comes knocking. You probably have mason jars lying empty on your kitchen shelves.

A large or medium sized mason jar is more appropriate than a smaller one. Using a knife cut an x in the middle of the lid. Fold the tissues to fit into the jar. I prefer using Kleenex tissues since they are made to fit into cylinders. Lastly, pull one piece of tissue through the x-hole on the lid and fasten the jar. There you go; great piece, right?

Convertible Headband

If you wish to add a sense of style to your hair, you might consider transforming your necklaces to headbands. You only need a necklace in perfect condition and an elastic hair band. Fix the elastic strip on each end of your jewelry. The elastic band ensures your new headband stays in place once you use it on your hair. For a more colorful headband, you can use two or more necklaces at one go.

A Little Décor

Teens can be very particular with what they term as artistic, but a little décor for the bedroom doesn’t hurt. Wine bottles, spray paint, and yarn are good enough to create a fabulous flower vase. You can create a pattern with the yarn and stick it to the bottles using glue. To add splendor spray the thread with different colors. It’s easy to make and pretty too!

Tie and Dye

I find dull colors quite monotonous especially for teens. You can transform your plain white scarf into something fascinating. It is very easy to do even at home since you only need your favorite color dyes. Mix each color in a different bowl. Spread your scarf, using rubber bands tie various parts of your scarf.

Last step; dip the pieces in your dye one at a time and leave to dry. You can also dye t-shirts, socks, and plain leggings. Here is a detailed step by step tie and dye for a shirt.

Fancy Floor Mat

You don’t have to purchase a bathroom mat since you can make one yourself using simple materials in the house. Don’t throw away your old towels; we need them to make a fancy mat. Cut your napkins longitudinally to equal strips using a pair of scissors. Trim the edges; they are thicker than the other parts of the cloth. Stitch three to four pieces together on one side or rather use a rubber band to hold them together. Twist the strips nicely to ensure uniformity.

Once you’ve completed this step for all the strips, use a needle and string to join the twists together. You should expect a long piece at the end. Roll from one end to make a circle. Lastly, stitch together the piece to come up with a round mat. For a more colorful look, use different color towels and mix up the strips.

The Bottom line

We can have fun with things we have in our homes and equally come up with amazing products. It takes creativity and interest to maneuver through the ideas above. Aren’t they fun and easy to do? Explore your environment, practice, and enjoy the process.

Bio: Sarah is the editor of thediyhammer.com. Inspired to be creative from an early age, she is always coming up with her own DIY projects, big or small, and draws inspiration from other imaginative minds. She is always encouraging others to be more innovative, especially when it comes to home improvement.