Actron CP9580A Enhanced AutoScanner Plus Review

Actron CP9580A Enhanced AutoScanner Plus, an advance auto scanner, is created by Actron to provide a more comprehensive type of auto scanning and engine diagnostics performance. As what most auto scanner owners and car specialists who made reviews online about this product, they consider this auto scanner to be the future generation of car diagnostic scanning tools or simply car scanners.

By just plugging this car scanner in an OBD installed in your car, it will automatically read your car’s entire circuitry as well as engine physiology then it will show you in codes the status of your car. From the data that you have gathered  you will then be able to make a detailed diagnosis of your car so you may have it fixed or better yet a do it yourself car fix.


Across The Board Compatibility

Actron CP9580A is very versatile with its wide compatibility features. It is going to work well with any vehicle as long as the model is 1996 or higher. Not only that, it can also work on light trucks too. It also includes an extended Asian and ABS code coverage, a feature that you do not commonly see in other auto scanners under the same price range. If you are looking for an auto scanner that can work on all vehicles, then this might be the solution for you.

The New Feature: Code Connect

Aside from its compatibility, this product also boasts of its latest feature, the code connect. It provides the device with higher precision in order to effectively point out where the trouble is. The primary reason that you are buying an auto scanner is to be able to pinpoint and troubleshoot what is exactly wrong with your car, right?

However, other auto scanners lack the capability of detecting every error. With the code connect though, it doesn’t just provide the errors in clear codes, it also provides a short description of each code, and by another push of a button, it will then show you all the possible solutions accordingly.

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Actron CP9580A Specs and Features

One you buy Actron CP9580A, it will come with the following product specifications and features:

  • Live Data Feed Feature – This auto scanner can provide you real-time, up-to-the minute data codes in order to troubleshoot your car properly. Not only that, this feed feature also comes with a playback option in order to retrieve past collected data, providing you more insight on the interconnected issues that might be happening to your car.
  • The Code Connect Feature – As what we have already mentioned, this product has the latest code connect feature of Actron, which allows the users to get more accurate data codes as well as troubleshoot items that could help you prioritize your car’s current needs. You can also enjoy the data updates available by just a push of a button making your DIY car repairs a lot easier to manage. With this feature, your auto scanner can compete with more expensive scanners used by professional technicians and repair guys.
  • Battery-ready – Unlike other auto scanners, this device can use AAA batteries. Other scanners rely on the engine power of the vehicle in order to scan properly. This device, on the other hand, can serve as a standalone gadget, relying on its own battery’s power and can be used even while the vehicle is turned off.
  • Plug-and-Play Capability – This scanner has a universal data cord that can be used on any vehicle. There is no need for further installation procedures, you can already plug and play this device. It also comes with a USB port which you can use in order to update the data on your gadget and further improve its features.

Actron CP9580A Reviews

This product has been rated a very high score by more than 376 users that have left this product a review, and this is on Amazon alone. 66% of the users have given this gadget, 5-stars. One of the customers that purchased this product did so because of the “Check Engine” light that was blinking on his Toyota Corolla, model 2000. He said that the device was really helpful how the scanner had listed down different possible scenarios as to why the code had appeared. He selected among the troubleshooting ideas, starting with the simplest one first, and it worked! This is the reason why the product has exceeded his expectations.

The only negative review received by this product is that once received, you would still have to update this product over the internet in order to be able to enjoy all the product’s features. You would need to install these features on your own since it is not included with the product.


Overall, we highly recommend Actron CP9580A if you want to diagnose and repair your car on your own, sparing you from higher expenses if you would otherwise take your car to the shop instead. Actron CP9580A is good to provide you the codes, details, and possible solutions to the issues that you would not have guessed happening in your car if you haven’t used this device. Check out other best OBD-II scanner here.

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