AGPtEK Bicycle Pedals Review

AGPtEK Bicycle Pedals are a set of 9/16 inch MTB BMX alloy-bearing platform pedals intended for mountain rides. The pedals offer a pair of lightweight yet strong platform for longer ride and comfortable efficiency. You could ensure that it would give you not only a protective ride but also prevention of damage to your footwear.

The product is made for MTB BMX bicycles, which is why it has guaranteed high working performance. Besides mountain bikes, you may also install the pedals for road bicycles.

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Flat Platform Pedals

Unlike other pedal manufacturers, AGPtEK chose to use the flat pedaling system, which is now considered as the traditional or older version of the product. Nonetheless, this is a misconception that should be debunked. The choice of pedal system depends on the comfort of the ride.

Primarily, flat platform, far from what others believe, could help you get off your bike easily if things are getting a bit dangerous. In addition, flat platform pedals are made to enhance your skills in riding a bicycle. This is due to the fact you need to ascertain your pedals are positioned correctly for specific technique, such as bunny hops.

By using flat platform pedals, you could actually get a more feel from the bicycle. As you ride your bike, you would also have a feel of the terrain. Using the flat platform pedals also gives you adjustment capabilities. For instance, as you go down the hill, you could put your feet at a better position easily. Lastly, flat platform does not give you worries in clipping in before you get off.

Alloy Bearing Pedals

The main material used in manufacturing the pedals is alloy. There are various perks AGPtEK Bicycle Pedals could offer given its choice of metal. Primarily, it is about aesthetics, which are significantly better than pedals made of other steel. Additionally, alloy is what makes the pedal extremely lightweight, making it capable of reducing the unsprung weight.

Since the lightweight material is used in the pedals, it would be easier for you to handle the bicycle, particularly in steering. The lighter feel makes it easier to accelerate and decelerate as necessary. Compared to typical steel, alloy is also stronger and resistant to bending or cracking.

The maintenance of alloy is also easier since there are tons of kits for sale on the market. There are others who use soapy water, sponges, waxes, and sprays to keep the material maintained.

AGPtEK Bicycle Pedals Features and Specifications

The bicycle pedals have distinctive “R” and “L” marks, stating which of the pair is for the right or left. Furthermore, the pedals are available in dimensions of 4.5 inches by 3.7 inches and 0.5 inch. It is designed with black color. The total weight of the product is 14 ounces.

To know more about the product, here are its major features:

  • Lightweight but Strong – The pedals are made to resist harsh conditions but prevent compromising your requirement of a lightweight material.
  • Longer Ride – Since the flat platform pedals are easier to maneuver, you no longer have to worry about gaining comfort even in a long tour. The pedaling efficiency is guaranteed, ensuring your ease while riding.
  • Nonslip Design – Even if you use the pedals during wet or slippery conditions, you would not worry about losing grip and balance. Your shoes would not be damaged even while releasing your feet from the pedals.
  • Multiple Purposes – The design of the pedals matches the adventurous side of mountain bikes and relaxed feel of road bicycles.
  • Sturdy for Long-Term Use – Unlike other pedals, they could last longer given you maintain cleaning them.
  • Easy Installation – You could install the pedals even at your place, reducing upfront costs of upgrading your bicycle.

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AGPtEK Bicycle Pedals Reviews

The editor’s rating for the product is 8.4 out of 10.

According to most of its reviews, the pedals are high quality, solid, and ideal even for countless use. The solid feel of the product has been commended by existing users as well. As guaranteed, they did not encounter any slips. Besides, the aesthetics of the pedals were also highly regarded by the reviews, which they say had the perfect color to complement any bicycle.

Things to Improve

Besides the top-rated reviews of its existing owners, there are still things to improve with the product. Primarily, the reviews noted that there was no instruction included in the package, particularly with the replacement pedals. This may be a problem for people who have no sense of left and right. Furthermore, the customers suggested making the bearings smoother.


Overall, AGPtEK Bicycle Pedals is a must-buy product. In terms of quality and performance, it was able to satisfy its buyers. Relative to cost, you do not have to worry at all for it is available at a considerably low value.

If you want to compare the product with other options, check out the best road bike pedals reviews.

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