AHP TIGG200 TIG Welder Review

The 2016 AHP Alpha is a powerful 200 AC/DC TIG welder that comes with a stick function that enables both hobbyist and professional welders to work with wide variety of soldering tasks. It is currently recognized as one of the best welders because although it is small, it is powerful and it has an impressive welding capability.

This machine comes at an affordable price, plus it produces high-quality, welding results. Whether you are new to this job or you are already a professional, you have the opportunity to own a great TIG welder machine that you can utilize for your job.

The 2016 AHP Alpha will provide you the most dependable and long lasting power because of the PWM (power width modulation) together with IGBT technology design. It can be powered by both 110v (150 amp output) as well as on 220v with a full variety of pulse feature and cleaning control for AC.

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AC and DC Compatibility

Since this unit is compatible with AC and DC, it can accommodate both basic and professional welding activities.

DC welding with the stick application offers few advantages over AC. In using this, your start is typically easy and there are fewer arc outages and sticking. There is also less spatter and your welds will have a better appearance. In addition, DC welding also makes it easier for you to weld vertically or overhead.

If you are a beginner who is looking for smoother arc, then this machine will suit your need.

As for the AC output weld, this allows you to weld on magnetized materials since the current switches between polarities.

 Quality TIG Welding on Wide Range of Materials

The TIG welding feature lets you weld more metals and alloys like steel, stainless, aluminum, nickels and more. It also creates high quality and clean welds since it has superior arc and weld puddle control. Most of the time, the heat input is often controlled with the use of a foot pedal. This lets you heat up or cool down the weld puddle so you can have accurate control with the weld bead.

This kind of weld is ideal for automotive and sculpture welds.

Expect that with AHP TIG welding there are no spatter and sparks since only the needed quantity of filler metal are added to the welding puddle. It also has no slag or flux because the argon gas guards the weld puddle against contamination. Lastly, there are no fumes or smokes unless the base metal being soldered has contaminant elements like grease, paint, oil zinc or lead.

AHP TIGG200 TIG Welder Features and Specifications

  • Steady and smooth arc characteristics with excellent puddle wet in
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to attach torch and accessories allowing for a quick set-up
  • AC frequency control
  • Ergonomically designed torch
  • DC/AC output
  • Minimum Amp star on DC/AC is 10/20 Amp
  • With 200 HRTZ on pulse frequency, AC frequency and new torch
  • Advanced inverter technology with pulse width modulation using IGBT technology
  • Quality TIG welding
  • HF star TIG with foot pedal for welding control and operation
  • With foot pedal
  • With anti-stick control

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AHP TIGG200 TIG Welder Reviews

The quality of the welding machine is something that can’t be ignored that’s why the 2016 AHP Alpha received an editorial rating of 8 out of 10.

One thing that users immediately noticed with this machine is that it is easy to use plus, the quality of the weld results. They stated that this is a great TIG at a cost point which delivers high-dollar results. Many of the consumers say that it is a very basic TIG to learn plus, it is extremely powerful for its size.

Almost everyone who bought the machine feels satisfied with their purchase.

Things to Improve

Some customers pointed out the display have a small glitch when running in T2 mode because only the starting amperes are displayed. Since the unit can run using both T2 and T4 modes you can just switch from T2 to T4 to resolve this issue.

Other than this minor hitch, customers are very satisfied with this machine since they can use it for both minor and professional welding jobs.

The 2016 AHP Alpha costs significantly less compared to other machines in the market but you still get quality welds every time you use this machine.


The 2016 AHP Alpha is a great machine to consider by both novice and professional welders who are looking for quality welds at a reasonable price. It offers great efficiency in welding materials like stainless steel and aluminum.

When we talk about versatility, this is a product worth mentioning because it is compatible with AC and DC so you can conveniently use it for any task. As for the PWM and IGBT technology, it gives you reliable and long lasting power.

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