AirCare MA1201 Humidifier Review

AirCare MA1201 is a console-style humidifier which provides coverage to up to 3,600 square feet. The appliance is powered with a digital humidistat which automatically sustains the suitable humidity level in your place with the assurance of accuracy. Moreover, the product is set to shut off without your further instruction whenever the desired amount of humidity is obtained or when the appliance is empty.

The product is a great option since it is very easy to maintain. It has wick traps that could hinder mineral deposits from being accumulated in it. Without the need for wheels, belts, or even pulleys, it could guarantee a smooth operation.wide orange


Much Needed Humidity Provided

Obviously, who would not want to have much needed humidity in their homes? The appliance would help you raise the levels of humidity in your house to up to 43 percent or more. Through this advantage, as much as 86 percent of the flu virus in the air will be eliminated.

Maintaining the proper levels of humidity in your place can specifically get rid of irritation, dryness, and itchiness of your throat, nose, nasal passages, eyes, and sinuses, among others. Moreover, proper humidity levels would protect your pets from dander. Dander develops when there is added moisture in the air.

By incrementing the humidity in your home’s atmosphere, you would be able to get rid of allergens that may also stick on your pet’s feather or fur. Properly humidifying your area could also remove static electricity that causes probable damage of tablets, desktop computers, laptops, and even your TVs.

Furthermore, with the right level of humidity in your place, you could even reduce your energy bill by as much as 10 percent. According to experts, you could use a lower thermostat setting by simply adding humidity to the air.

Quiet Operations

You can ensure the quieter operation of AirCare MA1201 compared to its counterparts. It is even equipped with fan speeds which cover the night time setting. This can be very helpful if you have kids at home who require early bedtime schedules. Although noise is natural for some products, AirCare model reduces its gurgling sound to the lowest possible level. Most of the time, humidifiers generate sounds when the tank of water is drawn into the bottom of the appliance.

AirCare MA1201 Features and Specifications

The square foot capacity of the humidifier is up to 3,600 square feet. The runtime, on the other hand, is up to 36 hours. The tank capacity of the appliance is 3.6 gallons. You may also operate the humidifier at four fan speeds. Other specifications of the product include its water bottle filling, customizable humidity settings, and refill and check filter indicator.

This console-type humidifier is also powered with auto shut feature, electronic, and portability controls. The dimensions of the appliance are 21.5 inches by 23.5 inches by 16.5 inches. The overall product weight is 13.5 pounds.

Given below are the major features of the product:

  • Night Time Setting – You can use the humidifier even at nighttime since it automatically shuts off upon reaching the proper humidity level. It would not even add too much noise for a more comfortable sleep.
  • Lightweight – The appliance is set to be carried from one place to another for it is lightweight. This makes the model ideal for children and older age groups.
  • Easy Replenishment – It has indicators for filter and water replenishments. You may also utilize the dual easy fill water bottles alongside a refill tube.
  • Long Operation – You may use the appliance for as long as 36 hours; this means that you do not need to refill every now and then. Your home would also be able to sustain its suitable humidity without further setting from time to time.
  • Overall Protection – The protection it offers is not only for the occupants of the house, particularly from allergies or flu, but also for your wood floors and fine furniture.
  • Energy Efficient – Saving money can easily be done with the appliance since it helps you consume less energy.wide orange

AirCare MA1201 Reviews

The editor’s rating is 8.4 out of 10.

AirCare MA1201 received mostly positive reviews from its existing owners and buyers. According to them, its performance complies with its claims. It does not require frequent refills despite exhibiting a very simple operation. Most importantly, it does keep a home’s humidity at the proper levels without the hassle of too many settings.

Things to Improve

The only thing that feedbacks mostly highlighted negatively is the cheap design of the appliance. Nonetheless, this not-too-professional structure of the product does not ruin its great performance.


Generally, AirCare MA1201 is a great product. It is portable, does not need much customization, and works as claimed. It could be perceived as an appliance that is worth the price.

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