Alpinestars Motorcycle Backpack Review

A backpack not too big and not too small, just a perfect medium size for riding, that’s the Alpine Roving Backpack. With a capacity of 18 liters, it’s spacious enough to fit in your valuables. No one wants to bring bulky backpacks if you only need smaller ones for important items.

Known for its extra durability and strength, this backpack is PU coated externally. The inside has an internal sleeve to ensure laptop’s safety. It also includes organizer pockets on the inside for easy access to your belongings. Additionally, this is made to let you enjoy riding with reduced drag, thanks to its aerodynamic design. This backpack is affordable but offers a high-quality and high performance, which you’ll definitely fall in love with.

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Durability and Strength

One factor to consider in choosing a backpack is its durability and strength. With Alpines Roving Backpack, this factor is secured. Proven and tested for years, the company is known for this feature.

This motorcycle backpack is made using Poly-fabric construction. PU coated so extra strength and durability are achieved. This backpack is also water-resistant. It even has a rain cover to protect your things from getting wet.

With all these being said, this backpack proves to be very durable, strong and long-lasting.

Aerodynamic Design

The Alpines Roving Backpack is made uniquely. Designed for aerodynamic performance, this backpack is your brother-in-arms when traveling. This is designed aerodynamically to reduce drag when riding. Nothing beats a good ride with less drag. Riders would really love this.

Aerodynamic design for a backpack is important, especially if you are a rider. Aside from reducing the drag, it reduces the wind noise. This also prevents unwanted lift forces and aerodynamic instability while you are driving fast.

This is designed aerodynamically to keep you safe as well.

Alpines Roving Backpack Features and Specifications

  • 18L Volume – can fit a laptop
  • Ergonomic Shoulder Straps – fully adjustable and padded
  • Aerodynamic Design – reduces drag
  • Internal Sleeve for Laptop – keeps the device safe
  • Organizer Pockets – easy access to your valuables
  • Rain Cover – protection against rain
  • Poly-fabric Construction – PU coated for extra durability and strength plus water-resistant
  • Innovative Back Panel – integrates air channels plus a padded 3D air mesh
  • Chest System – customizable and the waist belt adjuster can be removed
  • Reflective Detailing – increases rider’s visibility

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Alpines Roving Backpack Reviews

The Alpines Roving Backpack got a massive 8.6 out of 10 rating as viewed by hundreds of customers. It is an excellent product available in the market today, worthy of being praised.

The backpack is perfect for riders who doesn’t need large backpacks when traveling. Some customers also use it casually on a day-to-day basis.

As reviewed by a customer, he praised the backpack for its durability. At first, he was scared to buy the backpack because it’s thin, but he felt the durability while using it. Another customer claimed that the backpack still works great after using it for a couple of months. All the students who used the backpack said the same thing, that it is very comfortable.

The backpack is lightweight and sometimes you won’t even feel that you have a backpack on your back.

Things to Improve

Like any other product, the Alpines Roving Backpack could use some improvement. A customer said that it could snap out easily because it is thin. Good thing, though, this is only minor because the backpack is designed this way for comfort and less drag. And the materials used in the backpack are of high quality and proven to be really durable.

Another customer said that the backpack is too small. However, the backpack is not intended for riders who need to carry a lot of stuff. Also, the company offers larger backpacks for customers who needs one.

The backpack’s zipper may come off easily so you need to be extra careful in zipping and unzipping the backpack.

The shoulder straps are hard to adjust, but once it is fitted, it will feel comfortable and secure. There could be some extra slack but you just need to secure the excess so it will not flap when riding.


The Alpines Roving Backpack is very durable and strong. Built not only for motorcycle riders but for anyone who needs to carry some important valuables and needs a medium size backpack. The backpack’s features and great quality make it a partner for riders and other commuters as it provides comfort when traveling.

However, the backpack is not water-resistant. So if you don’t want to pull over to put the rain cover, you might think twice about getting this product.

Overall, this is an affordable backpack and surely will not let you down. Its medium size capacity makes it ideal for everyday use. You won’t regret getting the Alpines Roving Backpack, the one of a kind backpack.

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