Amprobe AM-530 Multimeter Review

The Amprobe AM-530 is probably one of the top rated multimeters in town because of its tremendously great features and capabilities. This has the ability to measure in RMS that won’t definitely get affected by any fluctuations and other discrepancies from technical problems. The precise of the measurements are really precise and accurate, especially for the continuity tests.

The batteries included are strong enough to give power to test the capacitors from booting. To add up to your convenience, there is a built-in flashlight for greater visibility to the user. You will be able to read it as clearly as possible. Whether the surrounding is dark or bright, the flashlight will make it possible for you to read the display as accurately as possible.

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Autoranging Multimeter

The multimeter is known to measure them multiple properties and characteristics of electrical circuits. It can measure the voltage, resistance, as well as capacitance of a gadget. This can perform precise and accurate measurement that is incomparable to the others in the market. It is probably the reason why this is highly regarded in the electrical industry.

This is equipped with a K-type sensor that is primarily used for measuring temperatures without the need to buy another set of thermometer. It can cut down your cost in acquiring the set of tools needed for working on your automobile. This is also built with a non-contact voltage detector that is able to detect AC voltage without making any direct contact to the circuit itself.

As part of its great functions, there is an inclusion of MIN/MAX memory together with an auto ranging feature that will help deliver proper troubleshooting. These make up a really reliable multimeter which is the Amprobe AM-530.

True RMS Measurement

The Amprobe AM-530 has the ability to measure voltage and current accurately even in noisy surroundings. This feature is not present to other common multimeters in the market today. This is the primary reason why people are very intrigued with the capabilities of this.

If you are familiar with audible continuity, then you will be happy to know that this device also has this particular feature. Now, going back to the True RMS measurements, there are a couple of things that you need to know about it.

The Amprobe AM-530 has the ability to measure the AC-coupled true RMS signal. This multimeter gives the user an option to measure the AC and DC true RMS. The power distribution in a system distributed through the transformers, the AC should be the only one present. If the diodes will fail in a kind of circuit, it will be effective to diagnose the failure through the DC reading in it.

You also have an option to trace an audio signal using the amplifier circuit. The signal will probably exist on the transistor where a DC voltage is also existent. The AC and DC components can be separated through this device’s AC-coupled mode.

Amprobe AM-530 Features and Specifications

  • Revolving dial – this is found in the front part of the multimeter. This is used to switch in between tests.
  • Aesthetic design – this features a really good design as well as a very compact style
  • Passed CAT I and CAT II – this ensures its safety
  • Convenient and Easy to use – the ease of access of this device makes it possible for users to easily operate it without complications
  • Flashlight function – it makes it possible for you to see the display clearly even if the surrounding is not that bright.

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Amprobe AM-530 Reviews

This Amprobe AM-530 is a really efficient multimeter that is why we are going to award it with a rating of 6.5 out of 10. This device is created with professionalism and perfection in mind. It also offers a wide array of benefits that is why the users are complimenting it. They are able to measure and verify the voltage of a particular electrical device for troubleshooting purposes.

Most of the users are able to make repairs and installations through this device. Some can troubleshoot motors and detect blown fuses. Indeed, users are able to benefit from its many applications. One of the things that they like is the True RMS feature that allows it to measure the voltage accurately.

Things to Improve

According to some users, this multimeter tends to be slower compared to others in the market. Aside from this, the display is also a bit narrow especially when light reflects on it in a certain angle.


The Amprobe AM-530 is hailed as the best contactor multimeter because of its notable features. It allows you to measure the true RMS for most electrical circuits. If you would like to experience its tremendous benefits, it is recommended to switch to this from your old one. It’s time to upgrade your troubleshooting experience.

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