Aoyue 968A+ SMD Digital Hot Air Rework Station Review

The Aoyue 968A+ Digital Hot Air Rework Station is one of the worthy and commendable Hot Air Rework Stations that can be bought in the market complete with its parts at a fitting price.

You must probably know how to use a hot air rework station if you are into fiddling small things like cell phone parts and some parts of the computers or laptop and you know that it is very hard to fix small things by using just any tool because you cannot easily remove and attach some small parts to it.

With the use of an outstanding tool such as the Aoyue 968A+, you can fix small things, like removing and attaching small easily join two metals without having the need to switch tools and injure your hand.

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With the use of low-cost standard tips, the 70 Watt Soldering Iron will make your life easier when using this Aoyue 968A+ SMD Digital Hot Air Rework Stations Soldering Station because of its built-in smoke absorber.

The usual Soldering Stations produced smoke when you are heating and melting the metals to be joined together; but with the 70 Watt Soldering Iron included in the Aoyue 968A, soldering will not cause smoke that can delay your work.

The smoke that came from metal is not good for your health because it can cause some mild health problems, like cough, eye irritation, headaches, and others, and some serious health problems like chronic bronchitis and asthma.

Built-in Temperature Stabilizer

The Aoyue 968A+ has a built-in temperature stabilizer that can help balancing the temperature needed and controls the airflow. This is beneficial for the user to know when there is an occurrence of breakdown and malfunction of the heating core, or even if it just about to happen in order to prevent it.

It also includes an auto-cool option to get the things cooled down automatically when there is a need to do that to keep the safety of the users. A digital display for hot air is also included in order to see and adjust the temperature with the help of the touch control.

Aoyue 968A+ Features and Specifications

Here are the Specifications of Aoyue 968A+.

  • Soldering Iron Features: It has standard tips with 70 Watts power consumption and 24 Volts output voltage. With the use of ceramics as its heating element, it produces a temperature of about 200 degrees Celsius to 400 degrees Celsius.
  • Hot Air Features: It has a 550 Watts power consumption and produces about 100 degrees Celsius to 480 degrees Celsius with the Metal Heating Core as its heating element. It has a Diaphragm Pump with a maximum air capacity of 23L/min
  • Digital Display: This can be used for both soldering iron and hot air in order to maintain the temperature needed and to easily calibrate the desired temperature.

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Most people have been buying this product because they think that the features included in the product are worthy of its price. Its price is included in the lower price brackets compared to the other types. With its two main uses, soldering iron and hot air, Aoyue 968A+ benefits both. It makes a useful tool at home also because of its safety features like the built-in temperature stabilizer and the smoke absorber.

The users also noticed the speed of their work turning positively because of the easy heat up of the temperature. Also, compared to other products, it is relatively quiet. The product also comes with a lot of extra replacement parts to use if some parts are broken.

Looking at its customer feedback, the Aoyue 968A+ has received 133+ reviews with a majority of its being positive comments about the performance and functionality of the station. With such, we give it 8.2 out of 10.

Things to Improve

Some of the customers experience problems regarding the product that they receive. There are some who complained of receiving broken parts. Also, some said that they experience loud noises when using the air pump and the iron heater. Also, when it comes to durability, some reviews would say that some parts of the Aoyue 968A+ are easily broken only after about a year or two of use. However, this is always dependent on how it is used and it is maintained and cleaned after every use. Some inexperienced user also felt confused in using the product even with the use of manual. With this, it is highly encouraged to try and test the product first.


Every product has its own pros and cons and this Aoyue 968A+ can really help you ease your work with its different helpful features despite its cons. It is made more for your safety as well as to speed up the work that you will be doing. Using it as Soldering Iron Station and Hot Air Station can be worthy of its price as home reserved tools. DO check out other Hot Air Station reviews too!

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