APEC Water Top Tier (RO-90) Review

Have you been quite unsatisfied with the quality of water that you have at home? Would you like to know how to spare yourself from purchasing a lot of bottled water and feel more safe drinking water from your faucet?

One of the main concerns that a lot of individuals and families have is getting pure, clean and safe water to drink. Unfiltered water creates a lot of negative impact on the health of individuals. Some people suffer the instant negative effects, while others experience them gradually until the illnesses become full-blown and unstoppable.


Is it possible to have pure and safe drinking water? With the modern world’s access to technology, reverse osmosis system has been created. It is the most advanced form of water filtration system, as it includes the latest technological process in filtering the water to be at its best and most amazing condition.

What are the top-rated reverse osmosis systems in the market? APEC Water-Top Tier (RO-90) is considered as the best reverse osmosis system for home. It has a lot of features to take pride of, and it a truly wonderful innovation that every individual must take advantage of. Here is a review of the APEC Water-Top Tier (RO-90) to let you see how it works powerfully and uniquely in producing water that is 99% free of all contaminants and awful particles.

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Tested and Certified to Be Exceptional

This reverse osmosis or RO system has been definitely tested and certified by the Water Quality Association or WQA. WQA is the most credible certification agency to test products that designed for water treatment and distribution. It has approved the APEC RO as a leading and reliable system in rejecting up to 99% of water contaminants such as barium, arsenic, chromium, lead, radium, copper, selenium, and many others.

Moreover, the parts of the APEC RO unit have been certified by NSF. The parts that are involved in the different stages of the filtration and osmosis system in APEC are designed to protect and improve global human health, which is also the main purpose of NSF, or The Public Health and Safety Organization.

Designed for Quality, Volume, and Efficiency

All of the filter cartridges of APEC Water-Top Tier (RO-90) are US made and of premium grade. Its five inch micron filters systematically and efficiently remove various contaminants. Purchasing the unit also includes a top tier JG quick connect fittings, so it would be very easy to install it and it would be ready for use in less than an hour.

The volume of the results that this unit produces is just astounding. The product is designed to produce up to ninety gallons per day or gpd. The amount of money that people can save from using this product easily convinces a lot of people to purchase the unit.

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Features and Specifications

  • The construction of APEC is solid and heavy duty to make it durable and free of noise.
  • The smart shut-off system of APEC is automatic, so there won’t be any water wasted when the tank is already full.
  • Its micron filters are designed to get rid not only the unpleasant taste but also the unpleasant odor, color and cloudiness of water.
  • It is geared with super capacity filters, which make it possible to last longer compared to other brands.
  • Production rate of APEC Water-Top Tier is at 90 gallons per day, so it doubles what other RO systems could produce.
  • It is made in USA with highly NSF certified and premium quality parts.

Customer Reviews and Scores

The APEC Water-Top Tier osmosis system has garnered a very impressive 4.8 rating out of 5 stars. From more than one hundred reviews conducted by consumers, most of them discuss about the great experience that they have with this RO system.

One customer said this product filters sodium out from our drinking water and it doesn’t have any chemical taste. I highly recommend this to everyone. Another customer stated that this is a top quality unit. The water it produces is so clean and it sparkles stunningly. If you are considering this unit, you won’t ever have any regret on buying it. You definitely get what you pay for.

Are these some concerns that need to be raised and addressed about this product? There is nothing to be worried about challenges to encounter when using this system, as it is tagged by many consumers as the best home ro system.

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Falling in love with APEC Water – Top Tier osmosis system is very easy to accomplish. Drinking lots of water become easier and more comfortable as well. This unit is one of the best products that technology has ever produced. It has definitely accomplished the main purpose of technology which is to provide convenience to people.

I also own this unit, and I do see that it is a long-term solution. It can be relied on anytime, and it definitely provides the most important item that all of should have – a clean, purified, and safe water.

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