Apollo Precision Tools DT9706P Pink General Tool Set Review

The Apollo Precision Tools DT9706P is a reliable tool set when taking on any small household repair project. What it mainly offers is convenience since it contains the basic pieces you need for simple repair tasks commonly needed in managing a home. Its handy case allows for easy storage and carrying from one site to another.

This tool set is available to deliver convenience to homeowners while helping fund the Breast Cancer Awareness initiative. A portion of the amount paid for this product will go to this cause. To symbolize this social foundation, the pieces in the set as well as the carrying case are designed with pink accents.

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51vamY0I6PL 2Heat-Treated and Chrome-Plated Tools for Durability and Longevity

Each of the tools in the Apollo DT9706P set is treated with intense heat then plated with chrome to provide protection against corrosion, which is one of the leading causes of the damage of tools and the significant reduction in their longevity. Aside from the construction of the tools, another aspect of this product that provides protection against damage is the solid carrying case. It prevents the tools from being exposed to excessive moisture, dust buildup, abrasion, and many other damaging elements. As a result, it helps contribute to sustaining the lifespan of the tool set.

39 Pieces in Accordance with ANSI Standards

Every in the Apollo DT9706P is in compliance with the ANSI standards, which translates to safe use and efficient performance. This is also one factor that indicates good quality. Most of the basic household applications can be addressed by the instruments in this tool set. It includes quick release ratchets in ¼, 3/8, and 1/12 inch drives to accommodate a variety of tools and pieces you are going to use with it. For versatility, the tools come in both standard and metric sizes.

Apollo DT9706P Features and Specifications

  • Lightweight- weighs only 4 pounds for convenient carrying
  • Dimensions- 8 x 3.9 x 13.8 inches; compact for easy carrying and storage
  • Durable Construction- Heat treated and chrome plated tools with plastic parts
  • Comes with a Blow-Molded Carrying Case- for tool organization, secure housing, and easy transport
  • Manufactured to meet ANSI standards- guarantees performance
  • 39 Pieces- Includes 12-foot tape measure, 6-inch slip joint pliers, bit driver, 8-ounce claw hammer, 8 standard hex keys, 8-inch scissors, 1-inch bits, 4 precision screwdrivers, and 18 mm knife to enable basic household task accomplishment
  • Product Supports Breast Cancer Awareness Initiatives
  • Warranty Description- 1-year warranty

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Apollo DT9706P Customer Reviews and Ratings

The Apollo DT9706P has already received quite a number of feedback from its 847+ customer reviews. Based on this feedback and our own assessment of the tool set, we give it a rating of 8.4/10 stars. A good number of customers were satisfied with the product.

One customer said that as part of building a new family, the Apollo DT9706P makes for a great starter. She said that it was reliable for putting things together. According to the customer, she thought that it had cheap construction but upon using, she discovered that the pieces in the set were solid. She concluded that this tool set was worth its price.

Another customer said that she has been using the Apollo DT9706P for 2 years now. She says that this little toolkit was able to fit her needs for basic repairs and tasks. Its compactness allows for easy storage. Its contents are sufficient for taking on minor daily tasks.

Things to Improve

Amidst the several good feedback the Apollo DT9706Phas received, it also has its setbacks. One customer found the carrying case a bit flimsy. Another comment about the case from a different customer was that the tools do not fit right back into their designated places leading to them falling out. A solution to this would be to secure the tools tightly in their places before closing the case. Nevertheless, the carrying case does provide a good level of organization and protection for the tools.

There have been other complaints about the quality of the carrying case of this tool set but rather few directed on the quality of the tools inside it. Despite the minor flaws of the Apollo DT9706P, its good quality and quantity of tools is worth more than its shortcomings, especially if you just consider the carrying case issues.


The Apollo DT9706P is a compact tool set with a feminine touch for its pink accent. Its 39 pieces of tools is sufficient to accomplish minor tasks at home. This little tool set is a good starter investment, especially for females. With its quality, durability and longevity is expected so you can make the most out of this product whenever you need to make minor repairs, hang items, or put things together.

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