Aprilaire 700 Whole House/Furnace Humidifier Review

Aprilaire 700 comes from a well-respected provider of humidifiers and air purifier products which are all geared towards enhancing air quality indoors. The manufacturer is also the first firm to introduce flow-through evaporative humidifiers in the industry. Compared to other products, the model is among Aprilaire’s products that could cover as much as 6,000 square feet. Instead of being a standalone appliance, the humidifier is mounted on ducts.

This model from Aprilaire is powered with automation and greater adjustment for indoor humidity depending on the environment. Aside from the large coverage, the humidifier is also set to release 0.6 gallons of water every hour. It can humidify up to 4,200 square feet with delivery of 50 percent more moisture.wide orange

Evaporative Humidification

Aprilaire’s humidifiers are structured to integrate with the HVAC blower. The addition of moisture into the air takes place by consumption of hot air coming from the blower. Consequently, water evaporation and distribution would be done around your place. Every time the humidity level drops from its suitable rate while the blower is operating, the distribution tray would be supplied with water.

The product is one of the carriers of Aprilaire’s evaporative humidifying feature which could deliver tons of benefits for your family. There will be no more itchy and dry throats or skin for your kids. Primarily, the appliance is set to avoid allergies and flu. It also sets an air quality that can reduce dander and discomfort of your pets. Even your wood floors and fine furniture would not be prone to further damages.

The 700 humidifier model from Aprilaire is known for neutralizing static electricity. Its usage could also decrease costs of heating extensively.

Easy Installation

You do not need much help in installing Aprilaire 700 in your place. The instructions are provided in detail plus there is assurance of safety. The manual is included in the package, and it explains the recommended wiring diagrams, installation options, and specifications of the appliance. In the installation proper, you would find that there are two ways of installing the system:the typical and alternate setups. Aside from the steps, the manual can also help you get a better understanding of the appliance’s parts list.

Aprilaire 700 Features and Specifications

This competitive humidifier is made with an evaporation capacity of 0.75 gallons per hour and it can cover up to 4,200 square feet area. You can also anticipate it to supply up to 50 percent more moisture. Its output reaches up to 18 gallons every day. The output of its humidity production is added to your home’s airflow directly.

The dimensions of the humidifier are 16 inches by 11 inches by 18 inches. Also, its total weight is 15.8 pounds. Its water feed rate is six gallons per hour, whereas its electrical data is 120 VAC – 60 Hz and 0.8 AMP.

Given below are its high-performance features:

  • High Capacity – The humidifier is set to humidify as much as 4,200 square feet. It can handle large areas easily without consuming much energy.
  • Automatic Humidity Control – It never provides excess humidity that could cause mold growth and condensation. Once it reaches the desired level of humidity, you do not necessarily have to shut down the appliance itself. It automatically keeps the level appropriate for utmost comfort in consideration of your outdoor temperature. Moreover, you also have the power to manually operate the appliance depending on your wants.
  • Hard Water Resistance – The high-quality humidifier can contain the damage caused by hard water or even salt scales. It is designed to resist the effects of using such substance, and it would function accordingly with regular maintenance.
  • Low Maintenance – The appliance does not have major requirements compared to others tools that have fans, moving parts, and filters that require regular maintenance. It was also noted that the appliance is not made from metal, which could reduce the life span of the equipment when exposed to water.
  • Genuine Parts and Service Availability – You can find the humidifier’s genuine parts from its website and authorized distributors. It is your choice to ask for an HVAC service provider or not.
  • Quiet Operation – You do not need to be concerned about night time since it works minus extra noise.wide orange

Aprilaire 700 Reviews

The editor’s rating is 8.6 out of 10.

According to mostly positive feedbacks about Aprilaire 700, it works as necessary. The existing users commended how easy it was to install the appliance using the new and improved wiring diagram from the manufacturer. They even claimed that you no longer need further assistance as long as you follow the steps carefully.

The users also highlighted how they found the automatic features of the product highly recommendable. It does what it promises, specifically to protect your family from dry throats, flu, or even allergies.

Things to Improve

The reviews stated that the manufacturer should have informed its buyers that the product requires a larger duct opening. Moreover, the users suggested making the display or indicators more readable.


Overall, Aprilaire 700 is a must-buy product. Despite using a different type of technology, it still works effectively and carries out what it guarantees.

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