Arcan ALJ3T Floor Jack Review

The Arcan ALJ3T Floor Jack is a great equipment to choose if you are required to lift heavy vehicles as it offers a 3 ton capacity. This aluminum floor jack is designed with a durable lift arm along with its base torsion control so it can carry heavy loads. It has a minimum lift of 3 ¾ inches, which allows you to use it under cars that are low profile while giving you a maximum lift height of 18 1/8 inches.

For increased mobility, this floor jack is built with swivel wheels located at the back as well as wide wheels in its front. This base design also adds to the floor jack’s stability while it’s loaded.

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Dual Pump Pistons and Hydraulic Arm

When it comes to performance, the Arcan ALJ3T does not disappoint with its dual pump pistons that allows you to lift the load faster and more easily. It’s built with an equally durable hydraulic lift arm and a base torsion control that help hold it in position for a decent amount of time. Overload valves are also incorporated to the design to prevent the hydraulic arm from being overextended.

The dual pump pistons allow for a quick rising action that are rarely seen in floor jacks made by other brands. It’s also good to point out that this jack is protected by dust shields that make hydraulic pollution impossible. Arcan has been known for producing high quality tools and equipment, and this professional grade floor jack is surely one of them.

Swivel Caster Wheels and Wide Track Wheels

To improve mobility around the work area, the Arcan ALJ3T has rear swivel wheels with ball bearings. The ball bearings make it easier for you to move the floor jack around rough surfaces.

Aside from the rear wheels, it also has front wide track wheels, which not only increases portability but adds to the stability of the floor jack.

Arcan ALJ3T Features and Specifications

  • 3-ton capacity – You can be sure to lift any kind of vehicle with this heavy-duty floor jack’s maximum capacity
  • Reinforced Lift Arm and Base Torsion Control – Makes sure that your load is held in position with this jack’s design
  • Dual Pump Pistons – Experience effortless, faster and easier lifting with this jack’s dual pump pistons
  • Piston dust shields – Protect your hydraulics from dust and other elements that might cause it to be contaminated
  • Bypass and overload valves – Protect the hydraulic arm from being overextended due to overloading with this smart design
  • Rear Swivel Caster Wheels – Move this floor jack around easily even on rough surfaces with the rear swivel wheels with ball bearings

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Arcan ALJ3T Reviews

This product received an editor rating of 9.5 out of 10 rating. If a replacement jack for an old floor jack finally failed, the Arcan ALJ3T online is highly recommended. Buying this would be amazing because of its capacity of 3 tons, but purchasers got more than what they bargained for. This floor jack looked so much better in person than in pictures, and it will be able to get under your car that only has 6 inches of clearance from its edge to the floor.

Compared to others, it’s almost 10 times easier to pump, and also so much faster. If you follow the instructions and pump it with its bleeder open to eliminate air, it will work like a dream, and you will be very satisfied with its overall performance.

Things to Improve

The Arcan ALJ3T is designed to be heavy-duty and high performing that there’s almost nothing negative that can be said about it that can affect its ratings. That being said, there are customers who claim that the price is too high for them, so they consider other brands.

Some consumers were also complaining about the jacking pole that collapses into two pieces instead of just one. They did claim that they were not used to this setup but also noted that the poles were padded for your vehicle’s protection.


The dual pump pistons that come with the Arcan ALJ3T are hard to match which is why it’s one of the most promising heavy-duty floor jacks today. Compared to other brands, it has a sturdy base that keeps it in position for a long time and a reinforced arm that allows for an easier lifting process. You are sure to get your money’s worth with an Arcan that has been known to make high quality tools for years.

Although there’s not much flaw and there’s hardly any negative review about this product, it’s too bad that it can’t get more than its current rating of 9.5. If you are still browsing and checking out the same products of other brands, read the best floor jack reviews.

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