Autel MV400-5.5 MaxiVideo Digital Inspection Camera Review

The Autel MV400-5.5 has this amazing feature of recording and letting you playback images or videos. This is a good feature if you are trying to see hard to see images or if you want to record something for your own knowledge. The playback feature is very helpful because this will enable you to see what you have seen more than one.

Sometimes there are things that we are not able to see because they are in a hidden area of behind a narrow path. This could be a problem if we need to take a look as to what is in that area, so what solution can we do? A possible solution to both problems mentioned is the new product by Autel, the Autel MV400-5.5 Digital Inspection Camera.

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417MTnne2RLHas an LCD Display that is High Definition

If we need the images that we are recording for work where every detail is important, what we are recording should be in high definition. Good thing, this Autel MV400-5.5 has a high definition LCD. Hence, this could be a great help for your work.

Autel MV400-5.5 Features

Aside from the amazing and helpful features of the Autel MV400-5.5 mentioned above, this camera can still do more things that will also be helpful for you. Here they are:

Wide angle camera resolution. This is a good feature because this can reduce the work that you are required to complete. If the camera does not have a wide angle, you will have to take more photos to record other parts of your subject, but since this is wide angle, it is not necessary to record multiple photos.

It has an SD or memory card. A memory card is important when you are trying to take photos or record videos. These can take so much space in the memory, and once the memory is all used up, you will have to delete files. However, if you have a memory card, you can just replace the memory card and retain the other files that you have recorded.

It weighs 1lbs. This is very light, which means you will not have a hard time using it and you will not quickly tire. Since you do not tire easily with this, you are going to be more productive.

It is battery operated. Since this is battery operated, you will not be limited by a cord, which means you can use this anywhere you want.

The LCD is 3.5” wide, which is a wide enough screen display. A widescreen display will let you see everything perfectly, so this will be a great help for your work.

This product also has a warranty. This is a good thing to know so that if ever you accidentally bought a defective product, you can return it and they can replace it with a new one, or they can fix it for you.

wide orangeAutel MV400-5.5 Reviews

There are many customers who made a review on this product. From many customers, it gained an average of 8 stars out of 10, which is a high score knowing that many customers made a review for it. You may want to read some reviews to know more of what customers’ opinion on why they gave it 8 stars out of 10.

Things to Improve

As you may notice, the Autel MV400-5.5 did not get a perfect score, which means that some customers were not able to enjoy some features of the product, or they are somehow disappointed on it.

Here are some of what they are saying: this is not able to record some angles, so it was not able to help him with this work, one say that the device gets really hot after a long time of using it. These things are just minor problems compared to what you are going to get when you use this scope.


If we look at all the reviews and features of the Autel MV400-5.5, we will see how good the product is and how well it was going to help us with our work. If you are looking for a helpful camera to help you, then you can have this. Yes, there are disadvantages, but these are always present in every product, so considering all those, we can say that this deserves an 8/10 overall rating.

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