Auxbeam 70018987 Light Bar Review

The Auxbeam Curved 50” 288W LED Light Bar is a 288-watt light bar that produces 28,800 lumens of light. This amount of light is really massive and can totally lighten a very dark night as if it is daytime.

The curved design of this light bar provides extra broad viewing coverage. It is also made to project light in long range or on extreme distances. It has a combination of hyperspot and flood light pattern to optimize the light spread.

The Auxbeam Curved LED light bar also has a pending aperture system which blocks unused light for a clearer beam.wide orange


Superior Light Beam

The Auxbeam Curved light bar produces an extremely bright light that can illuminate anything on its path even on extreme distances. It is a combo beam that is perfect for trucks, jeeps, pickups, UTVs. and ATVs.

It can also be used for emergency and rescue lighting, boat and marine lighting, agriculture vehicle lighting, mining lighting, heavy equipment lighting, and several other lighting purposes.

Auxbeam light bar has a fish-eye projector lens for ultrafocus effect and for long-range superior lighting. You would really feel safe travelling at night when you have this light bar as you can already see what is ahead of you on the road from a great distance.

Reliability and Durability

The material used in this light bar is really reliable. It has an IP67 rating. It is waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof. It can surely endure any harsh elements coming its way.

The Auxbeam LED light bar has an exclusive valve design used as an exhaust which discharges any water vapor coming from the lamp’s body whenever there are temperature changes. This exhaust valve is able to keep the lamp’s interior dry, vapor-free and clear.

The brackets used in mounting the light bar are also very durable. They are made of very sturdy aluminum material. The design lets you mount the light bar in two different directions. Thus, it can easily fit into a variety of vehicles.

Auxbeam 70018987 Features and Specifications

  • 50-inch curved LED light bar 288W; very bright light with Lumens: 28,800.
  • Two rows of 3W chips, twice as bright as the ordinary light with the same size.
  • Combination of hyperspot and flood pattern to optimize light spread.
  • Fisheye projector lens with ultrafocus effect, long-range light beam.
  • Oversized heat sink for better cooling.
  • Important note: Auxbeam light bars are only sold and shipped by Auxbeam. If you happen to purchase one from a different seller, kindly request for a refund as it is a counterfeit or fake Auxbeam Light Bar. The only authorized dealer of Auxbeam products is Auxbeam.

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Auxbeam 70018987 Reviews

The Auxbeam curved LED light bar garnered a very high Editor Rating of 9.2/10.

One very happy customer said that the curve in the light bar gives better peripheral vision at night. It is so bright that it can turn night into day.

Another one commented that the light bar can make any car look aggressive. Also, it doesn’t get any condensation and doesn’t get damaged even in the car wash. He said he would recommend this to anyone who is planning on buying a light bar.

There’s also one satisfied customer who described the installation of this light bar as really easy and said that he installed it all by himself. There were no issues during the mounting and installation of his light bar.

Majority of the customer reviews praised the Auxbeam curved LED as really great as the light it is producing is extremely bright and the whole external material is really of high quality.

Things to Improve

There is one minor critical comment about the light bar. There is one customer who complained that the product he got had some few scratches.

However, overall, it still worked perfectly as expected and was able to provide the superior light quality.

The scratches should not have any effect on the efficiency of the Auxbeam Curved LED. Obviously even with the little scratches, the bright powerful light will still be there. It is still hands down one of the best light bars today.


The Auxbeam Curved LED Light Bar is truly one of the top light bars to date. It is very powerful and super bright at 28,800 lumens. This product is very reliable and durable at an IP67 rating. It is waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof. Thus, the light bar can withstand harmful elements and can really last longer.

It is amazingly perfect at a very affordable price. It will surely give you your money’s worth.

Get more information about the Auxbeam Curved LED Light Bar and see how it is compared with the other LED bars by reading more light bar reviews.

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