Avital 4103LX Remote Start System Review

In order to maximize your security needs for the vehicle, you need to get the best brand and type there is. One of those happen to be the Avital 4103LX Remote Start System. It’s one of the handiest types of remote lock systems that you can ever purchase thanks to the convenient features that it has.

The Avital 4103LX fulfills your vehicular security needs with its innovating technological systems. It allows keyless entry, valet takeover, and remote start without sacrificing your privacy and putting your vehicle at risk of theft. After all, these technologies have been put in place to intensify your car’s gear against thieves and intruders.

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41LwROlgFXLHigh-End Remote Transmitters

The product comes with the best remote transmitters that will guarantee you the best settings that you need in order to provide a better means of accessing the lock system of your vehicle. There is a module that’s needed to be installed in the car in order for this to work, but the procedures are very easy to follow in the manual. All you have to do is to connect a professional to perform the installation, and you can finally use the transmitters for ease of convenience. You can go ahead and consider DiY methods, but only if you have enough experience and skill to do so. Take note that this is not just any lock system: it also allows you to start and run your vehicle remotely!

Additional Systems Included

For the sake of a much better security, there are more systems that you can get with Avital 4103LX. It’s just a matter of professional installation just like the remote transmitter’s functions, and you will be able to access more convenient features. There is a total of four systems that you can install under this remote system module.

Avital 4103LX Specifications and Features

  • BYPASS Module – This is the program needed to install the program. Note that it will require professional help to get this done and for all of the systems that it contains.
  • Remote Lock – Remote lock is installed in the module, and can be accessed using the transmitters. It can be used to unlock and lock your vehicle, as well as do it for the trunk.
  • Remote Start – The remote start feature is also installed in the module. It’s one of the best features that the product as since it can help you start your vehicle right away as you go back to use it. The vehicle runs for a certain amount of time.
  • Panic Mode – The system contains a mode that will sound an alarm in your car. It also flashes the parking lights on your vehicle. It’s an optional system to install but is guaranteed to be extremely useful in a lot of ways.
  • Valet Mode – This system allows the vehicle to run after the key has been removed from the vehicle. All you have to do is to remove the key for it to work. After a short period, the vehicle will turn off by itself.
  • Two Remote Transmitters – a perfect way for you to keep everything safe and secured!

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Avital 4103LX Reviews

The reviews gathered by this product were 770 – indicating that this product has been there for a long time already. It has gained a good reputation thanks to its overall ratings of 8 out of 10. There are a lot of customers who found this product as a very nice purchase. However, there are some who have indicated a couple of things that this product needs for further improvement.

A customer was able to say that the product is capable of helping him start up the device without any worry. Adding the optional alarm system was said to be extremely helpful. The customer actually loved the product because it has everything that he needs for a more secure, and an even more convenient way to secure the vehicle.

A professional installer even said that this is also a professional type of system that most people might need to have, especially for starters. He found out that the product is extremely convenient, and is worth the purchase because it will provide everyone what they exactly need within the car if they want to keep it very safe.

Things to Improve

Despite the reputation that the Avital Remote Start System was able to get, there are still issues with the vehicle. There were some problems with the remote starter at certain times, and there were customers who complained about it working on their first few attempts only. The company needs to resolve this problem on all of their remote start systems. Gladly, the rest of the features are perfectly working.


The Avital Remote Start System is guaranteed to be one of the best remote systems that you need to have in your vehicle because it contains a lot of features. Rest assured that operating your vehicle will be a very convenient thing to do once you get this installed in your car. Lastly, take note that professional installation is needed when placing this product in order to assure safety for the sake of the vehicle.

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