17 Awesome and Inspiring DIY Garden Ideas You Can Start Today

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Do you live in the city? Do you want to add colour and life to your backyard or porch? Do you want to have a glooming backyard party?

I understand how you feel about wanting to inject life and colour into your surroundings because I did have the same feelings before.

So, I made Google my friend and searched for ideas on how to enliven my living space — and I did! I found some simple and interesting DIY garden ideas.

I’m sharing them to you so that you can find some inspiration on how to add life into your living quarters as well, no matter how small it may be. Check out my list!

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1. Personalize Your Planter (Yes! Own it!)

word image 52

Source: Remodelaholic

If you want a personal touch to your backyard, you can have a DIY monogram planter like the one pictured above. You can plant your favorite flowers or herbs in it.

Do you want to know how to do it? Check the guidelines here.

2. Turn Junk into a Treasure Garden

word image 53

Source: Organized Clutter

You can turn your garden into an enchanting haven of repurposed and upcycled items.

If you need inspiration, you can head to Carlene’s blog. She has an impressive garden filled with junk repurposed into useful items.

You can turn unusual items into something more beautiful with plants and flowers.

3. Use Pallets as Planters

word image 54

Source: Country Living

You can dabble into upcycling by turning pallets into planters. You can ask your local recycling center where to get them at no cost.

For more ideas, please check Garden Therapy.

Are you ready to start your pallet planter project? Head to Growing a Greener World for step-by-step instructions.

4. Go Rustic With a Garden Pergola

word image 55

Source: Kojo Designs

This rustic pergola is perfect if you want to hang the lights in your garden. It can also serve as a backdrop for your most memorable photos with family, friends, and loved ones.

Do you want to have one? Check Kojo Designs for the guidelines in creating your mini pergola.

5. Create a Garden Stairway to Heaven

word image 56

Source: Ana White

If you have a small patio, backyard, or balcony, you can create a vertical ladder planter for your herbs and flowers.

Even if you are a beginning builder, you can have something like the one in the picture, or you can repurpose your old ladder to become a planter. The possibilities are endless.

Still searching for more ideas? Click here for more.

6. Turn Cinderblocks Into Cinder Benches

word image 57

Source: Lena Sekine

This cinder bench is not difficult to build. You only need lumber, cinder blocks, and cement adhesive. You can add colorful pillows to complete a stylish and comfortable look.

Still want more cinderblock bench ideas? Check the ones from 1001 Gardens.

7. Don’t Get Tired With Tire Planters

word image 58

Source: DIY Show Off

Old tires add to the world’s pile of junk. You can help save the environment by repurposing them.

Paint them and hang them on your backyard with your favorite flowers and herbs planted in it.

Backyard Boss has some beautiful ideas about junk tires. Check them out!

8. Light Up Your Garden With Tin Can Lanterns

word image 59

Source: Elise Engh Studios

Do you have empty tin cans lying around the house? Don’t throw them away!

You can use them as lanterns on your porch or hang them on trees.

If you want to have different patterns on your lanterns, head to Guide Patterns! They have an awesome tin can lantern patterns there.

9. Turn Everyday Objects Into Colorful Wind Chimes

word image 60

Source: Inner Child Fun

You can turn common things into wind chimes for your garden. Make them colorful so that they are pleasing to the eyes.

Your kids will love them. Why don’t you involve them in this DIY project?

Head to DIY & Crafts for more brilliant ideas.

10. Build Your Backyard Fountain of Youth

word image 61

Source: Hometalk

If you want interesting decors in your garden, why don’t you add a fountain?

A fountain is easy to maintain and can change the ambiance of your porch or backyard. Some fountains are easy to build while some may need more time and expertise.

11. Turn Buckets Into Herb Planters

word image 62

Source: Lowe’s

You can have your daily harvest of herbs even if you have a small space. Hang the herbs to save on space!

Plant the herbs in mini containers and hang them on your wall or in a corner.

Why don’t you head to Balcony Garden Web for a dose of inspiration?

12. Hang Succulents in Your Chandeliers

word image 63

Source: Erin Ever After

If you have an old chandelier in the storage room, you can repurpose them and turn them into a garden chandelier.

You can get rid of your junk and turn it into your masterpiece.

Don’t have any ideas on how to do it? Head to the Garden Club for a step-by-step guide.

13. Create a Hanging Planter From Your Colanders

word image 64

Source: HGTV

Don’t throw away your old colanders. You can be creative and turn them into planters!

All you need is paint and some strings. Voila! You can plant flowers, perennials, and herbs in them.

Check Mommy’s Kitchen for some guidelines on how to make a colander planter.

14. Build a Terrarium With Unused Glass Containers

word image 65

Source: Pretty Hand Girl

You can nurture your green thumb even if you have a small apartment. You can try creating your terrarium garden from glasses you find in your home.

Do you want to have a mini garden using a glass container? Click here.

If you need inspiration, you can check Morning Chores for ideas.

15. Turn Mason Jars Into Herb Planters

word image 66

Source: Camille Styles

This is a project that you can do one weekend and will not cost a lot of money. You can use whatever empty jars you have.

For guidelines on how to turn your mason jars to an herb garden, check HGTV.

16. Make Planters out of Pockets

word image 67

Source: Urban Gardens

Even if you live in the city, you can still have your garden. Some stores sell pocket planters that you can screw to your wall.

Getting excited? Check here for instructions on how to make your pocket planter.

Also, some stores sell ready-made pocket planters. You can opt to use them too.

17. Cart-Away Those Succulents

word image 68

Source: Succulent and Shine

Apartment living need not be boring. You can use a cart as a planter for your succulents, herbs, flowers, or perennials.

You can find more indoor ideas from Apartment Therapy.


This list made me happy. I was able to liven up my small living quarters because of these DIY garden ideas.

Did you enjoy my list? Share what you think in the comments. Also, if you like my list, please share with your friends and family.

Thank you!

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