Bates GX-8 8″ ULTRA-LITES GTX-M Combat Boots Review

If you’re tired of the complex way to wear and remove your boots, then it’s time you check out Bates Men’s GX-8 combat boots.

This footwear totally eliminates the hassles of dealing with shoelaces because it has a side-zip design which makes sure that you can get in and out of your boots as fast as possible. You just have to adjust the lace according to your preferences then you can just use the side-zip.

This combat boot features a waterproof upper material plus waterproof inner lining that will keep the interior part of the boots completely dry even when subjected to heavy rains.

Other than offering protection from wet environmental conditions, the boots also provide comfort.

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Puncture Proof and Water-Resistant

Aside from the water resistant upper covering of the boots, it also has a Gore-Tex lining on its inner part to keep your feet dry and cool. Gore-Tex is a breathable and waterproof fabric. This material prevents rain from getting into the boots while allowing perspiration to get out. Hence, it keeps you dry both on the inside and from the outside.

The upper part and the side zip is made from ballistic nylon which makes the boots puncture proof. The ballistic nylon material makes the boots sleek looking while maintaining its durability.

Enhanced Comfort

Bates GX-8 have detachable cushioned sole supports your foot from toe to heel, ensuring that you get the comfort you deserve with every step you take. This boot has a cushioned EVA midsole which enhances the support it provides to your foot by redistributing and taking in the bearing of each step. With the help of the slip-resistant rubber outsole, your step will remain steady and stable.

The non-metallic shaft and athletic cement structure also help make each stride comfortable. The shaft or shank is the part of the boots which supports the insole and outsole. The non-metallic shank is situated right between the ball area of your feet and the heels. The shank is designed to follow the shape of your feet to enhance comfort and reinforcement.

Bates GX-8 8″ ULTRA-LITES GTX-M Features and Specifications

  • Gore-Tex lining – makes the product breathable and waterproof. Water can’t enter from the outside while perspiration from the inside is drawn out of the shoes. It ensures that the interior is always dry.
  • EVA midsoles – the middle part of the boot made from foam called ethyl vinyl acetate. The midsole is the part located between the outsole and upper sole and is responsible for cushioning and supporting your feet.
  • Cushioned insoles – can be removed to suit your preference
  • Rubber sole – provides slip resistant feature
  • Cement construction – makes the boots flexible and lightweight
  • Easy to clean – just wipe with mild soap and water
  • Weighs 2.6 pounds
  • Side zipper with lace

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Bates GX-8 8″ ULTRA-LITES GTX-M Reviews

The comfort and durability of Bates Men’s GX-8 is superior to other combat boots that’s why it is given an editorial rating of 8 out of 10.

The first thing that buyers notice about this combat boot is its weight. One customer who is a motorcycle enthusiast said that this boot is completely waterproof because he has ridden his bikes in the pouring rain while wearing Bates Men’s GX-8 and his feet stayed dry. He also added that the boots are not only comfortable to ride in but also comfortable to walk in.

The great traction provided by the boots is a standout feature that customers love about this footwear. They say that it still has traction on various surfaces including slippery tiles and much more.

Many buyers said that the boot is worth the money because it has all the features that one would want in combat boots. It is extremely comfortable to wear and is highly durable so even if you are still breaking in the boot, you won’t feel uneasy.

Things to Improve

One minor complaint that few customers raised is that it can take about 1 week for the boots to break-in. They said that it does not cause pain on their feet but it can be uncomfortable at times. However, after the 1-week break in period the combat boots exceeds the expectations of the users.

It’s specialized inner lining that makes the interior of the shoe water-resistant is something that’s hard to find from other combat boots. With the Bates Men’s GX-8 you can stay under the rain or walk through puddles without getting your feet wet.


You can never go wrong with Bates Men’s GX-8 combat boots. With its enhanced comfort, you won’t have to endure long hours standing up or walking. Your feet will stay comfortable even when you are under extreme pressure. In addition, because of the boots durability, you can use it for many years to come.

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