10 Easy DIY Wood Projects for Beginners (#9 is the easiest!)

Easy DIY Wood Projects for Beginners

With simple woodworking projects, you can create projects based on your preference. Plus, you can personalize it based on your desired size, color, and overall aesthetic.

Starting a wood project does not need to for you to be an expert. What you need is creativity and imagination to accomplish woodcraft you prefer. This way, you can personally interpret your woodworking ideas to decorate your home.

To start your beginner woodworking projects, here are some good ideas you can try:

10 Easy DIY Wood Projects for Beginners

1. Timber Bench (Perfect for an Outdoor Setup)

outdoor wood bench patio garden cedar bench by RealSimpleWood

A timber or a wooden bench is one of the easiest wood projects you can do because it does not require too much sawing. You can purchase readily available materials of your preferred size from any home centers.

You can either use nail or screw in building the timber bench. If you opt to use either two of the said building tools in your work, ensure that you have a trusty hammer or screwdriver for the process.

Learn how to create this bench, plus 13 more designs, at The Spruce Crafts.

2. Wooden Planter (Makes Gardening Easier!)

Wooden 3 tier planter box with wheels | Trade Me

If you are into gardening and want to customize your mini garden, a wooden planter is a must. This is where you can organize your plants and can also serve as a nice decoration on your patio. Be mindful on hammering and making the planter sturdy for your plants’ safety.

Follow the guide by Bonnie Plants for a DIY cascading planter.

3. Wooden Storage Box (Can Serve as a Seat Too!)

Would be great at the end of a bed or somewhere in living room

Wooden storage box is one of the easy wood projects that are also very useful at home. With this, you can store your children’s toys, kitchen tools, clothes, and other desired home stuff. This project might be intimidating to make, but it is easy and is for beginners.

You can choose to use wood glue, nail, or screw. If you want a more seamless look, wood glue is the most preferred. Learn how to create this in seven steps by heading to Instructables.

4. Garden Pond Planter (Adds Life and Color to Your Backyard!)

Patio Garden Pond and Planter

A garden pond planter is a lot smaller than the wooden planter. You can place this on your patio or if you have a make-shift pond in your garden. This wooden container can hold either regular plants or water plants.

You have the option to paint it with a paint-on rubber lining to make it last longer. Doing so can also make it UV-resistant and ultra-stretchy. Find the guide for this planter at Family Handyman.

5. Simple but Sturdy Picnic Table

Tuinset / picknickset van steigerhout

You may find a wooden picnic table available in the store too big or too small for your place. DIY makes it more ideal as you can make it depending on your ideal size.

A craftsman style picnic table is one of the easiest picnic tables to do with no visible marks of screws or nails on top.

Create your own picnic set by heading to The Spruce Crafts.

6. Patio Coffee Table – Perfect for Breakfast Coffee and Tea Setup

Small coffee tables:

A patio coffee table is a small straight-forward coffee table you can do with minimal wood. It does not have to be so thick, so that medium-thick wood can do the job. The usual price range of materials for this project ranges from $5 to less than $30.

Put some gloss finish if you wish to expose the item under the heat of the sun or the rain to prolong its lifespan and quality. Learn how to create this by heading to Sensod.

7. Wooden Cart – Adds a Vintage Feel to Your Garden


Though crafting a wooden cart might be too much of work, remember that it is also easy to do. You just need simple thin wheels of your choice, thin wood pieces, screws, and nails. This way, you can easily collect fertilizers, rearrange plants, and carry water around your garden.

Create this beautiful piece by following the step-by-step guide from The Family Handyman.

8. Tiered Wooden Plant Stand (Great for Small Spaces)

Show off your gardening skills with this simple multi-level plant stand. It's easy to build from seven 8-ft.-long 1x2s. In just a morning, you can build this handsome, durable plant stand, perfect for indoor use or outside on a deck or patio. Get the plans for this tiered plant stand here.

A tiered wood plant stand might cost a lot from the market even if it used small and straightforward wood materials. Small woodworking projects like this that can display four plants in one maximize your patio or garden space.

With one long wood sawed into pieces, you may use adhesive or nails to put together the tiers. A wood adhesive could be ideal, so you do not have to worry about rusting nails in the long run. Thus, it would not affect the aesthetic of your tiered wooden plant stand.

Find this design and more at The Family Handyman.

9. Kitchen Cutting Boards (Easiest DIY Project for Beginners!)

Wow guests with your cutting skills—and not just the meal prep. Chop and serve food on a DIY wooden cutting board even a beginner can craft!

Cutting boards are must in the kitchen. You do not need any nails or screws in making one. Depending on your preferred wood thickness, you have the option to have it thick or thin based on your type.

Also, you can use spare wood from other easy woodworking projects you made to save materials, and so it would not go to waste. Put wood varnish for a better finish and to omit wood residue that might attach to the food later on.

Find this easy tutorial from Bob Vila.

10. Book Shelves (This One Uses Old Crates!)

DIY Wooden Crate Bookshelf

Bookshelves are known as costly in the market, and the store may additionally charge for delivery. If you want to escape such huge expenses, then you should buy pieces of wood based on your favored size. Use nails, screws, or wood glue to put the pieces of wood together.

You can choose to hang the shelves on your wall or make it a stand-alone divider if you have more space at home. You can also use extra wood from other projects, so it would not go to waste, and you get to maximize the materials you bought.

Learn how to repurpose old wooden crates into a beautiful bookshelf from this tutorial.

10 Easy DIY Wood Projects for Beginners


In doing wood projects, do not hesitate to use your imagination and search for ideas from the internet that you think will help you. You can turn this pastime into an excellent business and have custom orders from clients in your neighborhood.