Bell Impulse 7061891 Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Review

If you are looking for speed, the Bell Impulse Motorcycle Helmet has an aerodynamic design which will give you more speed and better driving experience. The aerodynamic design not only gives the rider better speed but it also greatly reduces the amount of road and wind noise.

Communication is also better with the Bell Impulse helmet through its intercom features. You can use this helmet with most Bluetooth devices in the market. You no longer have to shout at each other when communicating with your fellow rider once you have an intercom or Bluetooth device setup with this helmet.

This DOT-certified helmet also boasts its antimicrobial feature which not all helmets have. Through this feature, you no longer have to experience wearing a stinky helmet.

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Bell Racing is a company that has been producing quality products for those thrill seekers. Their product Bell Impulse helmet has an aerodynamic design that can give you the optimal speed your adrenaline looks for. This helmet will optimize your speed as it will reduce wind buffeting through its aerodynamic design.

Its design also minimizes the traffic and wind noise which is commonly being experienced by motorcycle riders. Its face shield is also fog-proof and scratch-proof with UV protection.

Polycarbonate is the material used for its shell so it’s very durable but lightweight. Thus, it is very comfortable to use.

Antibacterial and Antimicrobial

The interior liner and pads on the Impulse helmet are removable and washable. But you don’t actually have to wash it as frequently as before because of one of the best features of the Bell helmet. This helmet has antimicrobial and antibacterial features.

Its interior liner pads are resistant to bacteria so they won’t breed and multiply. Stinky helmets are normally due to the sweat and dirt that get into the pads and interior liner especially when you are driving when the temperature is really hot. With this Bell helmet, the stinky helmet will no longer be an issue and will only be a thing of the past.

Adjustable Vent System

One common issue in some of the basic helmets is the airflow. Some helmets can be too hot because the air doesn’t flow well. This can cause more sweat for the rider which in turn can cause bacteria and bad odor buildup on the helmet. With the Bell Impulse helmet, the airflow can be adjusted through its adjustable ventilation system. If the temperature is too hot, the vents can be adjusted to get more air to come through.

Bell Impulse Features and Specifications

  • Aerodynamic design reduces buffeting with adjustable vent system
  • Antibacterial and Antimicrobial interior lining, Removable and washable interior
  • Speaker pockets for communication devices
  • Lightweight Polycarbonate Shell, Transitions Adaptive Shield lens included
  • Padded chin strap and D-ring lock for more secure closure
  • Five-year warranty

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The Editor Rating on the Bell Impulse Motorcycle Helmet is 9/10. It is almost perfect. One rider described it as really awesome since he hasn’t heard any noise problems with it.

Another rider mentioned that he tried taking a call at 110 mph speed on a race track and the sound quality is still fair. This is truly the best one to use if you want to communicate while driving. On a regular speed, the person you are talking to will not even know that you are driving.

Several users are also raving about the transition lens that comes with it. They are saying that the lens works really well and one even said he’ll be buying another one of this helmet because of this wonderful lens.

Things to Improve

One minor issue that was raised was regarding the cheek pads which seem to be a bit uncomfortable for the rider. It was fixed by the rider by taping the padding down. Another possible reason for this is probably the size isn’t the exact fit for the rider. This could have probably been prevented if the right helmet size was selected.

The Bell Impulse helmet is still one of the best in the market today. With both function and design combined together, the rider can have protection, comfort and style altogether.


The Bell Impulse Motorcycle Helmet is a high-quality helmet for regular riders or even for thrill-seekers alike. This helmet has both quality protection and sleek design that every motorcycle rider wants. The antibacterial and antimicrobial feature of this helmet is really one of a kind since this isn’t a feature that most of the common helmets have.

With all these features, it is amazing that you can have all of them at a very fair price and even comes with a five-year warranty! Now that is really what we call getting your money’s worth.

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