Best 10 Person Tent Reviews 2020

Your camping experience can be very enjoyable if you have everything that will make it possible. Aside from finding the right park where you can spend the holiday, you should have the accessories and gear to make the entire family or your friends comfortable. You are not going to spend the days-long activity by sleeping on the ground, which is why you should also look for a tent.

There may be tons of tents available on the market, but not all could serve the purpose of safe and protected camping. There are large camping tents that may only ruin your experience by getting easily folded and torn apart due to strong winds.

Best 10 Person Tent Review

Coleman WeatherMaster 10 Person Tent


This is one of the best 10 person tent that can fit up to three queen airbeds. It measures 17 feet by 9 feet. The center height of the tent is 6.8 feet, giving tall people the ability to walk around comfortably.

The Coleman WeatherMaster tent is not only useful for camping outdoors, but also at home. It provides extra sleeping space with further weather protection. The versatile tent can offer protection against rain as proven by its WeatherTec System.

The large tent will not only repel rain, but it can also resist strong winds. It has a sturdy frame that can stay stable despite more than 35 miles per hour winds coming your way. The tent also has angled windows which will provide more ventilation while keeping water out.

The hinged door of the 10 person tent also keeps entry and exit easier. The poles of the tent have sleeves which are ideal for seamless setup. It also has a patented pin-and-ring system and Insta-Clip suspension for quicker assembly.

The material used for Coleman WeatherMaster tent is Polyguard, which is durable enough to work on all seasons. To provide extra privacy to the occupants of the tent, a divider may be used. The tent is highly portable since it could easily be packed in a carry bag.

You may use the tent for camping on the nearest national park, backpacking, or short trips. Best sleeping arrangement using the tent is obtainable with airbeds.


  • Comes with rainfly for water protection
  • Mesh roof for harmful UV rays
  • Inverted seams
  • Quick pitch
  • Effortless setup


  • Confusing manual

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Mountain Trails Grand Pass 10 Person Tent


This 10 person tent has a dimension of 18 feet by 6.3 feet by 10 feet. It has a Stow ‘n’ Go duffel system.

From the center, it has a height of 76 inches. The entire interior has a floor space of 170 square feet. In addition, the entry type of the tent is represented by a two-door design.

The Mountain Trails Grand Pass tent is almost similar to other models under the brand. The fabric material is nylon. Moreover, it is fiberglass-corded for shock resistance.

Aside from the capability to move freely inside the tent, the product also allows people to store clothes, food, and other gear without space issues.

It also has superior ventilation given its windows and mesh roof that allow warm air to be drawn out. You may camp even in the summertime without worrying about keeping the tent cool.

Mountain Trails Grand Pass allows you to easily keep it from soiling. It has mats for mud, which are placed near the entry areas. If the tenants need further privacy, the interior may also be divided into two with panels.

Further protection from rain is provided by the tent given its fly frame. If you have to transfer camp, dismantling the tent is very easy. However, this tent does not come with a carry bag.


  • Tight rainfly
  • Keeps air circulation even when doors are shut
  • Holds up against strong winds
  • Removable rain cover
  • Hanging flashlight or bulb loop at the ceiling


  • Not usable during winter months

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Wenzel Timber Ridge 10 Person Tent


This 10 person tent will not only accommodate more people, it also offers lots of floor space and headroom. It has a floor area of 160 square feet when set up. The peak height of the tent is 93 inches.

The Wenzel Timber Ridge tent has a cumulative weight of 32 pounds. When folded, it measures 28 inches by 11.5 inches by 11.5 inches. The tent has six windows and two doors.

Among the top features of the product is the construction of its doors. It has dual D-shaped entry and exit areas that can be found at the front and back. The tent also has a window which could be opened or closed using a zipper.

The roof frames of the tent are made from fiberglass, whereas the uprights are steel. The former even comes with central hub. There are also corner elbows with fast feet.

The package comes with a fly which you may attach or remove when not needed. For better air circulation, it has vents in the roof. The windows are situated on the front, side, and back with flaps for privacy.

Wenzel Timber Ridge tent even gives you ease in setting up electrical cords with its E port. Extra storage is also offered by its dual pockets. Creating a room is also very easy using the divider fabric.

You may add stability while setting up the product by using the guy ropes. The lines come pre-attached.


  • Ample headroom
  • Flooring is tarp-like
  • All-mesh top
  • Can withstand strong winds
  • Easy setup


  • Poor quality poles

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Wenzel Great Basin 10 Person Tent


This tent can accommodate 10 people and has a size of 18 feet by 10 feet. When packaged, it measures 10.75 inches by 10.75 inches by 27 inches. The weight of the product is just 27.15 pounds.

The Wenzel Great Basin tent has a dome structure and the maximum height of the tent is 78 inches. Compared to other tents available, it only has a single door for entry and exit.

The new model also boasts its Wenzel’s New Lite Reflect technology. It is claimed as the best-selling Great Basin model. The new feature allows you to hang a flashlight or headlamp that will spread light in the entire interior using the reflective panel.

Wenzel Great Basin tent also comes with a divider that makes privacy easier to achieve. The panel is curtain type, making the separation of three sleeping rooms more manageable. Though the tent has a single door, it has four windows for extra ventilation.

The door is D-shaped, which is considered the standard structure for entry and exit areas. The poles are made from fiberglass and are resistant to shocks. For easier setup, fast feet are included in the poles.

Extra living room and headspace are offered by multi-diameter poles. There is also a fly packaged with the tent, which is sealed with seam and removable when not necessary. Extra storage for other accessories is also readily available with its two pockets and gear loft.


  • Built-in reflective panel for optimum lighting
  • Comfortable for you to move around
  • Effective rain guard
  • Good ventilation
  • Easy setup


  • Too heavy to carry

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Coleman WeatherMaster II Screened 10 Person Tent


This 10 person tent is a modified version of the first product featured in this list. It measures 16 feet by 10 feet. The height from the center of the tent is seven feet, giving ample space for tall people to move around without bending.

Coleman WeatherMaster II tent can accommodate 10 people, but it is also designed to fit four queen airbeds. It has a design similar to a cabin, providing the feel of being in a house. The product is designed with two doors which come in two types.

The first type is zippered, whereas another door is hinged. To keep air circulating inside the tent, it has an adjustable Variflo ventilation system that gives you control of the cool air remaining inside. The windows are designed to let air and light in.

The reverse-angled windows will keep water from entering the tent even when open. The floors of Coleman WeatherMaster II tent are also powered by built-in WeatherTec system. The seams are also secured properly to keep every inch of the tent dry.

The continuous sleeves of the pole make the setup more manageable and easier. The poles are also coded with colors to avoid confusion. For portability, it comes with a carry bag.

 If you need to store a lot of things, it will be easier as well. You have a lot of space to keep your stuff without worrying about overcrowding.


  • Easy-access two doors
  • Customized cooling comfort
  • Inverted seams for repelling water
  • Welded floors
  • Color-coded poles


  • Reports of leaking

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Types of 10 Person Tents

You have a number of options if you are looking for an 8 to 10 person tent. The category of tent will give you a narrower list of products to choose from. The types often vary in style, shape, and added components.

  • Pod 10-Person Tent – This is a good choice of ten man tent since it is very spacious. It has a central living area with numerous sleeping areas and pods. Each of the areas of the tent lead to the central room, mimicking the setup of a wheel’s spokes.

Friends and families would prefer this setup. Children can even have their own spaces. Nonetheless, it also has drawbacks, such as its difficult assembly, large fabric volume, and big footprint.

  • Traditional A-Frame 10-Person Tent – When erected, you will notice that it takes the shape of a letter ‘A’. Compared to other large tents, this is a type that is lightweight. It usually comes with an added protection from a tarp.
  • Modified A-Frame 10-Person Tent – This modified version has curved poles, which is different from the straight frames of the traditional A-frame tent. The type of tent provides ample interior and headroom. It also eliminates the need to use a tarp for added rain protection.
  • Hoop 10-Person Tent – You will find this tent with curved poles at any of its sides, preserving stability and taut shape. If you need to slant it optimally, you simply have to tie the guy lines with the pegs. The hoop type of this 10-person tent also provides spacious headroom and interior rooms.
  • Dome 10-Person Tent – Among campers, this is the most popular type of 10-person tent. It is made of two to three poles. You could have plenty of sleeping space and headroom using the tent. The tent can even separate rooms using dividers or panels.

What to Look For When Buying

You do not have to focus on the size for a big camping tent that can accommodate 10 people. There are other features you have to look into to guarantee the high quality of a tent. By evaluating your choices individually based on their attributes, you could get the tent that is most compliant to your preferences.

  • Weather Resistance – You should not buy a waterproof 10 person tent simply because it can repel rain or water. You must also check if it is capable of getting rid of harsh weather effects. Nature is unpredictable, and you have to guarantee that your family and friends are protected while sleeping in the tent.

Other than the protection of the tenants, the product should also be maintained to prevent easy wear-out. If you will bring a tent during winter months, its fabric must be thicker. There should be a fly taped or stitched onto the fabric.

  • Material Choice – The choice of fabric used for the tent is crucial. Not all options available on the market are durable; some can only last for a short period. Moreover, there are durable materials such as canvas that could be very heavy.

Alternatively, there are lighter fabrics such as those manufactured from nylon, but these are only applicable for calm weather. Polyester is a good option since it withstands harmful UV rays despite long periods of exposure.

Aside from the fabric, the poles, fastenings, and pegs must be of high quality. As much as possible, select a tent with double stitching.

  • Ease of Pitching – The tent must be easily pitched or adjusted. Though you may be with relatives or friends, you cannot guarantee that they can help you. Find a tent that allows quick assembly.
  • Door Structure – Although several large doors may be useful for ventilation, remember that it could cause the people inside to freeze during winter. Check if the locking mechanism of the doors and windows can keep minimal cool air drawn inside.

Safety Tips

If you are going to use a large tent, you must be aware of its proper use. There are cases when tents become ineffective due to poor placement or assembly. Tents may also break apart when not stored properly.

  • Find the most appropriate site – Choose a considerably wider space, especially since you are dealing with a 10-person tent. If you will be staying on a national or state camping area, you should guarantee that you will camp on the assigned location. Avoid setting up the tent on a private property.

You should find a flat space where you can pitch the tent. Before assembly, remove debris, rocks, and twigs that may break the fabric of your tent or make it less stable. To make the ground softer, you may try looking for pine needles and create a layer for the ground.

  • Select a high-quality bedding – The warm temperature inside the tent will not be maintained unless you also select the right type of bedding. The best sleeping bag is zero degree rated. To increase the rating of your bedding, you should find one made of fleece.
  • Avoid setting up in ground hollows – You cannot simply set up anywhere that is lower than its surrounding environment. When it rains, water will certainly be collected in your tent. It will be a great problem once your tent floats due to water below.
  • Check the weather and wind direction – The weather forecast will help you prepare for the worst of the sunny, rainy, or stormy days. If it is summertime, you can easily keep your tent away from where the sun rises. It could be irksome to wake up sweating if your tent is exposed to the harmful rays.

Moreover, do not forget to verify the direction of the wind. By determining the wind flow, you can set the tent’s side with doors away from it.

If you fail to do so, there will be extra stress on the stakes. Your tent will also likely accumulate too much indoor air.


Given that you have every guideline available to select a tent and use it properly, you must apply it to avoid getting a poor-quality camping gear. Apparently, the winner of the round-up above is Coleman WeatherMaster 10 Person Tent. It comes with features that are suitable for relaxation-seeking and adventurous people.

Even if you bring it to an area where the weather is unpredictable, it will certainly live up to your expectations. Every component of the tent is made from durable materials, guaranteeing it will not disappoint. Moreover, it features a different door construction which eliminates every drawback of using a zippered entry and exit area.

Otherwise, you may select a different product. Simply assure that you will choose a tent that is high-quality and complies to your personal preferences.

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