Best 4 Person Tent Reviews 2020

The capacity of a tent determines your camping experience as this will be your home for your weekend trips or vacations. A big tent can be used by a small family or group, but that can be unsuitable especially if you are camping on a small site. On the other hand, a big family or group won’t fit in a small camping tent.

The 4 person tent should give your group enough space to cook and eat and a space to store your camping stuff. To ensure that your outdoor camping will go smoothly, make sure to invest in a good camping gear which includes the tent.

Best 4 Person Tent Review

Coleman Sundome 4 Person Tent


A tent that is pretty decent for three seasons is what the Sundome 4 person tent is. It’s not much, but it’s not so bad at all. This tent is the most popular tent you can find online.

You might be able to find a lot of good 4 person tents, but Sundome has proven and managed its reputation. When you say Coleman, they are well-known for their quality. It’s a trustworthy brand when you talk about camping and has existed for many years in the tent industry.

This best 4 man tent is perfect for beginners who do not have experience in setting up tents. It can easily be set-up using its shock-corded frame made of fiberglass. The freestanding design that comes with this tent allows room for campers to store and keep their equipment.

The Sundome has been proven to withstand hours of wind and rainfall successfully. The reason behind this is the materials used. The fly fabric and the wall are made of polyester with a 450-mm coating to protect the Sundome from rain.

Additionally, the floor of the tent is created with 1000D polyethylene around the sides, which is similar to what bathtubs are made of. This makes the tent very durable.

This tent has a case so you can conveniently carry it. Aside from that, it has storage pockets so you can organize your tent and it also has privacy window. Lastly, it has an access port for electricity.

This product is the best 4 person tent for summer camping or any camping trips.

Coleman Camping Tent | 4 Person Sundome Dome Tent, Green
34,542 Reviews
Coleman Camping Tent | 4 Person Sundome Dome Tent, Green
  • WEATHERPROOF: Welded corners and inverted seams keep water...
  • WIND AND RAIN TESTED: Strong frame withstands 35+ mph winds
  • GREAT VENTILATION: Large windows and ground vent for...

SEMOO Water Resistant D-Style Door, 4-Person Tent


Seemo 4-person tent is perfect to give you warmth and shelter during camping. The tent is lightweight, designed to look like a dome, and can absolutely last for many years. The dome design is highly popular for tents and it is very easy to set up as well.

The brand Seemo is very well-known for distributing and manufacturing outdoor gears across many countries. It is an international company aimed to produce trustworthy materials for camping such as picnic bags and tents. Seemo’s 4 person tent is another product worthy of praise.

A tent is a great tool for camping and it provides spacious room for 4 people inside. It has a front vestibule for campers to store extra gear. The layer is doubled and the internal tent offers ventilation all around.

The tent’s door and mesh windows occupy more area superficially in order to facilitate good and excellent ventilation. This also keeps mosquitoes away. To add, the mesh can be zipped inside only and not outside so you can enjoy your privacy.

In terms of the materials used for this tent, it is made with a rip-stop and high-density 190T fly frame of polyester. This, without a doubt, gives you 100% protection from heavy rain.

Don’t forget that it also has its own carry bag so you won’t have difficulties in carrying, transporting, or storing this Seemo tent. This tent is really great for camping and very convenient making it the best tent for 4 person.

SEMOO Water Resistant D-Style Door, 4-Person...
96 Reviews

Mountain Trails South Bend Tent – 4 Person


Enjoy backyard camping right outside your house or outdoor camping with this Mountain Trails South Bend Tent. Featuring the Sto’n’Go system, this allows campers to roll the whole tent in an easy package to transport. It has fold labels ensuring that everything is neatly rolled and unrolled for assembly.

This tent contains huge side walls and meshes for perfect ventilation. It also features a Dutch “D” designed door to give you easy access for entry and exit. The large door also helps in cross ventilation.

A mud mat attached to the tent provides you a place to put your shoes. This mud mat doubles the roll’s outer part. This also contains an elastic band which is built-in and ensures that the tent is secured if it is not being used or if it’s being transported.

The tent’s fly is removable which makes it perfect for rain-free nights and for warmth. The floor is made of polyethylene and has added seams, making it water-resistant.

Compact designed and versatile, this tent is able to accommodate up to 4 people comfortably. It boasts a 9 by 7-foot footprint and a center height of 52 inches. This makes it possible to sit straight at the center of the tent.

The Mountain Trail South Bend tent uses a pin-and-ring system and fiberglass poles for easy setup. Utility pockets are available too, as well as a gear loft to store camper’s personal items and other gear. This tent is one of the best 4 person camping tent.

Mountain Trails South Bend Tent - 4 Person
551 Reviews
Mountain Trails South Bend Tent - 4 Person
  • Compact sport dome tent that sleeps up to 4 people
  • Shock-corded fiberglass frame with pin-and-ring system for...
  • Large mesh roof vents and windows provide excellent...

Coleman Instant Tent 4 Person


Another product of a well-known tent manufacturing company is the Coleman Instant tent for 4 people. Setting up would only take a minute or less and it is very easy. You get to have instant accommodation with this lovely tent.

The Coleman Instant tent offers room enough for 4 people to sleep. It can even fit a queen-sized airbed. To maximize space, the tent has a cord management system to help you keep your things organized.

Weather is not a problem for this tent; Coleman uses its WeatherTec System to make sure you are protected. This feature also facilitates in keeping the camper cool inside the tent especially during summer.

A great feature of this 4 person camping tent is its fire retardant properties. This ensures that the material, if exposed to fire, won’t flare dangerously and it will extinguish the fire itself. This allows the camper to escape during emergency situations.

The fabric of this tent is rip stop. This means that it is resistant to ripping and tearing. Rip stop fabrics are woven with reinforcement threads which are thick, making the product durable and strong.

The name of this tent may say instant set up and you might wonder about packing it up again. You need not worry because taking it down is as fast as the setting up. Storage is not a problem too because it has its own carry bag.

This tent is ideal for campers who need a comfortable and reliable tent. This is the best tent for family of 4 or group of friends who wants to enjoy the outdoors.

Coleman Instant Tent 4 Person
6 Reviews

AmazonBasics Tent

Amazon Basic Tent

Good news for campers who need a spacious tent, a new product from Amazon can accommodate up to 8 people inside. AmazonBasics Tent is perfect for people who want to camp and have a lot of friends or family members. This tent offers accommodation and comfort with its huge space.

Even if this is a huge tent measuring 15 by 9 feet, setting it up is a piece of cake. Easy-to-do instructions are included to facilitate the camper in setting this tent up. Not only that, it has a carry bag that has different rooms for the poles, stakes, and tent to make sure that it is convenient to store and carry.

AmazonBasics Tent is very durable. It is made of polyester materials and the use of welding technology makes this tent strong. The water-resistant feature ensures warmth for the camper.

This tent may not be designed for harsh weather, but it can function in four seasons and can withstand medium rains and light winds. The tent’s leak-free seams, rainfly, and waterproof floors also give protection to campers. The stakes keep the tent stable to prevent it from being blown away.

This tent has a ventilation system that is adjustable and a cool-air port that provides fresh airflow. It has a gear net that is attached to the tent’s ceiling to hold simple items like phones, flashlights, and keys. Interior pockets are also available for added storage and to keep things inside the tent organized.

Amazon Basics Outdoor Camping Tent
783 Reviews

4 Person Tent Buying Guide

Tent Types

1) Ridge or A-Frame Tent – This looks like the traditional tent with poles on each end and a supporting pole at the top. Its rigid poles make it sturdy but heavy and bulky at the same time. Its ridge or A-frame shape will give you a hard time walking inside (even with larger versions).

2) Pop-up Tent – The pop-up tent is a quick or instant pitch tent which is ideal for individuals who haven’t tried to pitch a camping tent before. Its poles are already connected and fitted into its fabric so it will automatically pop up into a tent once the frame is released.

This tent type is commonly used in festivals. Its flexibility makes it unsuitable for windy weather.

3) Dome Tent – Poles that are flexible is a feature of a dome tent. It crosses on the tent’s center with its end attached to the supporting straps. It looks like a web that is taped firmly to the base, making it a dome-shaped tent.

These tents are very reliable and could withstand windy conditions. In general, a tent is less stable if they are bigger.

dome tent

4) Tunnel Tent – For tunnel tents, rather than having the poles crossed over, is the poles are bent like an arch. You must always peg down a tunnel tent because it is not the same as dome tents which are free-standing. Tunnel tents are taller compared to dome tents, making it one of the most popular among family tents because you can stand up inside the tent.

5) Backpacking Tent – These tents are among the technical treats you can buy. It is designed to be lightweight and smaller than a regular tent. This type is best for hikers and backpackers.

These tents which are lightweight are known to be wind-resistant and waterproof, thus, it is very stable even on open areas. It is very easy to assemble and disassemble because campers using this tent will frequently put it up or take it down.

6) Weekend Tent – This refers to tents which are best for short camping or weekend trips when a camper is not required to bring extra kits, unlike going for a long camp. This is a term that is often associated with many other shapes and types of tents.

weekend camping tent

7) Inflatable Tent – A new type of tent that is becoming popular nowadays is the inflatable, air or blow up tent. It is easy to set up and it uses beams or tubes filled with air to maintain its rigidity and structure. These tubes can be filled with air using pumps that go through a valve.

These tents can stand within just a few minutes; however, they are a bit expensive and heavier than a regular one.

Things to Consider

1) Peak Height – Do you want to change clothes while standing? Then choose a tent that has a high peak height. The peak height is the tent’s highest point and can be used as the starting point to determine the height of the tent.

2) Floor Length – Want to have some extra space? Is your height more than 6 feet? Consider getting a tent that has 90 inches of floor length and not the usual 84-88 inches. Taller guys need longer floor layout and stout hikers require more space for the elbow.

3) Doors – A small group may only need one door, but if you are in a large group, you may need more doors.

Multiple doors are recommended when camping with family to prevent climbing over another person during late night bathroom breaks. Make sure to check how noisy and simple the door zips are. YKK zippers can withstand breaking and snagging better compared to others.

camping tent door

4) Poles – The difficulty or ease of pitching a tent is determined by the structure of its poles. Most of the tents nowadays are freestanding and don’t need staking to assemble. You can easily pick and move the tent before staking.

Fewer and color-coded poles make the set up faster. When it comes to sturdiness, poles made of aluminum are more durable and stronger than those made of fiberglass.

5) Ventilation – Mesh panels increase cross-ventilation while letting you have a view. Larger tent mesh panels are advisable for humid and hot climates.

6) Guyout Loops – The top rated 4 person tents have loops included in outside the tent body that serve as securing guy lines. This ensures that the fabric won’t flap during strong winds.

Camper Tips

  • Have a dry run – Try to set up the tent at home. Setting up can be tricky, so make sure that you’re familiar with how to connect the poles to the body. Dry runs can save you from all the hassle of figuring out how to connect the pieces and setting up the tent will just become second nature.

camping tent dry run

  • Secure all seams – Ensure that all seams on the tent floor and rainfly are taped. If not, put on seam sealer so water won’t get in the stitch openings.
  • Bring extra stakes – Make sure to bring extra stakes just in case there’s a bad weather. It will help secure all guyout points and stake loops. More stakes mean tighter pitch and better protection from the bad weather condition.
  • Be familiar with the guyouts – Spot the tent’s guyout loops and attach the guylines points so you won’t fumble when setting up in the dark. Guylines increase the tent’s stability against strong and big winds.
  • Pad the tent – Put a footprint or ground cloth to protect the tent floor from scraping. The tent ground cloth must be smaller compared to the actual footprint. This prevents channeling of water underneath.


For people who love outdoors, it is always best to stay overnight to completely enjoy the place. Tents are a necessity for campers; without a tent, who knows where a camper would sleep? This also reduces the risk of danger.

Among the products presented, the best rated 4 person tent so far is the Coleman Instant Tent 4 Person. Its best feature is its instant set up which would only take a minute or less. This saves time rather than spending several minutes setting up a tent. With Coleman Instant Tent 4 Person, you can use your extra time being productive.

Aside from the quick setup, other features also exceed expectations. It has a WeatherTec System to keep you protected and it is fire-retardant as well.

Not only that, it prevents further tearing because of the materials used in this tent. Space is not a problem too; it fits up to 4 people. The Coleman Instant Tent is really great for campers.

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