Best 8 Person Tent Reviews 2020

Are you having a hard time deciding on the kind of tent you should buy for that long-awaited family outdoor activity?

Whether camping is a part of your monthly escapade or it is a once in a blue moon activity, it is always a good thing to have the best-rated family tents with you to make the most of your outdoor experience.

Tents come in a variety of designs and functions and this review will guide you on what are the best products out there that will suit your needs. Basic features like size and shape, materials used, ease of set up, and special features will be discussed here to help you decide on what best large family tents you should buy.

Best 8 Person Tent Review

Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

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This 16 feet by 11 feet tent features a 6.5-foot head room for the main sleeping quarter which allows you to stand straight even if you are inside it.

The vertical space that Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent offers is quite useful for adults who find stooping unpleasant. It can accommodate up to eight persons, making it ideal for a big family or group outing.

If there are lesser people, the attached screen room may function as a gear room, sun shelter, and picnic room. It can also serve as the perfect relaxing room as the big screens provide plenty of ventilation to let the breeze in while keeping the bugs out.

Do you want to enjoy stargazing at night? This is the perfect tent for you! The Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent has two roof features: you could opt for the full mesh during hot weather or use the cover that comes with the tent during wet weather.

Many have shared that it is reliable even during short storms because of the weather-repellent polyester with polyurethane coating. However, you may want it to be treated to make it truly waterproof for severe weather conditions.

While its sleeping capacity for eight people is not a lie, you should take note that it really means sleeping capacity where there would be no more space for other camping equipment and gears. However, six people will have plenty of room and enjoy their sleep without feeling all cramped up.

The screen room gives the feeling of having an open space, but it also comes with walls that can be zipped so that the people and the gears in the room will stay dry even if it rains.

Wenzel Klondike 8 Person Water Resistant Tent with...
2,968 Reviews
Wenzel Klondike 8 Person Water Resistant Tent with...
  • Convertible screen room with inverted "T" style door and...
  • Removable seam-sealed fly provides versatility
  • Mesh roof vents, 2 zippered side windows with inside flaps

Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent


This tent belongs to the top rated 8 person tent because of its room dividers that allow users to create up to three separate rooms. Having privacy even with a big group of friends will not be a problem when using this tent. The privacy walls are also removable so that people inside could enjoy more interaction over a cup of tea.

At 17 feet by 11 feet, the Coleman 8 person tent is slightly more spacious compared to the Wenzel Klondike Tent, but it has a lower headroom with 6 feet as its center height.

It also comes packed with a rain fly so you do not need to buy additional tent accessories. Weighing 22.4 pounds, this tent is a great deal considering it can accommodate up to eight persons.

Coleman is a household name in the tent industry and its exclusive Weathertec System is guaranteed to keep the campers dry inside despite the unexpected wet weather during your outdoor escapade.

Some users have reported their issues with the zippers, but aside from that, this tent’s capacity to withstand harsh weather is proven. The shock-corded poles allow it to stay standing despite strong winds.

Newbies in the field of camping will have no difficulty in setting this tent up as it comes with easy-to-follow assembly instructions. It is easy for three camping beginners to set it up but those who have been camping for long may be able to set it up alone. Taking it down is as simple as setting it up so you will have no hassle in case you need to pack up right away.

Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent,204' L x 120' W x 72' H
4,103 Reviews
Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent,204" L x 120" W x 72" H
  • Family camping tent can accommodate eight campers; measures...
  • Included room dividers allow you to create three separate...
  • Coleman's exclusive Weathertec System is guaranteed to keep...

AmazonBasics 8-Person Family Tent

If you are looking for a cheap 8 person tent with durability in mind, then AmazonBasics Family Tent is best for you. It is not designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, but campers may still use it during all the four seasons.

This tent features coated polyester materials to make it water-resistant and it has a unique welding technology to ensure durability. Campers are sure to stay warm and dry despite medium rain showers and light wind.

At 15 feet by 9 feet with a 6-foot center headroom, AmazonBasics 8-Person Family Tent has a smaller floor area compared to other tents in the market that are intended to provide sleeping space for up to eight persons. However, other important features such as ease of set up is also present in this camping equipment. It also comes with an easy-to-follow assembly instruction manual.

More than that, organized storage is assured as its durable carry bag contains separate bags for the poles, tent, and stakes.

Having cold or hot weather will not be a problem when you are using this tent because of its air ventilation and temperature control feature. Campers are able to adjust the ventilation system to their desired level to make it cooler inside during hot weather, or to make it warmer during cold weather.

For added convenience, its ceiling has a gear net attached to it that can serve as holding and storage system for small items like flashlights, phones, and keys. Meanwhile, the interior pockets provide additional storage space for other gadgets and items that you need to use frequently.

Amazon Basics 8-Person Family Tent
783 Reviews
Amazon Basics 8-Person Family Tent
  • Family-size camping tent comfortably accommodates up to 8...
  • Rainfly for added protection against rain
  • Cool-air port and variable venting system for adjusting the...

Ozark Trail ConnecTENT 8 Person 2 Dome Tent


The tunnel and connection system feature of Ozark Trail ConnecTENT Dome Tent brings added fun for the kids. The two domes can be set up in a way that makes it two individual tents, but it can also be set to connect to the main room by using the tunnel. It is a great camping equipment for people who want to have privacy during their outdoor activity.

Like the other top rated family tents, both domes have a gear loft that is ideal for storing lightweight items inside the tent. You will have no problem finding your phone, flashlight, and keys as you can easily locate them on the top center of the tent. Meanwhile, it also features a mesh pocket inside that you could use as storage for magazines, maps, and other lightweight items.

Ozark Trail ConnecTENT Dome Tent weighs light – 15 pounds to be exact – for its dimension that is 17 feet by 9 feet. Being lightweight and compact makes it the ideal camping equipment for a big group of backpackers who do want to be burdened with heavy gears.

The polyester walls and polyethylene floor makes it the perfect companion for family outdoor activities. The connection system has no floor but this tent is still a great deal because you can use the two domes independently from each other.

Your kids will be able to enjoy backyard camping by using the smaller dome. It even has an electrical port that makes setting an extension cord easy. You do not need to mind messy wires on the floor as the electrical cord could be set up safely above through the port.

ConnecTENT 8 Person 2 Dome Tent by Ozark Trails
9 Reviews

Wenzel Blue Ridge 14×9 Feet 2 Room Seven Person Tent


This is a bit smaller compared to other family tents in the market. With its 14 feet by 9 feet dimension, Wenzel Blue Ridge Tent could provide a sleeping space for up to seven persons only but it boasts multi-diameter poles that offer more headroom space. It even has a hooped fly pole that gives extra rain protection to the door and windows.

More than anything, it has a unique integrated tent light reflection system with its Lite Reflect trademark. Forget about dimly lit tents as placing your flashlight or headlamp in the multipurpose gear loft can light the whole tent by reflecting the light all over the tent and making it brighter inside.

A fire-retardant and waterproof polyester is the material used in this tent to guarantee its durability. As if that is not yet enough, it comes coupled with a waterproof and durable floor.

There is no question about the quality of Wenzel Blue Ridge Tent and to show the manufacturer’s confidence in their product, it has a limited 10-year warranty. Designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, this tent is sure to provide the needed weather protection for campers.

On the other hand, campers who are looking for more than one entry point may not be happy with this product as it only has one door. Only three windows are available but the ventilation is complemented by the dome screen roof, which could be covered in case of rainfall. The external guy points ensure that the tent will remain stable even in the midst strong winds and storm.

Wenzel Blue Ridge Tent, Red, 7 Person
402 Reviews
Wenzel Blue Ridge Tent, Red, 7 Person
  • Perfect for camping with a group, the roomy Blue Ridge...
  • Smartly designed with multi-diameter poles for more headroom...
  • Removable Divider Curtain With "I" Zipper Creates Two...

Best 8 Person Tent Buying Guide

Choosing the best large family tents is not an easy task and this buying guide will help you identify the specific features that you must consider. Check out the following features listed below to help you evaluate a good tent.large blue family tent

Consider the seasons intended for tent use.

The best tent for your needs will depend on when and how long you plan to use a tent. You need to choose among 2-season tents, 3-season tents, and 4-season tents.

All you need to remember is that the more seasons it can handle, the more heavy-duty and climate adaptable it is. The more reliable tents would also be more expensive and heavier.

The 2-season tents are good for summer use as they have plenty of mesh to allow the breeze in during a hot day. They are also lightweight, hence ideal to bring during beach trips and quick outdoor camps.

The 3-season tents, on the other hand, are made for the spring, summer, and fall seasons. Compared to the 2-season tents, it usually has no rain fly, the removable piece of waterproof material that you put over the top of the tent. If you are only after a big tent that could shelter you during the summer, the 2-season tent may be enough.

On the other hand, if you want a durable camping equipment that you could rely on even during the winter, going for the 4-season tent is the best choice. Tents of this type are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions over a longer period of time.tent winter

The 4-seasons tents are also perfect to use during winter because they have thicker wall material for better insulation. Moreover, they are also waterproof to keep you dry and warm even in the rain.

Do not forget though that the 4-seasons tents are pricier compared to the lesser season tents with the same sleeping capacity. At the end of the day, the most expensive tent is not the answer to your needs. Rather, take into consideration the season or seasons when you are going to use the tent.

Opt for the tent that is easy to set up.

No matter how durable and reliable a tent is, it would be of no use if you cannot set it up properly. It is crucial for campers to buy the tent with easy setup feature.

It is highly likely that all tent manufacturers will claim this, but reliable names in this industry have a setting up guide with step by step procedures and pictures to ensure that you will have no difficulty in setting up your tent.

As additional precautionary measure, it is best to try setting up the tent at your backyard to see if you can set it up alone or if another hand is needed.

Also, there are chances that it could be dark when you finally reach the campsite and it would be much better if you already know what pieces would go with a specific pole.campers setting tent

Check the water and wind resistance.

Most shoppers always ask about the water resistance of the tent, but some tend to overlook to check the wind resistance. Getting a waterproof tent is not enough because it will be of no use if it cannot withstand the wind.

All five of the tents reviewed here have good waterproofing, but different levels of wind resistance. Anyone who is looking for 8 person tent reviews may choose any one from the listed brands above.

A dome-shaped tent is an indicator that it has good wind resistance but that is not all. You should also check if the tent pegs could be anchored well on the ground to provide support against the impacts created by gusts of wind.

For water resistance, it would be better to check if the tent comes with a flooring to make sure that the inside of the tent will remain dry and warm even after a long and heavy rain.

See if there are room divisions for privacy.

Being out there in the wild does not mean that you need to live the way our ancestors did thousands of years ago. Privacy is still essential for changing clothes or for sleeping especially if the camping group is made of composite people.

The 6 8 person tent usually has a room divider that could also be unfolded to provide a bigger space during daytime or meal time.

How many doors and windows does it have?

A total of eight people sleeping inside a tight space means that you need the tent to be well ventilated to keep the interior smelling fresh. Having good ventilation also means that carbon dioxide build-up inside will be prevented.tent window

Doors and windows are the common ventilation systems present in all kinds of tents. The logic that the bigger the tent is, the more doors and windows it will have is not true at all times.

Cases exist where a big family tent only has one door and two to three windows, but that is complemented by the mesh roofing and walls that they offer. If you are only after the ventilation, lesser doors will not be a problem because of the mesh in other parts of the tent.

However, if you are after the ease of access, you may want to consider getting the tent that has at least two strategically located doors so you could enter the tent from different points.

Even a cheap 8 person tent is capable of offering good ventilation that a big group of campers need so you do not need to spend much if you have no plans of camping during the winter.


Best family tents need not be expensive as long as they can serve their purpose. For example, choose a 2-seasons tent if you have no plans of camping during winter.

However, if you are after the durability of the tent, you may want to choose any of the tents reviewed here.

The Wenzel Blue Ridge 2 Room Tent is preferable over the Coleman 8-Person Red Canyon Tent because its walls offer more water resistance and are fire retardant. It also has the Lite Reflect Trademark that reflects the light coming from your device to make the inside of the tent brighter.

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