Best Above the Ground Pool Heaters for Comfortable Swimming Reviews 2020

Swimming is a fun activity for everyone. People love splashing in the cold water of swimming pools. Most youngsters love it cold; however, some people prefer warm pool water. They use it in many kinds of activities and they want comfortable swimming with the right temperature. Pool heaters make it possible to warm the water according to your own preference. The sun is not capable of maintaining the heat of the pool constant, but pool heaters possess this capacity.

If you are living in a cold seasoned area, these devices are one of your must-haves. It provides comfort to your pool time, making sure your body will not freeze. Who would like to swim in an icy cold water anyway? Aside from this, swimming pool heaters are a good investment especially if you have it for business. You would surely have customers who would not like to go near a cold pool water.

These devices are meant to improve the leisure of dipping in the pool. Some of you might like to stay longer in the pool, but you can’t withstand the freezing water. Pools that have no heaters usually get a lower number of people. The primary reason is too much coldness of the water.

If you would like to know the top brands of pool heaters in the market, then this article is for you. Pool heater reviews provide a comprehensive guide for customers in buying the right heaters for their pool.

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Best Above the Ground Pool Heaters for Comfortable Swimming Reviews

Hayward H200FDN Pool and Spa Heater


Hayward’s pool heater got an outstanding 4.3 stars out of 5 from the customers’ reviews. If you are looking for the best pool heater that is budget-friendly, then you’ve come to the right section. This is considered as a universal heater that is eco-friendly. They use energy efficiently since the maker aims to create environment consciousness. If you are one of those advocates for a safer environment, then you ought to have this pool heater.

You could enjoy the season without worrying about your expenses. This device was made with a highly innovative heating technology that uses a low amount of energy. Hayward pool heaters are meant to drag down the circulation cycle of the pump in order to lessen consumed energy.

The great thing with this heater is that it can instantly increase the temperature of the pool water in just an hour. Other heaters would not provide this fast heating action. You’ll know it for yourself when you dip your body in the water. Other features include a burner made from steel and a Finn Plate that can withstand corrosion. The combustion burner is responsible for collecting and trapping heat to produce an exemplified performance of heating the water.

You would also like how the ignition system works. You simply need to push a button to produce good lighting. The combustion system is also protected from free moving particles in the air that could affect how it works. This pool heater would go beyond your expectations.

To make it better, the design of this device is meant to be installed effortlessly. This is a combination of technology and flexibility that makes it as the best pool heater in its league. This is perfect for household and business use, as well as for the environment. You get to have a great heater without sacrificing the environment.

The hydraulic performance of this heater is tremendously superior. This is designed to conserve energy and to reduce the cost of consumption. The polymer header protects the device from the damaging corrosion of the metal. The air in the combustion is also free moving in order to prevent different conditions of the environment to have an effect on its capacity.

The heat exchanger plate is very durable. Hayward even improved their recent version of the plate in order to come up with a stronger metal. This is pool heater would surely be one of your top options.

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Hayward HP50TA Residential Pool Heat Pump Titanium 50,000 BTU AHRI


Are you searching for a pool heater that can maintain the warm temperature of your pool? If your answer is yes, then you are reading the right post. This is another innovation from Hayward and it received 4.3 stars from the users. This is also an energy conserving heater.

The design of this device is very light and easy to move around. You can easily install it by yourself without much effort. The compact design makes it look so modern. It has a nice frame and it’s really pleasant to the eyes. This natural gas pool heater has a heat exchanger made from Titanium. The coating provides it extra protection from corrosion. Even the evaporator coil is made from a corrosion-resistant metal.

HP50TA is capable of reading temperature and diagnostic of itself. It has the capacity to give feedback regarding the status of your device. This would help you in determining what needs to be fixed or improved.

This brand has a good reputation of selling innovative pool heaters in the market. Hayward Titanium has captured the market because of its remarkable intelligence. The features are also highly technological, giving the heater a unique sense of greatness that cannot be noted in other brands of heaters. This is indeed one of the best above ground pool heaters.

If you want to cut down your cost, then this heat pump should be your resort. You get to have a high-performance heater with minimum cost. Needless to say, it’s as reliable as heat pump comes.

The benefits of this pump are not limited to the above-mentioned. The gold plated evaporator coil was built in to make sure that this heater would be sturdy enough to withstand corrosion and other environmental factors. The LED control panel shows the digital readings for the users. These cutting edge specifications would surely make your swimming activity fun and promising.

The next thing that you need to know is the installation process. It should be installed with an allowance above the pump. This is to ensure that air would be sufficiently provided. A flow meter is also recommended to check the flow rate change.

This heater would keep your pool in constant temperature, allowing you to enjoy longer hours of warm water. You can easily adjust it on your own because of the LED display. You can enjoy even the cold months through the use of this pool heater. If you have a small pool, then this would be the perfect option to take. Its low energy consumption and impressive compact design are the main factors why it is still gaining popularity.

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GAME 4512 SolarPro for Above Ground Pools


This solar pool heater by GAME gained 3.3 stars out of 5 from the reviews online. This is probably the best above ground pool heater with an affordable price. This pool heater is the best way to heat your pool using the energy coming from the sun.

Solar powered devices are now becoming popular due to their cost-effective benefits and low energy consumption. They are also very economical because you don’t need to pay for skyrocketing electricity fee.

You can consider this as the best pool heater that is using solar energy. You can make use of this for any pool size as long as it is above the ground. You don’t need any adaptors for this also. Have you got a solar panel? If yes, then it looks similarly like that. But this solar heater is smaller in size. The design is space savvy and not bulky. You can even put it inside a bag because of its compact size. Intex solar pool heaters can heat up a pool for a short period of time. You can try heating your own pool with this device, and see how it can raise the temperature of the water within just a short span of time.

If you plan to avail this device, make sure that you have a pump that is in good working condition. You want to be sure that your solar pool heater would perform efficiently. You also have to clean the filter frequently to make sure there are no scales forming around it.

According to Intex solar pool heater reviews, people have tried running the pump in noon time to get the most of the solar energy from the sun. Maybe you can try turning it on at around 10 am and turn it off at around 6 pm. That would be enough to produce sufficient energy to heat your pool.

If you are a fan of solar energy products, then GAME 4512 SolarPro would surely provide you your needs. The greener you get, the safer it is!wide orange

Zodiac Jandy LXi LXI400PN Pool and Spa Heater


This gas pool heater is created by Zodiac and so far, it gained full marks from a couple of users. This device surely goes beyond the set standards for the acceptable density of emissions. There are many gas heaters in the market, and this is one of the most economical heaters that you can find.

Since it has lower emissions, it means that you could use it without worrying about the risks that it may cause. This heater consumes only a small percentage of energy. It could help you save up for other purposes. Heating your pool can never be cheaper than ever.

The ignition system of this pool heater is guaranteed of high performance. It doesn’t matter what weather condition there is because it would work efficiently whatsoever. Another great feature that you would love with this Jandy LXi is the automatic switch. The switch allows you to convert from pool mode to spa mode. This feature is best for home use and small businesses.

If you are having a problem in manipulating complicated controls, then you would really enjoy the simplicity of this pool heater. The Zodiac controls are easy to access using the LXi heaters.

This device operated using 400K BTU natural gas polymer. It comes with a remote control that can make everything automatic. Aside from this, the exchanger is made up of cupro-nickel. You would really get the value of your money with this heater.wide orange

Sta-Rite SR400NA Pool and Spa Heater


This is made by Sta-Rite and was awarded 3.6 stars out of 5 from the users. If you are searching for an extremely powerful pool heater, then this is the one you are looking for. Sta-Rite SR400NA would surely dominate the pool heat pump reviews. Owners of this powerful heater are all hands down to the impressive features it has.

This device has a hot surface ignition system that is safe so there is no reason to be worried. The exterior is also made from Dura-Glas that is strong enough to withstand different weather factors. The digital LED control panel can be programmed according to your preference. You would also like the indicator lights because they can be efficient in reminding you of the status of your pool heater.

Another great thing about this is that it has the certification for low emissions. This guarantees that it is environmentally safe and friendly. It also has a low risk for creating air pollution.

Sta-Rite SR400NA can keep the temperature of your pool warm as long as you want it to. You would surely enjoy a nice and cozy time while you are dipping in the warm water of your pool. This has a fast heating action that would surely be loved by people who are time conscious.

This could be the best heater for pool and spa owners. If you would like to open your own spa business, this device would surely be the best choice for you. Pool heater reviews can provide you with meaningful feedbacks about this E-Therm heater. You can also read the experiences of most consumers.

Although the size is compact, it is still considered as a durable heater that works efficiently. It can work for any pool size with maximized result. The features of this heater make it a great choice for spa and pool owners.

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Selecting Your Above Ground Pool Heater

  • Be sure that your above ground pool heater has a correct BTU measure. Pools above the ground have less water, so it would be fast to heat up.
  • Check out the leading brands of pool heaters. The reason why they are leading is because of their remarkable performance. You could ask help from a professional if you feel like you need to.
  • Consider the heating time of the heater before you purchase it. They all vary depending on the specifications. The bigger the pool is, the longer the heating. If you are fine with the normal heating duration, then you could choose from the middle priced pool heaters.
  • Be familiar with the BTU rating. You would know that a particular device is faster to heat if the BTU rating is high. However, they can be rather pricey compared to other brands.
  • Consider the cost of operating a pool heater. Most businesses would run it more frequently than households. Of course, they get to pay higher in electricity and for the maintenance fee. The good thing is that most pool heaters nowadays are energy-efficient so you don’t need to worry.
  • If you are thinking of using a gas heater, decide first if it will be more cost-effective. Remember that after paying once for the unit, you need to carry the burden of the gas cost that is subject to change regularly.
  • You can always resort to heat pumps since they run using electricity. It can save you up to 70% of your energy consumption and they can be a good substitute for gas pool heaters.
  • It is preferable to use a heat pump in warm areas than in cold ones to maintain its efficacy.
  • It is recommended to buy solar blankets for covering your pool. They help in keeping the pool warm by trapping the heat from the sun. It allows the sunlight to freely pass on it.
  • Go for a solar water pump to get the maximum of the sun’s natural energy. They are not only cost-effective but economic as well.

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Above the ground pool heaters are really very practical when you have your own pool and spa. If you know the right specification for your needs, then it would be easier for you to choose the brand to consider. Pool heater reviews serve as your guide in deciding which one to buy. They are a good investment for your business and home use. Read the labels and check out the reputable stores of pool heaters. Above all, be sure to buy the one that is meant for a long-term use.

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