Best Air Compressor Hose 2016

Have you brought the best air compressor? Are you thinking to start over the pending projects? Well! You should wait for a second and think about the air compressor hose because almost all the air compressors have a lesser quality hose or they don’t just have it at all. However, a good quality hose is not costly and it is an important element of air compressor accessories.

There are two general types of hoses and they are polyurethane and rubber. The polyurethane is a lightweight hose that is better suited for working on the roof and you don’t have to drag it as well. On the other hand, the rubber is versatile hose, which is suited to cold weather. It is very easy-to-use and this hose is a perfect match for the garage or indoor works.

If the compressor is used for outdoor work, for instance, framing, then it is better to use polyurethane. More to the point, you should avoid the PVC hoses because they are extremely tough to loosen. Apart from this, they are not compatible with cold temperatures and don’t have the capacity to lay flat on the ground.

For Home Use: GoodYear 045 3/8-Inch by 50 Feet Safety Yellow Rubber Hose

This is a heavy-duty, 50 feet unbreakable rubber hose that has the capacity to work in any temperature. What’s more, it can provide a higher level of industrial performance and it has hose rate of 250 PSI. This GoodYear 045 is made in the USA and it is oil as well as abrasion resistant hose. Additionally, if you are not living in cooler conditions, then this hose is the top pick. With this hose, you will be getting a top-quality hose because it has a low price and it possesses the capability of staying flexible in all environments.

Furthermore, this is the easiest of hoses that is easy-to-coil as well as uncoil. Besides, it will not tangle and it is heavier than the poly hoses. You have to drag it over the floor and it will catch a lot of dirt’s. So, you should pick this hose over on Amazon and avoid spending huge sums of money on buying low-grade hoses.

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For Outdoor Use: Air Pro PUR-14X050 1/4-Inch by 50 Feet Polyurethane Hose

Similar to the GoodYear hose, Air Pro is 50 feet long and has PSI score of 250. This Air Pro polyurethane hose is not the most recognized brand. However, people who are individual contractors, as well as works personally love this brand. There are many hoses that will become rigid when the temperature is getting down, but this hose is a versatile one and will remain operational in this type of weather. Apart from this, this hose is lighter and you will get the feeling that nothing is attached to your nailer while climbing up the top of a roof or ladder. Additionally, rolling the hose back is not a difficult task, but you can’t roll it back easily just as like the rubber hose. Moreover, because of its being lighter, you just can’t lay it flatly on the ground. However, the advantages that you will be getting with this hose are much more worthy than the disadvantages.

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