Best Air Rifle Reviews 2020

Air rifles are basically low-powered rifles like a BB gun for instance, which makes use of compressed air or gas in order to fire small pellets. Air rifles are likewise regarded as pellet rifles or BB guns. Regardless of how you call it, these products are now designed to fit both men and women, the young and old. Today, kids also enjoy using air rifles as these are perfect for starter shooters. Air rifles are also ideal as Christmas presents this upcoming season!

On that note, this article is a comprehensive guide on the best air rifles on the market today. Learning about the air rifle or reading about air rifle reviews will help you better understand the purposes, uses, and benefits of these items. This guide will likewise help you compare the available air guns that will fit your personal tastes and preferences. Read on to learn more about air rifles, before purchasing one.

Best Air Rifle Reviews

Gamo Whisper Silent Cat Air Rifle


The way people think about hunting with air guns totally changes with the presence of the Gamo Whisper Silent Cat Air Rifle. This new model has the standard 0.177 caliber match-grade lead bullets, offering 1,200 fps with PBA. The user of the Gamo Whisper is assured to be ready for any element at all times.

This rifle features a non-removable noise damper that reduces noise up to 52%, unlike other rifles in its class that are very noisy. It includes Mounts, PBA Ammunition, and 4X32 Scope. The Gamo Whisper is high-powered, just perfect for pest control purposes as well as small and large hunting games, and sport shooting.

It is made from all-weather black synthetic stock. It has durable materials that are tough enough in surpassing any weather condition. For recoil absorption, it has a ventilated rubber pad. It also features a manual trigger safety and an automatic cocking safety system. The Gamo Whisper weighs at 5.28 pounds and measures at 46 inches. It has 3.79-pound trigger pull capacity and 30-pound cocking effort.

This rifle equates to high accuracy, according to actual users, perfect for sport shooting and other purposes. The item is ideal for quick and clean kills, even on a repeated basis. It is also equivalent to ultimate comfort due to its synthetic stock design, adding up to its list of selling points. The overall design allows ultimate comfort, despite a day-long shooting activity. Moreover, the design increases accuracy.

Besides its spring piston system, the rifle’s break barrel is very interesting as it is highly appropriate for a wide array of users. The break barrel and spring piston make the entire rifle user-friendly, while it needs a little maintenance simultaneously. Both the beginners and advanced shooters can rely on this air rifle because the Gamo Whisper Silent Cat Air Rifle can be cocked and loaded easily. Read our detailed review of the Gamo Whisper Rifle here.

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Gamo Hornet Air Rifle .177 Caliber


Hundreds of customer reviews have been generated by the Gamo Hornet Air Rifle .177 Caliber. Based on air gun reviews, the Hornet is one of the best air rifles in the .177 caliber classification. It is a spring-operated break barrel rifle, boasting ambidexterity and a two-stage adjustable trigger. It comes in an all-weather synthetic stock. It also features a ventilated recoil pad.

It has a fluted polymer and jacketed rifled barrel, keeping the user on target. It can go the distance for thousands of rounds and is ideal for target shooting or hunting games. Its single break-barrel cocking system and manual trigger safety are among the favorite features of the owners.

The Gamo Hornet can shoot up to 1,200 fps velocity with PBA Raptor, and up to 1,000fps with lead. It offers a nonslip texture design on the forearm and the grip. It is very flexible as it can use any .177 caliber pellet. Its barrel length measures at 18 inches, with a total length of 43.3 inches and 6.1 pounds overall weight. It boasts 30 pounds of cocking effort and 3.74 pounds of trigger pull.

In spite the overall, impressive aspects of the rifle, it is very flexible as adjustments can be made such as a repaint job, meeting your personal tastes and preferences. There is no huge logo on the item, making it a plus point for many customers. The rifle’s scope could offer eye-relief, as long as with proper usage and maintenance, arriving at the cent point almost all the time.

Additionally, the trigger, safety, and barrel mechanisms of the Hornet are definitely smooth. It also offers a good amount of resistance, allowing the trigger finger for easy movement, as well as pulling it back to safety. In a nutshell, professional shooters and starter shooters can take advantage of the Gamo Hornet, considering its quality, lightweight, power, accuracy, and easily-cocked features. Read our detailed review of the Gamo Hornet Air Rifle here.

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Ruger Blackhawk Combo Air Rifle


Among the pellet gun reviews on Amazon, the Ruger Blackhawk Combo Air Rifle is also creating noise. With mainly Ruger alone, top-notch brand in the ammo industry is guaranteed. Ruger has been devoted in creating exceptional designs, not to mention the unmatched quality and reasonable price tags. Hence, the Blackhawk Combo Air Rifle by Ruger is equivalent in accuracy.

The Blackhawk features cool scope specs as well as ambidexterity, which makes it worth-buying. This air rifle features a spring piston stroke break barrel, including an all-weather composite black stock. The checkered grip on the forearm and grip areas add to its selling points.

The air rifle boasts fiber optic sights, offering accuracy. Its rubber recoil pad and its blued metal finish also add up to its impressive features. This rifle is perfect for plinking or hunting. It can shoot up to 1,000 fps of pellets, keeping the user on target and hitting it in one shot. Today, many people buy this rifle for multiple purposes, and consider the item as a good investment at the same time.

In spite the Blackhawk’s amazing power, its overall design and function is user-friendly. It offers a 3-inch eye-relief, adjustable trigger, and fixed power optics. It is also shock-resistant and water-resistant. In fact, it is also fog-proof, considering the durable materials of the Blackhawk. It is surely the perfect company for a boundless hunting expedition.

Without a doubt, the Ruger Blackhawk Combo Air Rifle is a multipurpose ammo, fitting anyone’s needs, ranging from target shooting to hunting games, plinking, and pest control purposes. This rifle can be used by both men and women, young and old. It could go a long way as long as properly used, stored, and maintained. Thus, it is a money well-spent, considering the rifle’s overall design, revolutionized features, durability, and exceptional function. Read our detailed review of the Ruger Blackhawk Air Rifle here.

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Daisy Outdoor Products Model 1938 Red Ryder BB Gun


Also rated with 4.5 Stars, the Daisy Outdoor Products Model 1938 Red Ryder BB Gun is not behind its class of air rifles. Since its launching in the 1940, the brand name has remained the dream among younger Americans. Daisy Outdoor Products have achieved a legendary status over the years, remaining faithful to its impressive designs, ease of use, as well as its safety features.

Today, the Daisy Red Ryder is widely used by both the young and old, men and women. This air rifle has been the dream of every teenager in the nation as Daisy means fun, excitement, and pride. The Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun is one of the ultimate choices of shooters, whether for the beginners or the pros alike.

Basically, this air rifle comes in a stained, solid wood stock. It has a smooth bore steel barrel, lever-cocking, and spring air action features. It offers 350 fps maximum velocity with up to 650 shot capacity. It weighs at 2.2 pounds and measures at 35.4 inches. The rifle also boasts a ramp front and adjustable rear sight.

According to several actual users, the Daisy Red Ryder is pretty quiet and is pretty good for BB long gun competitions. It is right on in wind age, with simple, and an overall, easy-to-use design. It is perfect for both advanced and starter shooters.

The Model 1938 Red Ryder BB Gun is certainly Daisy Outdoor Products’ embodiment of craftsmanship. This recognizable product is just among the company’s line-up of items that equates to quality and affordability, along with accuracy and power. This gun is perfect in creating memories with your son, father, grandfather, and friends, without disregarding safety and responsibility. It is ideal for limitless shooting sports, small and large hunting games, and even for pest control purposes. See our detailed review of the Daisy Outdoor here.

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Crosman Nitro Venom Break Barrel Air Rifle (22)


Gaining an average of 4.5-Star Rating on Amazon is the Crosman Nitro Venom Break Barrel Air Rifle (22). This air rifle, according to actual users, is an epitome of precision. It features a fluted muzzle break, sculpted rubber recoil pad. It is also equipped with a CenterPoint 3-9x32mm scope.

The Nitro Venom has a quick-lock mounting system for easy and swift optic mounting capacity. Its ambidextrous stock features a raised cheek piece, including a modified, beaver-tail forearm design. This overall product detail improves the Artillery Hold shooting position.

Based on several reviews, this is the best 22 air rifle, considering the wider surface area of the forearm, promoting an improved accuracy. It delivers supreme power with up to 21 fpe muzzle energy at the maximum. Its Nitro Piston technology is much-loved by many owners as it equates to power and stability.

Furthermore, the Nitro Venom boasts a 800 fps maximum pellet velocity, while 950 fps maximum alloy pellet velocity. Its overall length measures at 44.5 inches, while its total weight is 7.375 pounds. Many customers love the rifle in its hardwood stock, more especially its safety-lever feature.

The Venom is very easy to clean and maintain, allowing easy storage as well. What customers love about this rifle is its ability to retain accuracy, despite hundreds of shots. It is also very convenient to cock, hence, it is perfect for people who weigh under 100 pounds – and that means even young adults and children can hold and use this air rifle.

All in all, the Crosman Nitro Venom Break Barrel Air Rifle (22) has an overall attractive wooden stock design and is quieter than a spring piston. It functions very well, regardless extreme weather conditions. It is also a product of a trusted and leading brand that is committed to creating innovative and safe ammo worldwide. See our detailed review of the Crosman Nitro Venom here

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Crosman M4-177 Pneumatic Pump Air Rifle (.177)


Recently, Crosman launched its very new air rifle known as the Crosman M4-177 Pneumatic Air Rifle. This pneumatic pump air rifle has a resemblance with a tactical carbine that looks like a powder-burning varmint rifle. Among the best air rifle for hunting, this item is multi-stroke. It is highly capable of launching .177 pellets or .177 BBs.

Its most visible and prominent parts were designed through an engineering polymer. It weighs about 3lbs and 9oz, and with a length of 30.3 inches. With the fully extended stock, the rifle measures at 33.75 inches.

The Crosman M4-177 has a lot to boast. One of which is its BB reservoir that can hold up to 350 BBs. This is among the several plus points of the air rifle in its class, and the reason why many people love it. The product also includes a Crossman Firepower 5-shot pellet clip, which is yet, another advantage of the product over its rivals on the market.

Moreover, the Crosman M4-177 has an adjustable stock, making it perfect for any shooter as it can be adjusted, according to the shooter’s preference. The rifle includes loop slots for a gun sling as well as an aperture rear sight. The wind age and elevation adjustments also play a crucial role in its overall functionality.

A lot of customers love this air rifle due to its removable magazine that can store the pellet clip, not to mention the sight adjustment tool. Added to its design and function is the accessory rails for mounting the scope, cameras, flashlights, and lasers. The Crosman M4-177 is capable of shooting up to 600 feet per second (fps) of pellets, or 625 fps of BBs.

Overall, the Crosman M4-177 Pneumatic Pump Air Rifle (.177) has generated a lot of positive reviews from customers and actual product users. It gets an average 4-Star Rating on Amazon, attributed to the rifle’s overall design, accuracy, functionality, and safety. See our detailed review of this Crosman M4-177 here.

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Air Rifle Buying Guide

Certainly, this guide comes in handy, while in search of the best air rifle for hunting or similar purpose. Understanding the different propulsion methods, types of pellets, and the uses of air guns are equally essential in order to arrive at the best air rifle possible.

Propulsion Methods

Air rifles can be classified, according to the powerplant these items employ so as to launch a projectile downrange. Read on to learn about the different propulsion methods.

  • Spring Piston – The Spring Piston air guns are perhaps the most common classification of air guns, that is on the “adult level.” These types of air rifles make use of a stout spring and an air piston in propelling a pellet down range. Its operation is very simple. Hence, these air rifles are consistent when it comes to a shot-to-shot basis, making them powerful and extremely accurate at the same time. There are different types of cocking mechanisms for the spring piston propulsion method, like barrel-cocking, underlever, and the side-cocking mechanism.
  • Pneumatic – Essentially, pneumatic air rifles are the types that utilize compressed air in propelling pellet. The two main types in this category include the pump-up and the pre-charged.
  • Pump-up – Most American shooters are familiar with these varieties. These rifles compress air with a built-in pumping lever, located around the gun’s forearm section. These are moderately powerful with adjustable power based on the amount of pump per shot. However, this type requires more time and effort in charging the gun for each shot.
  • Pre-Charged – Its operation is almost similar to the pump-up variety, however, without the need to pump up every after shot. Instead, it makes use of a large reservoir of up to 3,000 psi pressurized air, resulting in dozens of shots, before it needs to be recharged again.
  • CO2 Powered – This variety comes in various shapes and sizes, boiling down to a common denominator – CO2 canisters that provides power. These are very easy to use, with very few limitations. It does not need any pumping.

Air Rifle Calibers

In order to arrive at the best air gun possible, understanding the different air rifle calibers is also crucial. Keep in mind that air rifles are produced in dozens of calibers, although some manufacturers still produce custom calibers, meeting specific purposes. Among the common calibers include the 177, .20, .22, and .25.

The most widely used among the calibers is the .177 with the same diameter as the steel BB. Many of these rifles can fire either pellets or BBs, depending on the product specification. This caliber offers an excellent target, serving well for shooters who are interested in cost-effective plinking as well as pest control activities. The majority of .177 rifles have high velocities, flat trajectory, and good penetration.

The .22-caliber is next on the list of the most used of all the air rifle calibers. This is primarily used during small-game hunting, as it could deliver energy downrange because of its heavier pellets. But, the .177 is speedier than this calibre.

Types of Pellets

The types of pellets should also take into consideration while searching for a reliable air rifle. There are safer and more accurate types of pellets, and there are pellets ideal for certain purposes. Today, there are different types of pellets in accordance to technological advancements.

  • Round nose pellets – All-around pellets, good for plinking, small-game hunting, and target shooting
  • Pointed nose pellets – Generally used for hunting, wherein maximum penetration is needed
  • Flat-top ‘Wadcutter’ pellets – Accurate in nature, serves very well for close range and small-game hunting
  • Hollow nose pellets – Also reliable during hunting
  • Polymer tip hollow-head pellets – Regarded as the ‘best pellet for hunting’; has hard, polymer ballistic tip for exceptional accuracy
  • Gamo PBA pellets – Swifter and lighter ammo options with top-notch accuracy; 50% harder than lead
  • Crosman Powershot pellets – Newest design; lead-free, environmentally friendly; maintains shape after impact, while providing better penetration

Different Uses of Air Guns

Traditionally, air rifles are used for hunting. In fact, it is among the very first uses of air-powered rifles since their production way back in the 16th century. Over the decades, air rifles have become multipurpose, as millions of users rely on such product for their personal reasons.

Today, the vast majority of air guns are used for small-game hunting as well as pest control purposes, eliminating unwanted creatures in the yard, or in the neighborhood, such as crows, squirrels, rats, chipmunks, and others that could ruin an entire garden.

Target shooting, whether formal, informal, or during competitions, also make use of air guns or air rifles. These activities have been famous in some countries for several years now, but gained momentum in the United Stated in the recent decades. Air gun competition is also an official event in the Olympics, with a separate men and women category. This Olympic event involves the .177 target air rifle.

Over and above, air rifles have different purposes today. It is no longer a simple kid’s toy, as what they used to be. But, has transformed into something revolutionary, with meaningful use and exceptional design that could fit the adults who are into target shooting and hunting games.


In a nutshell, there are several factors to consider, while in search of the best air rifle on the market. Taking into consideration the purpose and use of the air rifle, types of pellets, caliber, and propulsion methods are equally essential. It is also vital to read about product reviews on Amazon, before purchasing one. Doing a thorough research and comparison between the available air rifles on the market would be helpful in arriving at the best product.

Take into consideration the available air rifles on Amazon, learning their respective product features, benefits, pros, and cons. By doing this, you will have an idea on what you really want in an air rifle, if it will fit your personal taste as well as your budget. Also, check out the good gun safe from this Stetsports article.

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