Best Aux Cable Reviews

While aux cables may seem simple equipment, getting high quality aux cable could be very helpful for many purposes and applications. This small device basically consists of slim wires that are generally used in transferring sound. It allows you to hear music and songs on electrical devices like phones, in the best quality possible.

Music enthusiasts usually make use of an auxiliary cable to connect their phones to their stereo speakers or car audio systems. This device also lets you connect an MP3 player, or a portable CD player to a stereo, allowing you hear a full surround sound. Moreover, such equipment can connect devices to amplifiers, computer speakers, or home theater systems.

With that said, aux cables are without a doubt, incredibly useful and there’s no questioning on their convenience. So, here are the best aux cables that you can certainly rely on, provided by trusted brands and supported by satisfied consumers.

Best Aux Cable Reviews 2016

iXCC 3-Ft Tangle-Free Auxiliary Cable

41JcNOmd9kLFirst on the list is the iXCC 3-Ft Auxiliary Cable with an average rating of 4.7-Stars from consumers. This aux cable offers a tangle-free, 3.5mm male to male design. These cables come with gold-plated connectors and claim to be suitable for Android smartphones, Apple phones, MP3 players, and tablets.

This long and sturdy cable is very convenient to use for portable speaker systems, car stereos, and other 3.5-mm devices that are compatible with it. Among its selling points include the built-in dual-shielding and premium polished metal connectors that are also corrosion-resistant; whereas, the plugs are very sturdy in withstanding heavy usage.

This long aux cord can flawlessly transmit stereo audio, allowing for high-quality sound. Aside from durability, it also ensures reduced noise and signal loss. While it is built to last, the design also boasts a flexible jacket, which comes in handy when you come across tight spaces.

Its tangle-free design simply lets you store them effortlessly, allowing you to wind the cables without the risks of kinks or knots. Hence, it is perfect for different purposes like car use, indoor and outdoor applications. This 3-ft cable comes with a 2-year warranty as well, protecting all buyers from any product defect.

Based on aux cable reviews, the iXCC has undoubtedly created a lot of happy customers. Most actual owners of this device use it for their dash units so as to listen to better quality music in their vehicles. Customer feedbacks also indicate how durable this cable is, highly recommending the model to probable buyers of an auxiliary cable with a reasonable price.

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Anker 3.5mm Auxiliary Audio Cable

31pNm2BB3i3LNext up is the 4.7-Star-rated Anker 3.5mm Auxiliary Audio Cable, which measures at 4 feet. This long cable is perfect for iPods, iPads, iPhones, headphones, home theater systems, car audio systems, and more.

It is considered by many users as the best aux cable due to its universal compatibility. It allows you to play audio from tablets, iPod, phone, laptop, and many other media-playing gadgets on your headphones, car stereo, or Hi-Fi. Hence, it perfectly fits the conventional 3.5mm auxiliary ports.

It is incredibly durable, considering the 10000+ bend lifespan when compared to standard audio cables. It also offers a premium metal housing, besides the 4-ft of flexible cord. Built to last, this cable provides premium sound quality, unlike any other. It has been produced with world-class materials, especially the 24-Karat gold-plated contacts that ensure only the cleanest sound experience.

The superb fit is greatly attributed to the ultra-slim extensions towards the jacks, enabling you to maximize its efficiency with any tablet or phone. Unlike ordinary aux cable, the Anker does not require you to remove the cases during use, making it very convenient.

This auxiliary cord comes with an 18-month warranty, plus friendly customer service. So you’re getting more than what you pay for. Exclusively from Anker, this premium audio cable has a ‘Pug-and-Play’ design, eliminating the complexities of other brands. Hence, it claims beating other cables out there due to its very convenient design.

The Anker 3.5mm Auxiliary Audio Cable is definitely perfect with virtually all devices with 3.5mm aux ports, whether it is a tablet, phone, MP3 player, car stereo, radio, portable speaker, headphone, or any of this sort. Due to its universal compatibility, it allows you to maximize audio brands such as SanDisk, Samsung, Sony, Motorola, Nexus, HTC, Nokia, Blackberry, LG, and more.

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Mediabridge 4 Feet Stereo Audio Cable

41B2aQJVZdLMoreover, the Mediabridge 3.5mm Audio Cable garners an average customer rating of 4.7-Stars, similar to the previous products. It is among the top-rated aux cords, considering its length of 4 feet and the 3.5mm male to male capacity. Primarily, this device boasts a Step Down Design, allowing you to accommodate MP3 players and smartphones to be plugged completely, in spite bulky protective cases.

It is also compatible with any brands of MP3 players, tablets, phones, and other gadgets with 3.5mm auxiliary ports. While it is not highly recommended and compatible for use with video or microphone functions, the Mediabridge has an impressive construction. It features a dual-shielded, high-quality MP3 cable with premium and polished connectors, plus gold-plated 3.5mm plugs.

The same code of aux cord is likewise available in 2 feet, although the 4-foot length is highly preferred by many users for their audio connection needs. In addition to the polished metal molding, this cable also features corrosion-resistant plugs, delivering crisp sound and less signal loss at the same time.

The Mediabridge provides a flexible jacket, allowing you to use it conveniently, despite tight spaces. It has a 3.5mm left connector type; male left connector gender, 3.5mm right connector type, and male right connector gender. It is very easy to use due to its Plug-and-Play design, and can transmit audio in its stereo format for better and surround sound experience. Indeed, the Mediabridge 3.5mm is the best auxiliary cable because of its multiple functions, convenience, flexibility, and compatibility with many devices.

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Sentey Black LS-6620 3FT Audio Stereo Cable

41kfBGOynLOn the other hand, the Sentey Black LS-6620 3.5mm cable receives a 4.5-Star as its average rating. This 3-foot audio stereo cable has an audiophile-grade and male-to-male features, which is also made from premium metal with high-grade connector and shell.

Sentey LS-6620 is a very good aux cable, allowing you to connect and play your favorite music from your tablet, Smartphone, MP3 player, or your car stereo, a portable speaker, and many other gadgets with 3.5mm aux ports. Similar to most of the products above, this model also features a gold-plated connector, although with the additional beveled step design, which is intended for phone case.

Its high-quality gold connector is also corrosion-resistant. The tangle-free cable also includes carbon fiber outlook, unlike other models. This 3-foot, male-to-male cable is braided with a metal shell, providing an excellent quality cable for daily use. This braided cable is made of carbon nylon and soft PVC for utmost durability, combined with convenience.

It is the best aux cord that assures no less than customer satisfaction with its exclusive 100% Money-Back guarantee. Hence, the provider is very confident of giving you an exceptional item, considering its brand name and reputation.

On that note, the Sentey LS-6620 has generated several positive reviews from actual users. Many owners of this cable have expressed their happiness and satisfaction with the product’s efficiency and durability, not to mention the real warranty. All in all, this is not only the best aux cord for car, but also for home use, and for other audio devices that lets users maximize their sound experience all the time.

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Zeskit 6FT Premium Audio Cable

Finally, the Zeskit 6-Ft Premium Audio Cable receives a 4.5-Star average rating. This 3.5mm cable is made from braided nylon with a male-to-male configuration. Its 6-foot length allows you to reach as far as your car’s backseat or the side of your working desk. Hence, it is not only ideal for car use, but also for many purposes, both indoors and outdoors.

The 3.5mm connector is also made from 24-Karat gold-plated material, alongside a ‘Step Down’ design that allows for convenient operation without removing the case of your phone or tablet. Unlike the other models, the Zeskit boasts gloss-enameled aluminum housing for both aesthetics and protection. The full-length dual-shielded case is made of woven nylon for flexibility and durability, while eliminating tangles.

This auxilary cable from Zeskit has also acquired CE and RoHS certifications due to the style and craftsmanship. Surely, its exceptional design is equivalent to premium quality and durability, giving you a purse-sized entertainment device through generations of MP3 players, tablets, and Smartphones.

The Zeskit is undoubtedly a sturdy cable with easy-to-grasp housing and braided nylon sheath that covers the entire cable length for a tangle-free design, flexibility, and durability all at the same time. You can unwind this 6-foot cable easily because of such impressive designs, while the male connector can deliver pure and crisp sound.

Whatever you need, Zeskit promises to deliver the best aux cable mate with your device, while delivering and maintaining sound quality through your listening ears. The smooth design, protective feature, and perfect length of this model are just perfect for anyone.

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Aux Cable Buying Guide

Aside from the product reviews above, there are more things that you, as a probable buyer of auxiliary cables should come to understand. Keep in mind that there are endless selections of audio cables on the market, so narrowing down your choices is imperative. The following section of this article will help you do just that. But, always consider the provided information below when shopping for audio cables, equipping yourself of accurate data, surrounding this device.

Key Benefits

Without a doubt, there are many benefits of having the best aux cable for car and other purposes. Primarily, this equipment is very portable and very easy to use without requiring any special skills or installations. You can keep an audio cable in your purse or bag, aside from the glove compartment of your vehicle. It allows you to play sounds from your laptop, phone, MP3, tablet, and other gadgets with compatible connector size.

This portable equipment lets you enjoy your favorite music, while you’re accomplishing chores around the house, inside your car, reviewing, and many other situations wherein you need to feel relaxed with accompanying music. Hence, it allows a guaranteed entertainment any time of the day, especially during long drives.

Furthermore, this useful and versatile device is very cheap and easy to purchase in stores, and even through online. So, there’s no reason of not having one. Also, the innovative designs of aux cables nowadays, offer a tangle-free feature; thereby, there are no worries of such, including convenient storage and other maintenance issues. Today, you can also look for models that offer a retractable design that tends to slip neatly into pockets or small bags.

Major Considerations

While there are still buyers who rely on cheap options, looking for such is not always the best decision. But, with regards to auxiliary cords, you don’t have a choice because these devices come in really reasonable price tags. Cheaper models than the reviewed products in this article are pretty much the sub-standard types as they could melt in extreme heat. This could be a serious issue, specifically if you’re using, these cables in your car. Low-quality cables can also become difficult  to insert in gadgets and stereos as others may slip out of sockets.

Therefore, it is essential to look for a heavy duty aux cable as this type would usually have gold-plated connector, while others offer an oxygen-free design. These designs also help in minimizing interference for greater sound quality. Coiled cables and braided cables are also made available on the market, such as some of the products above. Such design is equivalent to tangle-free cables, plus easy storage. Tangle-free cables generally take lesser space than the other variants, allowing you to keep them in your purse.

It is also wise to go for a long cable, giving you slacker, especially during car use. Another thing to look for is a cable that reduces background noise from the electrical system of your car. There are brand names worth-considering as well, including Sentey, Mediabridge, Anker, Zeskit, and iXCC, and even Belkin aux cable. These are reliable names when it comes to such products.

Types in Terms of Function

In terms of the specific function, there are four types of audio cables that you need to consider. There are the instrument cable, patch cable, microphone cable, and the speaker cable options. The instrument cable can carry low-volt instrument signals, connecting a keyboard, bass, guitar, or any electronic instrument to a preamp or amplifier.

A patch cable, on the other hand, generally connects different components together. It is shorter in length than the instrument cable and may be useful in recording setups so as to connect gear. It is widely used in linking effects pedals with one another within a single chain. Patch cables may have different connectors, ranging from RCA to TRS, XLR, and so on.

Meanwhile, a microphone cable is usually balanced and shielded with an XLR male connector and a female XLR connector. Some models of mic cables offer a mini plug, TRS, or a USB connector for plugging into a digital recording device or a computer sound card.

Finally, a speaker cable has heavier gauge conductor than the other types. This variant has bigger wires too, carrying higher voltage signals than the rest. It is widely used by consumers for audio purposes, and is commonly found on stereo amplifiers.

Versatility of AUX Cables

By now, you probably know what is an aux cord and how versatile such device is. It is virtually useful with different technologies, ranging from tablets to Smartphones, laptops, MP3 players, and even Discman, car stereos, and other gadgets with auxiliary ports. It is efficient, in spite of brand names such as Apple iPhones, iPods, and iPads, including Android devices, and many other gadgets. It is practically useful in many ways, in different gadgets, and technologies to achieve quality sound experience.


Today, almost all vehicles on the market have a sort of aux input that allows for external audio devices. The same is true when it comes to other gadgets and innovative products, allowing consumers to maximize the efficiency of such gadgets. The audio system is certainly no exemption to this rule as manufacturers continuously design, high quality aux cable for consumers to enjoy videos, music, and everything related to sound, regardless their locations as long as there are aux ports available and compatible with their gadgets.

Over and above, it is imperative to consider the products reviewed in this article as they are provided by trusted brand names, alongside reliable feedbacks from first-hand consumers. It is equally essential to take note of the buying guideline as the factors in that section greatly affect your buying power. By doing so, you have higher chances of getting the best auxiliary cable that fits your needs and requirements.

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