Best Bass Lure Reviews 2020

This article is a comprehensive resource that will equip you with information needed in selecting the best lure for bass fishing. The kind of bass bait that you will use is vital in achieving a productive fishing experience. You must determine the difference among its varieties to know what will give you a good catch in different circumstances.

Thus, any fisherman would want nothing but the best bait for bass. This guide will walk you through different bass lure types. It will provide parameters on how to choose the best bait for bass. Moreover, this article will introduce you to top bass baits in the market.

There are several keys to a prolific day in the water and using the right kind of lure will definitely help you start in the right direction.

Best Bass Lure Review

Rose Kuli Bass Fishing Lure


The Rose Kuli bass bait is one of the best bass lures you will encounter in searching for the right one for your fishing needs. With its many terrific features, it is not surprising that this bass lure is highly recommended by many satisfied users.

One of its key features is that it effectively imitates both color and pattern of a real baitfish. Next, its efficient design has the ability to copy how a bait fish swims in real life. Additionally, the product comes in an extensive array of designs and colors, which gives bass fishermen more options according to their different needs.

What sets the Rose Kuli apart from other bass lures in the market is its flexibility and durability. With two high-class treble hooks and a flexible pivot, this is guaranteed to stand the test of time and remain hard-wearing regardless of rough water conditions. It is fair enough to say that it is one of the best baits for bass because of its adaptability and performance in various speeds, conditions, and water columns.

Many fishermen are indeed satisfied with the performance of it based on its many positive reviews found online. The value for money is another advantage that most users cite. Given that the Rose Kuli bass lure’s durability and real-life fish features, this bass bait is definitely worth having.

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Blue Gill Sun Fish Panfish Talipia for Bass Fishing Lure


A largemouth bass lives in lakes filled with bluegills. Playing an important role in the food chain, the bluegill is a typical prey to species like the bass. Hence, an effective way to catch a bass is to lure it through something as familiar as a bluegill.

A bluegill is one of many sunfish species that inhabit almost every body of water. Typically, this deep-bodied fish – with an average of 5-8 inches in length, makes every bass in the water crazy.

Bearing in mind its ability to attract the bass, the fishing bait that greatly resembles the appearance of a real bluegill is surely one of the best bass fishing lures in the market. The Blue Gill Sun Fish Lure does exactly that. With a weight of 1.2 ounces, this bass lure mimics the look of a real blue gill.

Its 6-segment slowing sinking feature resembles the movement of the blue gill in freshwaters. The lure is meticulously designed to copy exactly how a real-life blue gill swims.

Like a crayfish lure, there is actually no specific ideal time to use this when fishing. The secret is to use it in water bodies known to be filled with bluegills. This brand is highly rated by most users online. Many fishermen commend the cost effectiveness of this Blue Gill lure. This bait gives fishermen a good amount of catch without going beyond their budget.

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6 Fishing Hard Spinner Lure

When you are planning to catch bass at different water structures and depths, among the most practical lures to use is the 6 Fishing Hard Spinner Lure. At one time, spinner lures were used only in shallow waters. However, anglers and fishermen nowadays are starting to realize the effectiveness of the spinner even in deep water application.

This brand is among the finest wire baits sold in nowadays. Its design may be simple, but is produced using silicon and alloy silicon materials, guaranteeing a durable body. It is certainly built using an up-to-date technology but with the good old traditional spinnerbait design.

The lure makes use of distinctively formed shiny gold-plated blades. These blades possess a unique shape designed to increase the spinner’s movement in water upon retrieval. When it is moved near the water surface, it flashes intensely whenever the blades turn. Hence, this is a great option during a lively sunny day on clear water.

Having said the many features and opportunities you can enjoy using the 6 Fishing Hard Spinner Lure, it is truly worth recommending. Anglers and fishermen can expect a good performance in various applications using this lure.

The only main downside to this bait’s design is its mirror finish, which can be damaged easily. Producers of this lure can improve the product by coating it with a protective oxide layer, or by giving it a glossy finish.

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Storm WildEye Swim Shad 03 Fishing Lures


The Storm WildEye Swim Shad Fishing Lure resembles closely the feel and texture of a real fish bait. One of its great features is its soft, meticulously-crafted body. The bait, which is so close to the body of an authentic fish, can effectively lure the bass to bite it.

The fine composition makes this extra soft yet very resilient. It may not be the finest material in the industry, but it is good enough to achieve its purpose. The material has a huge impact on this lure’s remarkable performance. However, there is a downside to the material of the Storm WildEye Swim Shad Fishing Lure. The body can be a bit gluey sometimes, which makes the tail of the lure stick to its body during fishing.

Aside from having a soft yet sturdy body, the Storm WildEye Swim Shad Lure has an inner lead head and a tail filled with bio salt to help it achieve a realistic movement in the water.

Each pack includes three quality VMC needle-point hooks, which are great for catching bass. It also boasts of an advanced holographic swimming foil finish and a three-dimensional WildEye look.

It produces a sound that can be heard even from afar. Though this may not be such a big deal, this lure’s ability to attract attention through the sound it makes may be considered a weakness of the product since some bass may sometimes be sensitive to it.

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Bravefishermen Minnow Crank Baits

Braverfishermen’s Minnow Crank Bait is another top bass lure. It is known for its fast yet smooth movement that imitates a bait fish’s life-like swimming. This brand will surely not disappoint you when it comes to both appearance and quality.

The body of this lure from Braverfishermen is typically flawless and has a very satisfactory detailing. With one look, you will see that the body has been neatly molded, while the interior exudes a fair quality.

Aside from a well-shaped body, it boasts of 3-dimensional eyes that powerfully calls the attention of the bass. Furthermore, it comes in vibrant bright colors, making it highly noticeable. Since the colors are attractive, this lure can no doubt cover the wide forage opportunities of the bass.

This is durable enough to tolerate even huge basses and difficult water conditions. Its two treble hooks to keep it secure and stable, while the PVC material and stainless steel make it endure different sorts of pressure.

Weighing in at only around half an ounce, it is light and thus easy to throw into the water. Once this splashes down, this bass lure instantaneously floats. It does not usually take long for the lure to do its job in the water.

Though it is great in floating, one should not expect it to do well in everything. Since it is a floating lure, it does not instantly suspend when you stop it during retrieval.

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Bass Lure Buying Guide

Just like any other fishing baits, the bass lure is an important part of a fisherman’s tools. It is designed to catch the attention of bass that may swim by.

The quality of the bass lure may affect the fishing experience. It is a fishing tool that can either help you catch the prize fish or make you leave the water with nothing in your hands. Thus, it is important to select the best baits for bass.

The choice of bass lure is one of the decisive aspects of bass fishing. Some fishermen, especially the newcomers, may find it difficult to decide on what to get out of the many best bass fishing lures they find inside a fishing gear shop.

This article can help you pick the best bait for bass fishing. Whether you are a novice or an experienced bass fisherman, you have to learn and remember the things you ought to consider to get the top bass lure in the market.

Types of Bass Lures

Once you have decided that a bass lure is the best option for you, the next thing to consider is the type of bass lure you are going to purchase. Every type of bass lure has its unique features and design. Thus, it is helpful to know each type to find out which one will be the best bait to catch bass.

  • Top Water Lure or Popper – The first type of bass lure is the Popper, and also known as spitter and prop baits. This kind boasts of great buoyancy, making it an excellent choice when the fish is close to the water surface. This type of fish lure gives the fisherman not only a productive catch but also enjoyment while fishing. It is gratifying for any fisherman to witness a bass fish bite on your lure.

The popper comes in a wide range of colors and designs that closely mimic the appearance of animals that are a familiar food to a bass. Some of these even produce sounds that attract a bass.

A top water lure typically includes treble hooks that allow the lure to cast over shorelines or weeds. This is considered as one of the best in the market because it can effectively gather a number of bass fish from even the deepest parts of the water. In some cases, this kind of lure can reach more than 30 feet.

  • Spinnerbait – One of the best largemouth bass baits currently out there is the spinnerbait. This is known best for attracting and capturing some of the biggest bass fish. This type usually consists of a lead head with different types of weight, a sharp hook, a thin wire structure, and spinning blades. The hook is being protected by a flexible rubber hedge; making it sturdy enough not to get unfastened from the rod once the bass is captured. The blades spin intensely to help disturb the bass in the water, while the lure does its job of attracting the bass.
  • Jerkbait – If you are in need of a highly effective lure type, the Jerkbait is best for you. One of the main reasons that this type of bass lure is popular among fishermen is because it is a versatile type of bait on today’s market. You can use this in many different techniques. It can guarantee a huge catch due to its flexible range of movements.

This can move in different directions: sideways, up, and down. Add to that the fact that this popular choice is highly accessible, affordable, and easy to use. It can be purchased from most of the fishing gear shops you know at any time.

  • Plug or Crankbait – The best feature of a plug is the plastic tip that goes with it. The tip ensures that the lure goes into the water and remains at a certain depth. The tip is also available in different lengths to obtain various diving depths.

Like the spinnerbait, this type of bass lure can handle a big portion of water in a comparatively short amount of time. Crankbait is certainly one of the best lures to catch bass because it is flexible enough to work well under different conditions and in various environments such as steep water banks and water bodies with big bushes and weeds.

  • Shads – Since it is made of rubber, the shad is a resilient lure that has a heavy top and a sturdy hook. Its top is typically made heavy with metal to make it appear like it is the head of the fish.

The shad’s hook is placed on the back of the fish-looking lure to prevent undesirable tangling. This makes the shad a great tool if you want to reach the bottommost part of the lake or other body of water.

The downside of this lure, however, is its rubber material has the possibility to wear down in the long run if regularly used.

  • Fly Lure – Designed to imitate small animals and insects that are prey to the largemouth bass, the fly lure is made up of light materials such as feathers. Among the other best lures for bass, this is designed to be exceptionally light so it can easily float and remain in the surface of the water.

Types of Rod

When buying a bass lure, it is vital to consider the type of rod that you will use when fishing. The type and length of the rod should be compatible with the bass lure you will attach to it. Even if you select from the best lures to catch bass, if your lure does not match your rod, it may not achieve its maximum potential.

Skill as a Fisherman

Another thing to consider when searching from an extensive list of best bass lures is your skill level as an angler or fisherman. If you are a first-timer or an amateur, you may want to consider buying simple and easy-to-use lures. Of the many types of lures, three are highly recommended for beginners.

These are the plug or crankbait, jerkbait, and fly lure. On the other hand, an experienced fisherman or professional angler may need the best largemouth bass lures. Those that require complex techniques such as the spinnerbait will be great options.

Time of the Year

Among the most coveted freshwater game fish is the bass. From skilled anglers to weekend fisherfolks, people spend a lot of time trying to determine the best bait for bass whenever they go fishing. However, the painful truth is that there is no single fish lure that can successfully imitate every possible feed a bass encounter in one year.

Finding out the key forage a bass eats at a certain season gives you a better chance of getting a good catch. The seasons of the year can tell you the exact forage opportunities for bass. In spring, for instance, the bass consumes almost anything available. Hence, using larger bass lures better imitates the forage size for the season.

Here is a detailed guide on selecting bass lures by season:


  • Lures that imitate lake crawfish
  • Lures that imitate species that threaten the bass
  • Top-water lures, slow-moving lures


  • Lures that imitate the size, shape and color of shad
  • Lures that imitate the sunfish
  • Lures that imitate the size, shape, and color of shad


  • Spinnerbait
  • Crankbait
  • Top-water bait
  • Underspin


  • Lures that imitate dying shad
  • Lures that imitate large species in the lake
  • Lures that can be retrieved slowly

Other Factors

In choosing a bass lure, you may also want to consider the following:

  • Size and Weight of lure – Generally, a larger fishing lure is a better option in wild waters. A bulky bass lure is excellent if you wish to reach the bottom of deep waters.
  • Movement – The motion of a bass lure must also be taken into account. For instance, use crankbaits or spinnerbaits slowly when the bass fish are exhausted. Use these lures in a faster manner or naturally when bass seems aggressive.
  • Lure Color – For fishing in tinted water, choose lures with lighter hues. On the other hand, select transparent lures when fishing in shallow waters.


Bass fishing can be productive and easy if you use the right fishing tools. One of these is the bass lure – a tool attached to the end of a rod, reed or line to attract the bass fish. Its quality and compatibility with your fishing equipment will greatly affect your catch and overall fishing experience. Thus, it is important to decide smartly on what you are going to choose from a long list of best fishing lures for bass.

Before buying one, you must remember to learn about certain aspects that make the bait the best lure for large mouth bass. You must learn the different types of bass lures to know which one will work best for your needs and circumstances.

Moreover, you need to look into different factors such as your skill as a fisherman, the fishing equipment you will be using, and even the time of the year you will go fishing. Studying the bass’ feeding habits, you can decide on a choice of lure that the bass will surely look for. Choose bass lures that copy the exact appearance of the forage the bass is feeding on for that time of the year. Looking into these factors will guide you in searching for the best bait for bass.

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