Best Bike for 4 Years Old Reviews

Almost all children love bikes especially kids who are 4-year old onwards, which begs us the question, what’s the best bike for a 4-year old child? It is a healthy pastime, as well as great background training for balance and focus. And because kids tend to get overly excited by anything, they will most likely tolerate and even appreciate any kind of bicycle.

On the off chance that you get them a decent one, they’ll continue using it even after the underlying rush of having a new bike has faded. Great bicycles get used all throughout the day because they’re a delight to ride. Awful bicycles on the other hand, gradually rot in sheds and attics, and then wind up at the landfill, wasting your money and time.

Some bikes are suitable for petite or bashful children, while other are better for taller or more forceful riders. Accordingly, there is no such thing as ‘the best’ bicycle, yet there are bicycles that are suitable for some children or budgets. There isn’t one best place to purchase a bicycle. Bicycles from bicycle shops are generally heavy and need higher-end parts, huge box-store bicycles are just toys taking on the appearance of bicycles, and online bicycle shops offer the best choice and plans, yet you don’t have the capability to try them out in person. You see the dilemma?

So in this article, I’m going to tackle the topic of how to buy the perfect bike for your children, especially for 4-6-year-olds. I’m going to feature some actual products rated by Amazon users, a comprehensive buying guide, major considerations when buying, and other cool tips to help you purchase the coolest and safest toddler bike that’s worth your money and time.

Best Bike for 4 Years Old Reviews

EZee Glider Kids Balance Bike Cro-Moly with Patented Slow Speed Geometry

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This bike is one of the perfect choices for kids aged 18 months to 4 years old. It  has a unique removable foot pegs to improve balance and practice gliding, an easy to adjust quick-release seat clamp to allow for tool-free seat height adjustment, and a child-sized handbrake for safe stopping as your kids slowly gain their confidence and speed.

Ezee Glider also offers the lowest and safest balance speed on the market due to its unique downhill mountain bike geometry and lower center of gravity. With this product, you can rest your mind knowing that it is perfectly designed to avoid road accidents and slip-ups.

It is made out of durable steel alloy and for a more economical Glider, it has 12″ tires for fun, easy handling. The seat adjusts 11-16.5″ and the handlebars are adjustable 2″ up or down and includes rear brake with easy to squeeze lever for little hands. This bike is one of the top market contenders, so no wonder this product got an average of 4.4/5 stars in Amazon.

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KaZam Classic Balance Bike

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KaZAM bicycles are the perfect training bicycles because it teaches kids the proper way how to adjust and steer a bike. KaZAM stands out among its competitors because it is the first manufacturer to make a balance bike that is uniquely designed with a foot rest. Kids lift their feet up normally and position them on to the foot rest keeping up the appropriate balance and center of gravity similar to riding a customary bike. KaZAM shows kids coordination and balance and preps them up to the time that they can ride a pedaled ‘big kid’ bike.

Aside from its unique foot rest design, users commend its lightness, but still able to bear the weight of the kid riding on it. The seat is also adjustable with no tools needed, perfectly designed to adapt to the rapid change of size of a growing child. Also, its customer service is quick and efficient, gaining an average rate of 4.4/5 stars in Amazon.

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RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle Kid Bikes


If you want to procure a bike for your kids with both safety and style in mind, then have a look at RoyalBaby BMX Freestyle Kid Bikes. The details are what set this bike apart. The stars on the grasps, custom RoyalBaby tire tread, the practical yet exceptional training wheels, and the vibrant color choices—all combined, these components make up a very cool youngster bike that will certainly attract the attention of the kids.

For the safety features, RoyalBaby made sure to install a fully enclosed chain guard, safety grips, and heavy-duty training wheels making sure to meet with CPSC and ISO guidelines. Rest assured that optimum safety is prioritized with this bike; your kid will be in good hands.

This product got an average rating of 4.2/5 stars in Amazon. Parents are happy because it’s a good-looking, thoughtfully designed option for small kids who want a big-kid ride, plus a water bottle holder. It’s easy to assemble, fun to ride, all in all one of the best toddler bikes with training wheels you can ever come across.

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FirstBIKE Cross Bike with Brake

The FirstBike Cross Bike with Brake is a state of the art bicycle that will grow with your little one! This fantastic buy has an adjustable seat- easily change the seat height with just turning the knob! The optional lowering kit adjusts the seat to a lower height making it ideal for small children to ride. The knob and the optional lowering kit allow children between the ages of 22 months to 5 years of age to enjoy their bicycle for years.

The bike comes with replaceable pneumatic knobby Cross tires with Schrader valves, a soft rubber seat and hand grips, and front and rear splash guards. It features a hand brake and a Safety Stop rear drum brake giving your child optimal control. This lightweight composite frame bicycle is rust and insect proof and assembles in minutes! The hassle-free, safe and fun FirstBike Cross Bike with Brake will become your child’s favorite!

It is highly durable. The knob and the optional lowering kit permit youngsters between the ages of 22 months to 5 years old to make the most of their bike for a number of years. If you want a quality bike that has longevity then definitely check this out. The bicycle comes with replaceable pneumatic bumpy Cross tires with Schrader valves, a soft rubber seat and hand grasps, and front and back splash guards. Meticulously designed for your loved one!  It also includes a hand brake and a Safety Stop raise drum brake giving your kid ideal control. This lightweight composite frame bicycle is rust and bug proof and totally easy to assemble.

It’s one of the best choices out there. Amazon rated this with an average of 4.8/5 stars! So what are you waiting for? Buy this and the hassle-free, safe and fun FirstBike Cross Bike With Brake will turn into your child’s top choice in no time!

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Joovy BicycooBMX Balance Bike


The Joovy Bicycoo BMX Balance Bike can easily be the most attractive, best working balance bicycle on the market. The aluminum edge is accessible in a wide selection of colors and is solid and lightweight. The lightweight capability of this bike makes it much less demanding for children to control than wooden or steel choices.

The 12-crawl pneumatic wheels are refillable, give better suspension than a smoother ride and last more than the less expensive EVA plastic tires you may discover as alternatives. Front and back wheels utilize fixed metal bearings. There is a backhand brake and internally routed brake cable.

The padded seat is movable for a flawless fit for your kid. The bicycle has 12-inch tires and the general measurements are 22.25 H x 15.5 W x 33.5 D inches. The weight is 7.25 pounds. The Bicycoo BMX is great until your kid weighs 66 pounds.

Amazon users rated this product with an average of 4.5/5 stars. It’s top of the line and one of the leading brands for little kids’ bikes. So if you want a comfortable but smooth ride for your child and at the same time want to teach them as early as now how real gear works, then order this one now.

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Bike for 4 Years Old Buying Guide

There are still a lot to learn about the best bikes for 4-year-old aside from reading product reviews on the internet. There are still major factors to consider, proper buying methods, different bike types and other tips and tricks that will help you arrive at the product that will best suit your needs. Here, I’m going to list down all other information you need to know in order to properly organize your checklist for bike buying.

Major Things to Consider Before Buying a Bike

  • Age and Height of Child This is one of the most common indicators on what size of the bike you’re supposed to buy. Just be careful because it can mislead you if you don’t know how to properly look.
  • Ability and Confidence of Child – You realize that not every children with the same age have the same physical capacity. Try to observe your child if he/she is ready to mount on a bike. It’s going to be a loss if you buy them a bike without checking and learning that they have no interest or they don’t have the ability to prop up on the seat just yet.
  • Gender Specific Design – Your child will most likely enjoy their bikes if you buy them the right design for their gender. Normally, pink goes well with girls, while boys prefer blue. However, it would be also helpful if you observe them first or try and ask them what they want, therefore avoiding any possible drama or tantrums.
  • Buying from a Bike Store Versus Buying in a Department Store – Local bike shop experts can give more particular advice for your child. This is something you will never get in a retail establishment. Purchasing from a retail chain sometimes mean that you have to assemble the bike yourself, but at a bicycle shop, it will be worked by a specialist who will guarantee it is protected and set up particularly for the rider.

Also, when you purchase from a nearby store, you then have some place to retreat for backing, guidance, upkeep and safety checks – readjusting gears, fixing damage, etc. Build a close companionship with your neighborhood store and they will take care of you.

Types of Toddler Bikes


These days, tricycles or the more ordinarily called trikes, are accessible in a few sizes, colors and materials, including models worked for grown-ups. For some kids and their folks, the in-built safety of the trike makes it an engaging choice, particularly among the youngest riders.

The disadvantages to trikes, however, are that their size makes them only functional for children who are about 2 years old. They grow up so quickly and by the age of about 4 – 5 they would probably be too tall to pedal a trike comfortably. This very short time for suitability makes it very inconvenient for families. Not to mention, driving a trike can only be possible in certain weather conditions.

Also, in spite of the fact that the three-wheel plan in tricycles appear to be more secure, it isn’t generally the case. Tricycle accidents are more common than they may appear because the three-wheeled construction is not steady and may really just give you a false impression that all is well as long as your kid doesn’t encounter any problems while riding.

Bikes with Training Wheels

Most of us figured out how to ride a bicycle with this type. Training wheels on bikes have been used for eras as a sort of foundation for getting the grips on how to properly ride a bike. At the point when training wheels are connected, the balance issue is unnoticed for the moment and children are focused on pedaling only.

The drawback to this is the unavoidable day when the training wheels come off. Most grown-up bicycle riders recall this; the sheer dread of the 1st ride without training wheels and the agony of that first fall, which regularly happened for the first time. Another drawback with this kind of bike is figuring out how to pedal and figuring out how to adjust.

Balance Bikes

More and more parents these days are buying balance bikes for their children instead of the customary 12-inch bicycle with training wheels. This is on the grounds that, of the two major abilities required to viably ride a bike, balance is seen as the harder of the two. By concentrating on balance over pedaling, kids make a more consistent move from training bicycles to general bikes.

The greatest drawback to the use of a balanced bicycle is the absence of learning about its advantages among guardians, along with stereotypes about their use. They are also more expensive than the training bike, but it’s ok because they can be used even up to 6 years old.


Kids love bikes. There’s no doubt about it. Most of us had that childhood memory—learning how to ride a bike, and parents who look forward to the moment that they can give their children their same experience.

But buying the best bikes for 4 years old is not as easy as you think. With the proper research though, the process becomes more straightforward. Sizing, for instance, is an effectively quantifiable number. Likewise, once acquainted with the distinctive preparation strategies for children’s bicycles, tricycles, training wheels and balance bicycles, the choice is made much simpler.

Purchase the best bicycle you can within your financial plan. There is no 100% guaranteed  best bikes for 4-year-old boys and girls and different young ones will perform better on various bikes. Concentrate on fit and weight initially. Kid-particular bicycle makers commonly have much better bicycles over those found in nearby bicycle shops, yet don’t hesitate to visit a neighborhood bicycle shop as well as online shops.

Also, just the follow the tips I wrote above and browse more product reviews. Although every child is different, it’s also helpful to sometimes refer to other parents who have been there in your situation, as sometimes their opinion and intuition match your specific family needs.

If you’ve organized everything in your checklist already, then waste no time and buy your child one of the best presents you can ever give them, the kid’s first bicycle.

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