Best Bike Helmets Review 2020

Owning the best bicycle helmet can be a major factor in terms of comfort and safety during one of your cycling adventures. It’s one of the basic accessories in cycling gear and of course, it completes the rider’s sporty look.

Still, it’s the safety purpose of the bike helmet we are most keen on. Did you know that an average careful cycler may even crash about every 4,500 miles? Head wounds cause 75% of our almost 700 annual bike-related deaths. Medical research also shows that bicycle helmets decrease or avert the greater part of cyclists’ head wounds. Not to mention, bike helmets might be required by law in your general vicinity.

Well, you’re in luck because in this article, I’m going to discuss all the necessary information you need to purchase when it comes to the best cycling helmet. I will tackle everything from the basic types of helmets, major factors to consider, to the product reviews rated by actual Amazon users.

Best Bike Helmets Review

Schwinn Thrasher Adult Micro Bicycle Black/Grey Helmet

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If you want to purchase your own bike helmet but doesn’t want to spend much money, then the Schwinn Thrasher is perfect for your needs. This helmet comes in two colors—black and grey.  This product got an average rating of 4.4/5 stars in Amazon because of its awesome features like a dual fit adjustable design, 21 integrated flow vents to keep the rider cool, moisture-wicking pad to keep the rider’s head pleasantly dry, easy-to-adjust webbing to ensure a comfortable fit, and a built-in visor that provides increased shade while riding.

This Schwinn Thrasher bicycle helmet size is 15.8 x 11 x 9 inches with a design that will surely catch anyone’s attention. It is also very durable; and with the price tag of below $20 you will never feel any regret whatsoever. The quality of this product is commonly compared with Giro bike helmets but the latter is much expensive.

All things considered, it’s a top of the line helmet with a sharp design. Whether you want to ride a mountain bicycle or street bike, it will secure your head exceptionally well and feel extremely good and truly cool.

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Giro Trinity Helmet


The name Giro is immensely popular in the world of cool bike helmets. This particular model of theirs though, does not offer anything else rather than optimum head protection and guaranteed level of comfort. Their vision in mind for this one is to create a no-fuss design, perfect for minimalists and those who crave high quality without asking for a high price.

It’s classified as an entry level road specific helmet, although a bit bulkier than Giro’s other expensive models. It got an average of 4.4/5 stars in Amazon, so it’s really legit. Some users testified to this helmet’s durability when they experienced some minor road accidents, and this helmet saved their lives.

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Bell Sequence Bicycle Mountain Helmet

If you’re into cross-country, all-mountain, trail-ride mountai41mAWlMP5cLn biking or any other extreme sports, then this is the helmet for you. It has in-molding with covers the rear and features the Twin Axis Gear (TAG) fit system with vents comprising around 20, plus internal channels.

This got an average rating of 4.5/5 stars in AmazBell Sequence Bicycle Mountain Helmeton, and users are wanting more. They especially love the perfect fit this product give, as it has easy adjustments on the vertical axis that other brands don’t have. Its comfort level is also highly praised by some, as well as its durability. It’s lightweight and airy and overall, a very excellent product.

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Nutcase – Patterned Street Bike Helmet


Cycling helmets always have the stigma of being “unstylish”. That’s because helmets are first and foremost protective devices for your head. It’s just until recently that manufacturers decided to make the helmets stylish as well, in order to attract more customers. And one of the leading brands in this area is Nutcase, where they have several fun designs to offer. This is perfect for quirky, city cyclists who want to be stylish and protected at the same time.

Aside from the fun helmet designs, other features of Nutcase include:

  • A movable, removable spin dial strap for tweaking your preferred fit. It additionally incorporates three arrangements of cushions – in 3mm, 6mm and 9mm thicknesses, that cooperate with the spin dial for an immaculate fit.
  • It is easy to operate with one hand and you can also close and open it even if you’re wearing gloves. The magnetic clasp is amazingly secure and about indestructible – not any more broken clasps and no more neck squeezing! It additionally incorporates an exclusive delicate chin button cushion for additional comfort.
  • Nutcase Street Helmet offers 360 degree reflectivity from logos, straps and our spin dial that helps you be seen around evening time. The helmet likewise highlights a solid ABS Shell and defensive EPS internal foam lining.
  • A head protector that you want to wear and share to the world at last, with attention-catching graphics and thoughtful elements. The 11 vents in addition to inside air channels move air around your head keeping you cool but still looking incredible. It also includes a separable visor shades from sun and rain.

Amazon rated this product with an average of 4.7/5 stars and with its amazing features. I’m not a bit surprised.

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Razor V-17 Child Multi-Sport Helmet

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If you want to buy the best multi-purpose helmet for your child that boasts of superior quality with cutting edge-design, then you should check out Razor V-17 Child Multi-Sport Helmet. It’s an ideal decision for biking, skating or some other games that need the assistance of wearing a helmet or any protective headgear. In the city or in the half pipe the Razor V-17 gives you prevalent security and assurance. The ergonomic composed cushioning and an additional sizing pad set for the ideal individual fit guarantee ultimate comfort. The 17 vents keep your head cool at all times and the side release buckles make it a breeze to conform and attach your chin strap.

Many parents are in love with this helmet because of the durability and stability that lasts for a couple of years. It also incorporates a cool design that catches the attention of the kids so it wouldn’t be a hassle making them put on bicycle helmets anymore. Amazon users gave this an average rating of 4.3/5 stars.

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Best Bike Helmets Review Buying Guide

A bike helmet shields your head from damage on the off chance that you fall off your bicycle. A good bike helmet will give a balance of scope, ventilation and comfort. Awesome steps have been made by manufacturers to enhance the comfort level offered by helmets. They come with an assortment of cushioning additions which help you tweak the interior fit and feel of the helmet.

Most bike helmets utilize crushable extended polystyrene (EPS), the picnic cooler foam. It functions admirably, yet when pounded it doesn’t recuperate. Extended polypropylene (EPP) foam recovers, but is not that common. Collapsible plastic liner materials as of late showed up and offer guarantee. The spongy, foam cushions inside a head protector are for solace and fit, not for impact protection.

Here are some tips and considerations to follow before buying your own bicycle helmet. Aside from looking at customer product reviews, this information will also give you great help before you make your purchase.

Type of Bike Helmets

Although there are several categories of cycling helmets, in this list I’m only going to point out the 3 most basic types. And they are:

  • Recreational Helmets – An economical choice for recreational, suburbanite, street and mountain bikers; they’re likewise prevalent with skateboarders and inline skaters. They frequently incorporate visors to shield your eyes from the sun.
  • Road Bike Helmets – are favored by roadie lovers for their low weight, liberal ventilation and streamlined outline. These helmets normally swear off visors to keep the weight low and give an unblocked view when you’re crouched in a forceful riding position.
  • Mountain Bike Helmets – (frequently utilized by cyclocross riders, as well) are intended to ventilate well at low speeds. They’re recognized by their visors, improved back head scope and a firm, secure fit when you’re handling harsh landscapes. Some feature full-confront protection that is favored by downhill mountain bikers and park riders.

How to Check the Right Helmet Fit

  • The helmet ought to fit cozily, with your head mostly compacting the delicate foam cushions inside—even before the straps are fixed.
  • Select the size that fits as nearly as could be allowed without being uncomfortably tight. At that point, utilize the sizing pads if given, to tweak the fit.
  • Check in the mirror to make certain the straps shape a “V” under and somewhat forward of each earlobe.

Helmet Features to Look Out For

  • Ventilation – Vents in helmets are purposely designed for ventilation. This helps in enhancing the rider’s comfort by keeping the head cool as they ride the bicycle. The more vents in the helmet, the more awesome you feel.
  • Visor – A few riders like having a sun-protecting visor attached to the bike helmet. These are extremely basic on mountain bike helmets. A small drawback on visors however, it adds a fragmentary ounce of weight and slight wind resistance.
  • Full-face protection – Some mountain bicycle helmets have a wraparound chin bar to give face protection to slope biking and park cruising. Some enduro racers likewise like the additional insurance.
  • Straps – The strap framework ought to be comfortable and simple to clasp and unfasten.
  • Hair port – Some helmets offer a strap outline that allows ponytails either for men and women.

Other Major Considerations

  • Standards – A sticker inside the helmet tells what standard it meets. Fit is not affirmed by any standard, so test that all alone. Visors are also not commonly tried for shattering or catching in a fall, so you are all alone there.
  • Comfort Requirements – Coolness, ventilation, fit and sweat control are the most basic comfort needs during biking. Wind current over the head decides coolness, and bigger front vents give better wind stream. Most bike helmets have sufficient cooling for most riders. Sweat control can require a forehead cushion or separate sweatband. A cozy fit with no pressure points guarantees comfort and right position on the head when you crash. Weight is not an issue with today’s bike helmets.
  • Special Problems – Some head shapes require the more tinkering with fitting cushions and straps. Extra small heads may require thick fitting cushions. Extra-large heads require an XXL helmet. Pig tail ports can enhance fit for those with long hair. Bald riders might need to maintain a strategic distance from helmets with huge top vents to counteract funny tan lines.

Tips for Bike Helmet Care

  • Abstain from utilizing substance solvents to clean a helmet. Manufacturers suggest just the use of a delicate fabric or wipe, in addition to mellow cleanser and water. Removal pad may be washed.
  • Abstain from loaning your cycling helmet to others. You never know what may happen without you keeping an eye on your helmet.
  • Try not to store your helmet in an attic, basement, in the trunk of your car or any other territory where it can get really hot. Over accumulation of heat may make bubbles to shape or form on helmet parts. Absolutely do not wear a heat-damaged helmet.

When to Replace a Helmet

Replace your helmet immediately on the off chance that you crash. The impact will most probably crush some of the foam, despite the fact that the harm may not be obvious. Helmets work so well that you have to look at them for imprints or dents to know whether you hit. Most makers suggest substitution after five years. It’s common to think that with good care, you can keep your helmet for a few more years. However, in the event that your helmet was made before 1990, it’s time to replace it. Replace the clasp on the off chance that it splits or a piece severs. Nobody obliges you to replace your helmet, so give it some individual thought.

Other Tips

  • Ensure that your helmet fits perfectly to get all the security you are paying for. A solid match implies level on your head and serenely cozy yet not so tight. Your cycling helmet ought not to move more than like an inch in any bearing, and should not pull off regardless of how hard you attempt.
  • Rear stabilizers are not a good substitute for careful strap adjustment. Make sure to pick a white or any brilliant shade for visibility.
  • Make sure you keep away from a bike helmet with odd, hooky points sticking out, a squared-off shell, deficient vents, unreasonable vents, an outrageous “aero” shape, dull hues, thin straps, convoluted alterations or an inflexible visor that could catch or break in a fall.


Cycling can be fun, but sometimes unfavorable circumstances like crashing cannot be helped. That’s why it’s always a good investment to purchase the best cycling helmet that suit your needs. Aside from shielding your head from impacts and crashes, they also add a wee bit of comfort that can aid you when riding. Not to mention, not wearing helmets when cycling is against the law in some countries.

But that doesn’t mean you just buy one off the rack without looking at the specs. Also, it doesn’t always mean that a really expensive brand gives you all the safety you need. You have to weigh out all the factors you need to take into account, such as the kind of riding you need, your budget, design, etc. Anyway, it’s all listed down here, so I suggest you absorb everything, organize your checklist and go buy the perfect and coolest bike helmet you could get your hands on.

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