Best Bike Repair Work Stand Reviews 2017 – 2018

A biking maintenance stand is very useful, and every bike owner should own at least one. The main advantage to this is that you can cut down the expense of having your bike repaired at your local bike maintenance shop because no matter how high-end your cycling vehicle is, you have to maintain its quality every now and then, else they will not last and break down in just a short time.

Owning a bike work stand can make a lot of difference in your bike repairs. It lifts the bicycle off the ground, holds it in an open working height and keeps it steady and secure so you can concentrate on the assignment you’re doing, as opposed to using one hand to keep the bicycles still. It’s a very good investment because a work stand is the focal point of any home workshop. Once you’ve utilized one, you’ll think about how you ever figured out how to try and lube your bike chain without it.

So how do you choose the best bike repair stand? Believe it or not, buying the proper stand is highly important. The right choice will make a huge difference in how you repair your bike. If you purchase the wrong, low-quality one then it will greatly affect the quality of your repair too.

In this article, I’m going to make the job of searching for the best bike work stand easier for you. I’m going to list down some of the top brand contenders in bike work stand market and their ratings by actual Amazon users, a comprehensive buying guide to help you narrow down your choices as well as some major considerations and tips you have to keep in mind in order to make a worthy purchase.

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Best Bike Repair Work Stand Reviews

RAD Cycle Products Pro Bicycle Adjustable Repair Stand


The Rad Cycle Products Pro Bicycle Stand holds up to 66 pounds (30kg) easily in its heavy duty “Work Horse” braces that are built not to hurt your bicycle’s finish. The “Work Horse” cinches are intended to turn 360 degrees on two axes, and fits about each standard tube outline from 1″ to 1.5″. Included is a device plate with a magnetic strip to keep those stray pieces where you can discover them when time comes to put them back on. The feet are even pre-drill just on the off chance that you need to mount your RAD Cycle Products Pro Bicycle Stand to the floor or work seat permanently or semi-permanently.

This product gained an average rating of 4.3/5 stars in Amazon. Users are amazed by its sturdiness and tight hold whatever bike it carries. This stand is extremely tough yet it is sufficiently light to be moved around effectively. You do need to apply additional weight to the handle when you need the bicycle to stay at a specific edge. After a couple of uses, it starts to hold better and it requires less weight every time. It has a considerable measure of stature and therefore easier to change in accordance with a height that is anything but difficult to chip away at, regardless of any part of the bicycle that needs attention. It creases up and can be put away in a corner or can be hung up in the garage when not being used.

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Portable Home Bike Repair Stand by Conquer


This is a no-fuss bike repair stand that’s guaranteed to make your life easier. The main features of Portable Home Bike Repair Stand by Conquer include a rotating head that adjusts the clamp to any angle, an adjustable height from 45” to 72”, and a size allowance for its clamps that enables clamping of tubes from 30mm to 75mm, and foldable legs for easy transportation, with free tool tray included.

With an average of 4.4/5 stars rating in Amazon, it’s no wonder users love Portable Home Bike Repair Stand by Conquer. For a great price you can own a solid, sturdily constructed and very well-designed bike repair stand that will accompany you to your bike repairs. You won’t find a better steal than this one. It’s common to be a little apprehensive about its quality because of its very low price. But no worries, this is a guaranteed excellent product, perfect for home repairs and overall bike maintenance.

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Park Tool PCS-10 Work Stand

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This product is immensely popular; I don’t know why I still have to make a review about it. Almost every bike or bike repair enthusiast has heard of Park Tool PCS-10 work stand, and it’s not hard to wonder why. Some technical features of this product include 24-76 millimeter allowable single action clamping of tubes by its cam-type clamp, a composite top tube for smooth 360-degree clamp rotation, a quick-release height adjustment up to 39-57 inches, and a leg type 3-point style and stability enforcing leg yolk.

Park Tool PCS-10 can hold any type of bike without difficulty. And since the repair stands’ main purpose is to hold up your bike while you fix it, this is a very important aspect. It has outstanding construction with multiple positions to hold the bike in any sort of arrangement. However light or heavy your bike is, you can be assured that Park Tool can hold it.

This product is a bit expensive but hey, you get what you pay for. It also got an average of 4.7/5 stars, so you know this is legit.

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Feedback Sports Sport Mechanic Bicycle Repair Stand

The Sport-Mechanic Bicycle Repair Stand is specially designed integrate portability and usefulness, enabling a well-appointed bicycle repair stand for all experience levels. Its height can be adjusted and is foldable as well for simple use at home, or on the go. The clamping knob of Sports Mechanic secures your bicycle to a grip framework that takes into account full revolution without rearranging. Regardless of its maximum weight of 65lbs, its tripod development measures an insignificant 12. 6lbs and creases down effectively for low-volume storage or transport.

This product is considered one of PCS-10’s main competitors for effectiveness and durability. It also got a high average of 4.8/5 stars in Amazon so it definitely is a real deal. Users commend its super lightweight quality but still work very smoothly. Its replacement parts are also very easy to acquire so no hassle there. Also, no assembly is required once you purchase this product. Simply take it out of the box and you’re ready to go from there.

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PRO Portable Mechanic Bike Repair Stand


This stand is for those who want to do their own bike maintenance without spending over a hundred dollars. Excellence is guaranteed on this one because of its superiority and functionality. Technical features include an ultra-compact foldable design, a body made of sturdy steel, 360 degree head rotation and adjustable clamp, is super lightweight and comes with a free tool tray in every purchase.

Despite its highly affordable price, it got an average of 4.3/5 stars in Amazon. Aside from bike maintenance, you can also use this for drivetrain repairs, fork service and headset install and it works just fine. It’s also highly portable, easy to work with and extremely sturdy, its quality almost partial to those more expensive brands. It’s actually quite unbelievable how something good like this exists at its price point. All in all, it is a very solid product.

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Best Bike Repair Work Stand Buying Guide

Aside from looking and reading at bike repair stand reviews, there are still numerous components to consider when purchasing a work stand. Do you require it to be compact and/or easy to hide or store? How solid should it be? How fragile are the bicycles it will hold, and what number of various sorts of bicycles do you have? These are a couple key elements that will choose the style of work stand that is best for you.

Financial plan, obviously, is another component to consider. Another thing is the type of repair stand you should buy. There are 2 types of work stands and whatever bike you have at the present will decide what’s best for you to choose. You should also think about whether your purchase will be good for permanent use or for temporary purposes only. There are still other points so this buying guide will help you categorize all the factors you need to consider, in order to buy the best bike work stand that will suit your needs.

Tube clamping work stands

A tube bracing work stand is the most widely recognized style. It can be utilized to either get a clamp tube, such as the top tube, or clutch the seat post. They are basically quick to grab hold of the bike; however, they are not perfect for all bike types. Light bicycles shouldn’t be braced by the casing tube, and there may not be space to clasp the seat post on a few edges. At that point, there would be super air outlines that don’t offer the right surface to safely clip to by any means.

As a rule however, in the event that you have something besides a super light or air street bicycle, a tube clamp style stand is the best decision. It permits you to do all your work with both wheels mounted, and through-axles and oddly put brakes won’t be something to worry about.

Axle/bottom bracket mount work stands

This type of stand doesn’t include any cinching on any frame tubes, and it lets the workman effectively turn the bike so they can achieve all ranges and sides of the bike without having to move themselves. This style is more minimized as well, so the stand consumes up less space whether being used or not. Applying a ton of force on tight bolts and stuck bottom bracket is best done in this style of stand.

There is a sacrifice to be made in kind for the advantages that this kind of stand offers, and that is that one wheel must be expelled to utilize it. On some newer bicycles with coordinated brakes or more current axle frameworks, this might be a torment to deal with.

Portable Versus Permanent

Portable work stands are more convenient to anybody without a permanent work space. Having the capacity to easily take the stand to different occasions, rides, or into a friend’s garage is essential for some individuals, since we always pack our things when we’re done using them.

Not all work stands are made equal, however, and some are absolutely less demanding to stow away than others. For outright movability, the stands from Feedback Sports are difficult to beat. Park Tool comes to the fight with a stand that is slower to set up, yet offers a stronger construction. It’s a trade-off and one that is best chosen by the amount you’ll be folding up your stand.

There’s no denying the fulfillment from owning a permanent mounted bike stand that is stronger than the bicycle it’s holding, yet a lasting work stand is truly just for committed home mechanics. Its robustness implies you’ll have a vastly improved shot of extricating tight pedals or rusted bottom brackets, yet it’s unrealistic on the off chance that you don’t have a permanent work space. While most permanent options are bolted to the floor, wall or bench, you can likewise consider a major steel plate that gives you a chance to move the work stand, at least a little.

The DIY Alternative

I’ve already talked about those that are accessible in the market, yet in the event that you’re excellent with devices and are searching for a venture past the bicycle repair itself, then making a DIY stand is absolutely possible.

The most popular choice in making your own work stand is making it from wood, while others prefer the PVC pipe. Whatever you pick, the regular problem is the clamping mechanism and the general cost efficiency compared with pre-made alternatives. The main really great DIY stands we’ve utilized have been produced using metal, and although the overall cost for all materials is close to the pre-made version, it’s the inventiveness that counts.

Other Extras

Some bike work stands offer extra tools and accessories. Portions of the more useful of these include connectable trays for devices and little parts, carry bags and other attachments. But let’s focus on the top 3 tools that you need:

*Tool #1: A ice

– Vices are critical in practically every line of mechanics. The clamp can keep things steady and unmoving, helping you get the important torque to work with some seized or rusted parts. At the point when combined with an axle vice, a little aluminum material that fits between the jaws of a vice, center alterations and revamps are done in a snap. Vices can likewise give a strong surface to pounding and are versatile to whatever you toss at them. They can be in your family for eras. Ensure you utilize solid jolts and have a decent mounting surface.

*Tool #2: A Work Bench

– Nothing is superior to a durable work seat. It just gets number 2 on the grounds that when there’s no other option you can utilize a table or the ground however, there is truly no substitution for hip level, tool storage, and a hardwood surface. It keeps your workspace sorted out and it is anything but difficult to picture the repair you are working on. On the off chance that it is convenient, make your own. If not, repurpose an old table, purchase another one or request for assistance.

*Tool #3: A Truing Stand

– This is given. It is vital for fixing wheels and building them. There are a few things that accompany it that you can manage without like a dishing gauge or a strain meter. Those things are pleasant yet not fundamental to the speedy fix and they pretty much help with building wheels more so than a snappy truing.


The bike is an excellent machine. It is simple and amusing to ride, a great form of exercise, minimal effort to work and moderately simple to repair. So why do you have to spend all that money on an expensive bike repair shop when you can just buy the best bike repair stand and maintain your bicycle’s check-up on your own?

So the first thing to do is to decide if you want be like those do-it-yourself out there who need to reduce the cost of heading off to the local bicycle shop for repairs and such, and has decided that one of the principal pieces that they are going to need to fire up your workshop and fix their bikes is a bike maintenance stand. It is a vital piece of equipment for cyclers, and even though it can get quite confusing for a first-timer on how to purchase the repair stand he/she needs, it will be worth it once they see their advantages, as opposed to not buying their own bicycle maintenance stand.

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