Best Bilge Pumps Reviews 2020

Having the best bilge pump can give you the peace of mind that you are safe wherever you go. It’s a good thing to take note that bilge pumps, most commonly known as boat pumps, are responsible for getting rid of a water build-up in the bilge. This overflowing of either clean or dirty water in the bilge of a boat is what usually causes it to capsize—and you never want that to happen.

The number of bilge pumps you will need depend on the size of your boat, so before buying the best bilge pump for your vessel, you might want to do some research first. There are many bilge pump manufacturers and there are a number of products to choose from. This article will give you an insight on the best bilge pumps available in the market today as well as their specifications.

Best Bilge Pumps Reviews

Seattle Sports Paddlers Bilge Pump


Protect your bilge from overflowing with the best bilge pump offered by Seattle Sports. The Paddler’s bilge pump is designed to make it easier for you to use it. It is made with a very comfortable over-molded handle that is easy to grip and is made of rubber. It is 21 inches in length and can be easily installed without the help of a professional. It has a nice design and is sure to not make your boat look awkward or ugly upon installation.

Once you have the Paddler’s bilge pump, you won’t have to worry about any problems or accidents when you are in the middle of the sea.  For higher visibility, it features a stock that has a neon yellow color to keep you safe. You also have the option to attach an internal diameter hose, which can be added to your output valve and where you can redirect all the water away from the boat.

This is a very simple yet effective water pump that you can use for kayaks and other small boats. It also helps you get rid of water in real time as it expels the water that the pump gets from the bilge. It is sure to give you peace of mind that nothing bad will happen to you as you enjoy your water activities.

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Shoreline Marine 800 GPH Bilge Pump


If you have a small fishing boat that you use for your hobby or your job, this is the best bilge pump for you. This pump comes complete with a universal mount that fits most fishing boats so you can install it easily. If your boat had an old base from a different brand, you might even be surprised that this pump is compatible with it. Because it was made to be a truly universal bilge pump, it gives you the freedom to use other bases that you feel comfortable with.

This is great because you won’t feel like you’re restricted with what comes with the package. The Shoreline Marine Bilge Pump was built with high-quality materials that can stand freshwater and saltwater. This way, you have the flexibility to go to any location where you want to go fishing. It is also made to be heavy-duty with its lift capacity of up to 4 feet.

The Shoreline Marine Bilge Pump is also made to be very efficient in getting rid of all that bilge water that accumulates at the bottom of the boat. The Shoreline is a respected brand when it comes to fishing gears and products so you don’t have to worry about this product’s quality. Just like their other high-quality products, Shoreline made this bilge to make sure that you are always safe while you are in the middle of the sea.

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Rule 24 Marine Rule 360 Marine Bilge Pump (360-GPH, 12-Volt)


Keep your boat protected from water overflow with the best bilge pump made today. The Rule 24 Marine Rule 360 Marine Bilge Pump best fits ski boats and small water vessels like fishing boats and yachts. It is 90mm high and 60mm wide so it won’t take up too much space but it is expected to be high performing. The Rule 24 Marine Rule 360 Marine Bilge Pump can handle up to 24 liters or 5 gallons per minute.

With Rule 24 Marine Rule 360 Marine Bilge Pump, you can be sure that no water is left in the bilge and that you are safe and dry above water without worrying about a thing. This lightweight pump is made with high-quality materials. Its body is made of high-grade plastic and a quick release strainer. This great inlet strainer allows for rapid cleaning as it pumps water out of the boat. It was made to last for a long time with its battery conserving features that draw low amp from the batteries.

It also allows you to choose to go on an automatic operation by using Rule float switches. If you want to protect your boat from any kind of water overflow, this is the best product for you. It is simple, reliable, compact and durable so you can take it anywhere with you when you are out at sea. This product also comes with a three-year warranty that will surely give you your money’s worth.

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Rule 10 Bilge Pump, 2000 Gallon per Hour, 12 Volt DC, Non-Automatic

Rule submersible has been known to deliver high-quality bilge pumps in the fishing and yacht industry for a long time. If you are looking for the best bilge pump from a reputable source, Rule 10 Bilge Pump is the product that you are looking for. This product comes with a compact, efficient and durable motor that is sure to give you a great performance when it comes to cleaning up water in the bilge. It is built with a great snap lock strainer design to help you clean it easier and a set of stainless steel shaft to keep its grip tight.

 You can place it as low as you want in your boat because it was made to be 100 percent submersible. When you want to talk about durability and strength, Rule 10 Bilge Pump is sure to not disappoint with its marine grade wiring as well as its protection from rust and corrosion. During operation, you can be sure not to be bothered with your leisure activities as it is completely silent and does not vibrate at all. It is safe to use as it has both CE and ISO certifications and is operated by a float of panel switch.

It offers a 3-year warranty that is great for people who are buying this brand for the first time. You will surely fall in love with the Rule submersible brand after purchasing this great bilge pump.

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Johnson Pumps of America 36303 Marine 20 Amp Ultima Auto Bilge Control Switch


If you love your boat and you absolutely want to protect it from getting damaged, try to buy the best bilge pump that can do the work for you. Introducing Johnson Pumps of America 36303 Marine, it is a high-performing piece of equipment that protects you and your boat at the same time. It is a great product made with the high-quality materials that are sure to never corrode at any point.

It is also not affected by foreign debris or oil, which makes it long-lasting and durable. Say goodbye to frequent buying of bilge pump because of short-lived products. The Johnson Pumps of America 36303 Marine will surely be the answer to all your bilge water problems. This product is safe and is proven free from mercury, which is dangerous to your health. It has no moving parts and has a compact size that would fit anywhere in the boat.

It has no exposed sensors so you don’t have to worry about it being damaged when submerged. It runs with the Ultima Switch – an automatic pump switch that is reliable when it comes to getting rid of excess water in the boat. It has a simple and industrial design that fits most boats and does not look awkward when installed. You are sure to love this great product and enjoy your water activities safely.

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The Best Bilge Pump Buying Guide

What is a Bilge Pump?

A bilge pump is also called a water pump, which is responsible for removing bilge water. Bilge pumps come in different sizes for different sizes of boats. There are two types of bilge pumps, manual and electric. It is good to remember that there might be fuel in the bilge so electric pumps are specifically designed to be spark free. Electric pumps are fitted with switches that turn the pump on when the bilge water fills up a certain level.

Note: It is advised that you have multiple bilge pumps for your boat for backup in case the primary one fails.

Why Do You Need a Bilge Pump?

Fishing is a great hobby, and most hardcore fishing enthusiasts already own their boats so they can sail out anytime they want. Owning a boat, yacht or any type of water vessel requires you to have the necessary safety equipment. Just like any other type of vehicles, you need to ensure that, when a problem arises, you are always ready to take on it. Most experts agree that boat owners should have bilge pumps with them whenever they decide to sail out.

Manual Pumps vs. Electric pumps

  • Electric Pumps – High capacity pumps are easier to install and are very cheap. However, they won’t be of any use when your vessel’s electrical system is not working. Most often than not, boats lose their electricity in events of taking in too much water. This is why electric pumps are only considered as additional pumps to help the main manual pump.
  • Manual Pumps – Manual pumps are built to remove large amounts of water (30 gallons/minute) from the boat. Because water is very heavy, it is very tiring to use some manual pumps so you have to be careful with your choice. It’s also good to take note that you have to think about the installation location very carefully because you don’t want to be in an awkward position when getting rid of all that water.

Things to Consider When Buying a Bilge Pump

  • Number of compartment – If you have a section of the boat where water gets stuck and doesn’t flow freely, you need to have the best bilge pump installed in that area. Because of this, you have to figure out the number of compartments where water might get stuck to figure out how many bilge pumps you need to buy. You also have to figure out the type of bilge pumps that work well with that area.
  • Boats with Outboard Engines are Special – Boat engines with an outboard motor can directly affect the flow of water inside a boat. With this type of engine, the lowest point of the boat is not in its center but in its rear. It’s also good to know that if you have a cockpit that is self-bailing, even a small amount of water can sink your boat. You need to make sure that you install your bilge pump in a place where it’s easy for you to reach it.
  • Size Matters – The size of your boat is an important thing to consider when you are trying to install the best bilge pump. As a general rule, a boat that is over 15 feet requires a 1500 pump installed on it at least. For people who want to feel completely safe, you’d want to install 2 or more bilge pumps depending on the size of your boat. This can ensure that all excess water gets taken care of and you won’t have to worry about sinking.
  • Proper Installation is Key – You need to make sure that the boat’s bilge pump is installed correctly and in the proper place. For example, if you have the main pump at the lowest point of the boat, you want to try to install another one about 10 to 15 inches above it for your backup system. The backup system is great for times when water level inside the boat reaches higher than usual.
  • Open vs Closed Switch – Closed float switches are great for protecting your switches from debris. However, closed switches make it impossible for you to test if your switches work. There are also times when closed switches accumulate sludge over time which clogs it up. When this happens, it can be risky and troublesome for you when there is water build up in the bilge.


In conclusion, safety is the best priority when it comes to any water activity. Going out in the middle of the sea is not a joke and lives can be at stake if your boat is not secured.

It is also good to remember that the size of your boat is an important thing to consider when you are trying to install the best bilge pump. Experts advise that a boat which is over 15 feet requires a 1500 pump installed on it at least for maximum security.

For people who want to feel completely safe, you’d want to install 2 or more bilge pumps depending on the size of your boat. This can ensure that all excess water gets taken care of and you won’t have to worry about sinking due to water overflow. If you are passionate about the sea and would like to be able to go and do your activities without worrying about your safety, it’s best to get one or two bilge pumps to really make sure that you can stay out at sea as long as you want.

Bilge pumps also protect your boat from always having water at the bilge causing corrosion and sludge build-up.

Remember that it’s better to be safe than sorry, and bilge pumps do not cost much, so there really isn’t any reason why you won’t install them on your boat.

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