Best Bluetooth Adapter Reviews 2020

Bluetooth technology is one of the most common connection processes these days. This can help increase the mobility of your device without having to experience the inconvenience of a bunch of wires everywhere.

Wire connections can be somewhat limited as to how long the wire is but with the Bluetooth technology, you can connect to a device even about 100 meters away.

However, in choosing a Bluetooth adapter for your device, you have to consider certain factors. This includes the power class of the Bluetooth adapter or the power range. The compatibility of the adapter should also be considered, this will depend on the types of devices you are going to use it with.

Best Bluetooth Adapter Review

Plugable USB Bluetooth Micro Adapter

The Plugable USB Bluetooth Micro Adapter is one best Bluetooth adapter for PC with its 4.0 function which is latest compared to the older Bluetooth 2.0 and 3.0 functions.

This 4.0 Bluetooth function allows the connection with the latest Bluetooth Low Energy or the BLE devices such as the iBeacons, Fitbit fitness tracker, and the newest generation of keyboards and mouse.

This Bluetooth adapter from Plugable is designed with a very compact size, which you can just leave plugged-in on your laptop when you’re on the go. It can work well with the 32-bit or 64-bit of Windows XP, Windows Vista, 7, 8, and even with the Windows 10.

This device can also support the recent versions of Linux computers such as the Mint, Ubuntu, and the Fedora. It can also work with the Raspberry Pi models with Ubuntu Mate or Raspbian and the new Raspberry Pi Zero.

However, some Linux computer models which are older may not have some built-in Bluetooth support. This will need some additional software and setup to work with the Bluetooth micro adapter.

The Plugable USB Bluetooth micro adaptor is a Class 2 Bluetooth adapter that can reach about 10 meters with no obstructions. It can support Bluetooth profiles such as A2DP, AVRCP, GATT, ATT, GAVDP, HID, HFP, OPP, SPP, PAN, and much more. This Plugable Bluetooth adapter can also work with the Windows 10 Xbox One S controller and all the recent Mac Computers.

However, the Plugable Bluetooth adapter is not compatible with in-car audio and home theater equipment, Apple computers, Playstation brand devices, and Beats audio.

Plugable USB Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Micro Adapter...
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Plugable USB Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Micro Adapter...
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Costech 4.0 Bluetooth Adapter


The Costech Bluetooth adapter can provide an easy and quick cable-free connection that can work with computers and other Bluetooth devices. This includes headsets, speakers, mobile phones, keyboards, and mouse which are Bluetooth-enabled.

With its latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology, the Costech Bluetooth adapter can work at about 3 Mbps speed with its Enhanced Data Rate support.

It is one best Bluetooth adapter for windows 10 with its backward Bluetooth support for both 32 bit and 64 bit of Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and even Windows 10. It also features Microsoft’s latest BLE or Bluetooth Low Energy protocol support for Windows 8 and later versions. It supports Bluetooth voice and data transmission. It also features an Advanced Audio Distribution Profile or A2DP support for stereo audio.

The Costech 4.0 Bluetooth adapter has an extremely compact design which makes it easy to carry and is space saving. You can just even leave it plugged-in on your laptop when you are on the go. It can provide a wireless data exchange for as far as 10 meters in an open space without any obstructions.

The Costech Bluetooth adapter comes in a sleek gold plated micro USB adapter and the package also includes a Driver installation CD.

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Logitech 980-000910 Bluetooth Audio Adapter


Logitech is one of the prominent makers of the best USB Bluetooth dongle in the market. It’s one of the best wireless audio adapters for Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones and tablets. It can make a basic speaker be a major Bluetooth speaker for your smartphone where you can control the music even from a distance of 50 feet.

The Logitech 980-000910 Bluetooth audio adapter features multi-point Bluetooth connectivity. You can simultaneously pair two devices on the adapter and browse your music from either one of them.

It is also designed to provide an easy pairing with your device. You can connect your smartphone to the speakers in as easy as one click on the Bluetooth pairing button. This also makes the re-pairing of the device and speaker hassle-free since it becomes automatic.

The Logitech 980-000910 Bluetooth adapter can connect to all kinds of powered speakers provided that it has the standard plug-and-play 3.5 mm connection and RCA connection. It can also connect well with PC speakers, home stereo system, and even the AV receiver.

Even if this provides a long-range wireless connection, the sound is not at all compromised. This speaker adapter features the high-quality tuning from the Logitech audio lab which makes it perfectly tuned for music, movies, and even for games.

Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter for Bluetooth Streaming
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Logitech Bluetooth Audio Adapter for Bluetooth Streaming
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Etekcity Roverbeats 4.0 Wireless Bluetooth Receiver


The Etekcity 4.0 wireless Bluetooth receiver is one of the best Bluetooth dongles that can connect to any kind of powered speakers, tablets, smartphones, and computers. This is even compatible with AV receivers which have a 3.5 mm or 2RCA audio cable.

It also features an NFC instant connection for mobile phones with NFC using only its multi-function button. It is also designed with a one-click pairing connection with mobile devices and an automatic re-pairing which makes it a hassle-free connection.

This Etekcity wireless Bluetooth receiver features Bluetooth v4.0 which consumes a much lesser energy compared to the later Bluetooth versions. This can take up to 2 hours of charging and can run up to 10 hours every charge. It is also equipped with Enhanced Data Rate technology which makes the data transmission rate even faster and much more stable.

The Roverbeats features both A2DP and AVRC profile functions to allow for high-quality audio streaming. It provides an amplified sound to make playing music, movies and games a quality experience.

This wireless Bluetooth receiver can last up to 10 hours of continuous music playback in all audio systems with its 200 mAh battery and only takes a quick 2 hours of recharging. This is one best Bluetooth dongle that can provide long-lasting excellent performance.

The Etekcity Roverbeats wireless Bluetooth receiver is also a wide-range Bluetooth adapter. It can extend up to 10 meters of wireless connection and control.

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Etekcity Bluetooth Receiver, NFC-Enabled Bluetooth Audio...
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Mpow Streambot Bluetooth Adapter


This Mpow Streambot Bluetooth adapter has the advanced CSR 4.0 which makes it better compared to some 3.0 versions of Bluetooth adapters. This can provide high-quality audio and sound whether you are playing music or answering your calls.

With its music and call switching technology, you can enjoy playing music and/or make and answer the call, both at the same time.

This Bluetooth adapter also has an easy and quick wireless installation. The simple set-up can give you an easy pairing with the most Bluetooth-enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets, and MP3. This can also work well with the car audio system and even home audio systems.

The Mpow Streambot Bluetooth adapter also has the ability to connect 2 Bluetooth-enabled devices at the same time. This adapter can reach about 30 feet in an open space without any obstacle.

The Mpow Streambot is designed to be extremely portable for car-mounted audio systems. It’s a hands-free solution for music and you can make calls while on the go. This can also support various headphone brands such as Apple, Android, and smartphones that have A2DP Bluetooth functions.

Aside from the high-fidelity sound in music and calls, this Mpow Streambot also has a longer battery life. It can run up to four hours in continuous playtime to about 10 hours maximum.

Most portable Bluetooth adapters are not exactly best to use outdoors because they tend to be covered with background noise. However, it is one of the best bluetooth adapter for indoor use along with its stylish and sleek design.

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Advantages in Using Bluetooth Adapters

Bluetooth adapters have become popular these days for a lot of reasons. It has countless of benefits and advantages compared to the older adapters that involve the hassle of wire connections.

Bluetooth adapters are wireless all the way. The best advantage a Bluetooth technology can offer is the hassle-free connection without having to deal with long cords and wires. This is a clutter-free technology which also increases your device’s mobility.

Although the Bluetooth technology is restricted to a certain distance depending on your adapter choice, it is still better compared to infrared technology. You can connect devices without having them face each other. You can easily connect devices even in separate rooms as long as they are within the power range of the system.

One of the features the best PC Bluetooth adapter can offer is that it is a free file-sharing device. You don’t need a WiFi connection or pay for other services for this connection. It is ideal to use for electronic devices because of its low power consumption.

More than that, it is also very easy to use. You can connect devices with just a quick one-click process. The simplicity and ease of using a Bluetooth connection are one of its advantages.

File sharing using a Bluetooth adapter does not make the files public. Bluetooth connections often require acceptance in connecting devices which gives you the control of which you are sharing your files with. This will give your file the security since the files you share are well protected.

Most Bluetooth adapters are also designed to be compact which makes it easier to be carried around or bluetooth adapter

Different Power Class of Bluetooth Adapters

A Bluetooth device can easily connect to another Bluetooth device wirelessly. The distance where a device can transfer data to another device depends on the designed power of the transmitter within the device itself. This is rated in three power classes.

The difference in power class of Bluetooth adapters should be the first thing you should consider when buying a Bluetooth adapter. They are not differentiated by type but by their specification in regards to the range of their sharing connection.

A class 3 Bluetooth adapter is the class type which has the least connection range. It can only produce about 1 mW of power which can only connect two devices which are about one meter apart from each other.

The class 2 type of Bluetooth adapter has a larger connection range compared to the class 3. This is the most common type of Bluetooth adapter you can find in the market. A class 2 Bluetooth adapter produces about a maximum of 2.5 mW of power which can, in turn, connect Bluetooth devices as far as 10 meters apart.

The class 1 Bluetooth adapter, however, can produce about a maximum of 100 mW of power. This has the longest range of all the classes that allows a Bluetooth connection between devices at about 100 meters apart from each other. This wider range of connection, however, takes more battery to consume. This class of Bluetooth adapter also is the most expensive between the three classes.

Things to Consider When Buying Bluetooth Adapters

Rushing to buy the latest Bluetooth adapter in the market is not exactly a good practice. When buying the best Bluetooth dongle for PC, there are certain specifications and features you need to consider to make sure you will get the best one for your needs.

  • Support – When buying a Bluetooth adapter, one of the most important specifications to consider is the various devices that certain adapter can support. Bluetooth adapters can support various kinds of devices such as mobile phones, tablets, headsets, speakers, keyboards, printers, and many other devices.

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  • Compatibility – The compatibility of the Bluetooth adapter is also an important thing to consider. It should be compatible with the system you are using especially with your laptop and computer systems. Mac users should be very careful in buying a Bluetooth adapter since not adapters are compatible with a Mac system.
  • Power Class – The power class determines the range upon a Bluetooth device can be connected with another. You just have to choose what suits your needs best. If you are only using a Bluetooth adapter for a short range type of connection, a class 1 is enough. If you want to play safe, you can choose the class 2 Bluetooth adapter which is more common and can connect devices at 10 meters range maximum.
  • Power Consumption – One of the main differences between different classes of Bluetooth adapters is their power consumption. The class 1 Bluetooth adapters provide a connection at much longer distances which will also require a much larger amount of power compared to the 1-meter range of a class 3 adapter. If you need a basic Bluetooth adapter, having a class 2 would be enough if you don’t really need a long range one.

Common Bluetooth Adapter Misconceptions

Bluetooth technology is one of the most common fast and easy connection processes for mobile phones, laptops, headsets, and other devices. Although file safety is precise in this connection technology, there are several common misconceptions about it. Knowing these things will help in maximizing the use of this technology and preventing any possible Bluetooth threats.

1) Bluetooth technology is a short-range connection – Compared to the basic and older versions of connection that uses cord, Bluetooth is absolutely not short-range. The power range of a Bluetooth device will also depend on the device class it belongs to. A Bluetooth connection can range from less than 10 meters to as far as 100 meters for a Class 1 Bluetooth device.white bluetooth adapter

2) Bluetooth doesn’t expose private data – Another misconception about Bluetooth is that it is completely safe and cannot expose any private or sensitive data. This is not entirely true and one of the proofs is the BlueSnarfing attack that targeted several popular mobile phone brands. This attack uses a certain flaw in a phone’s profile to connect to the device without any authentication.

3) Non-discoverable devices cannot be found – Devices use the Bluetooth Device Address information to rely on the security on file sharing using the Bluetooth technology. A device can be configured to be in a discoverable mode when needed for a connection or in the non-discoverable mode when not needed.

The non-discoverable mode is also a commonly recommended security practice for devices. However, this non-discoverable mode does not necessarily eliminate the risk from an attacker.

No technology is perfect. All in all, the Bluetooth technology is quite a helpful system this day. These security risks should be known, acknowledged, and shouldn’t be overlooked but instead, it should be used to evaluate the overall system of your wireless security plan.


Having a Bluetooth adapter can provide a lot of benefits, mostly because of it is a cordless sharing technology. The hassle of long wires is eliminated with this new file sharing technology.

Choosing the best Bluetooth adapter, however, needs some specifications and features to consider. This especially includes the class of the Bluetooth adapter which determines the file sharing range a certain Bluetooth adapter can provide. This will also determine the power consumption of a certain Bluetooth adapter.

The most common type of Bluetooth adapter you can find in the market is mostly the class 2 type which can connect devices at about 10 meters maximum. This type of Bluetooth adapter can last up to 10 hours. A 10 meters range for 10 hours is already enough for a basic Bluetooth adapter.

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