Best Boat Shoes Reviews 2016-2017

Best boat shoes are not only limited to its aesthetic features. The purpose of the footwear is to make marine operations more effective and unobstructed. If you are looking for a pair that will dry quickly and keep you from slippery decks, find one that is suited for sailing. You cannot simply wear what you have at home since high-end boat shoes are designed specifically for water enthusiasts and boaters.

There are considerations you have to make, beginning with the customer trusted brands to choose from. Furthermore, there must be a careful evaluation of the choices you have based on features. Lastly, you should also give way to learning more about the proper use of the footwear.

Best Boat Shoe Review

Sperry Top-Side Men’s A/O Boat Shoe


This boat shoe is made from leather and imported materials. It is designed with a rubber sole for anti-slippery. It also has a leather material with eyelets that are resistant from rust, a toe area stitched in moccasin-style, and a slotted collar.

Sperry Top-Side Men’s A/O’s outsole is perfected for both dry and wet traction. The cup of the heel also has a shock-absorbing make. It comes in different colors, such as amaretto, brown, black, white, grey, and beige among others.

It is an authentic original from one of the most trusted boat shoe providers—Sperry. It is ideal for the summer weather. Besides its genuine leather material, it also comes with 360-degree lacing system and razor cut wave-siping grip pattern.

You could be rest assured of the quality of the shoe since it is handsewn. The construction will last long like your boat in spite of constant water exposure.

Sperry Top-Side Men’s A/O has a snugly fit, making it a good wear. Generally, it runs small. This is the why it is best to find one that is 0.5 inch larger than your typical shoe buy.


  • Has a snugly fit.
  • Great colors for any season.
  • Very comfortable on the feet.
  • Sturdy craftsmanship.
  • Laces are long enough.


  • Leather material is thin.

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Timberland Men’s Classic Two-Eye Boat Shoe


If you are looking for nice boat shoes, this is a great choice for either casual or professional look. It is also made from leather. However, it has a synthetic sole rather than the rubber material you find in other footwear.

Timberland Men’s Classic Two-Eye is also described as a sporty option given its rawhide lacing, moccasin toe, and slotted collar design. It even comes with an EVA insert and Poron foam for extra comfort. You could select from various colors of darker shade, which are brown, tan burnished, and navy among others.

The footwear provides a nautical feel. Its outsoles are made perfectly for wet or slippery surfaces. The leather upper is even hand sewn for careful craftsmanship.

Custom fit is also obtainable from the footwear with its 360-degree rawhide lacing system. According to Timberland, one or more major parts of the shoe make use of at least 50 percent of leather tan material. Take note that this material is approved with Silver or higher rating.

The imported material made could be matched to your weekend clothing or work week. Timberland Men’s Classic Two-Eye has the modern comfort plus classic details that prove it is a smart addition to your personal style.


  • Gentle on the feet
  • Excessively cushioned for comfort
  • Upper is conveniently thick
  • Lots of rubber traction
  • Classic style


  • Leather gets scratched easily

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Sebago Men’s Docksides Boat Shoe

The leather-made footwear is designed with a rubber sole and moccasin toe stitching design. It also features a rawhide lacing system found surrounding the collar. For extra cushion, it comes with an EVM foam insole.

Sebago boat shoe has a durable traction sole. The footwear has a comfortable feel and fit. It looks perfectly either with or without wearing socks.

The outsole of the shoe is best for protection against slippage. Even its brass eyelets are resistant from corrosion. This pair simply sustains the classic quality of Sebago shoes.

Sebago boat shoe is introduced as the upgraded Docksides from Sebago. Its featured material is Neoprene, which is a considerably water-friendly and lightweight option. This material is washable using cold water and dryable with fresh air.

Every time this is worn, it will take in the shape of your feet perfectly. This is why its custom fit improves over time. At first, it may run narrow, but its finish will soon conform to your feet without the strain.


  • Maintains its shape longer
  • Does not produce bad odor
  • Heavy-duty leather for upper and interior linings
  • Stitching is thicker
  • Non-flashy design


  • Too narrow for others

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Dockers Men’s Castaway Boat Shoe

Dockers Men’s Castaway sustains the classic feel of a boat shoe. It also has a relaxed comfort when worn provided it is made of everything you expect from a shoe for sailing. It has an upper made of smooth leather and hand-sewn moccasin stitching.

Besides the leather lining, it also has a slip-on design. This is ideal for your work week that is filled with rushed mornings. The collar and the tongue of the shoe are cushioned with a thin layer of high-quality padding for added convenience.

The footbed is also lined with molded leather. For improved traction in both dry and wet weathers, its soles are siped with a rubber material. Dockers Men’s Castaway also offers great colors for easier matching of clothes.

The product comes from Dockers, which is also a brand known for providing stylish footwear and apparel for casual and corporate purposes. Its line has reached over 50 countries, particularly in men’s casual pants. Dockers became greatly popular when it released its khakis for the first time in 1986.


  • Good feet support
  • Full leather upper
  • Well-padded interior
  • Leather laces are attractive
  • Great for casual wear


  • Several reports of front soles peeling back

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Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Bono Oxford Boat Shoe
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This boat shoe is a great option if you are looking for a pleasing casual look the next weekend. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Bono Oxford is suitable for a relaxed style that matches any top or pants ideal for the summer. It is among the best from Tommy Hilfiger’s line of footwear for comfort.

Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Bono Oxford has an upper that is made of quality leather for long-lasting use. The shoe also has a lace-up front with metal eyelets for added accent. Furthermore, most commended the smooth man-made lining of the shoe.

The footbed of the shoe is lightly cushioned to avoid a heavy feeling when used for long periods. Similar to any high-quality boat shoes, it has a classic moccasin toe stitching. For all-day comfort, it has a flat heel structure.

You may wear this with or without socks. It feels great on the feet even during the hottest days of the year. Compared to Bowman under the same brand, it is offered at a cheaper value.


  • Good fit for most
  • Great for casual look
  • Recommended for summer
  • Identical to Tommy Hilfiger’s Bowman
  • Cost-effective


  • Size chart may be misleading

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Types of Boat Shoes

In determining the best boat shoes for men or women, you also have to take regard the different types of the footwear. Similar to any shoe, the footwear meant for sailing or boating has varying features, which resulted to different categories. By considering this, you will have easier means of narrowing down your choices.

The types of best men’s boat shoes could be largely dependent on the styles available. Given below are the following:

1) Classic Boat Shoe – This could also be called a deck shoe. This comes with a lace, which is not necessary in the actual fitting. The style of this shoe is slip on wear.

Many consider wearing this shoe on a deck of a marine fleet. Usually, it comes with a sole made from rubber to control slippage. Moreover, it may either be made in loafer or moccasin style.

You would notice in this style that the lace is tied through the shoe’s collar. You could adjust this in order to secure the footwear more tightly. However, in latest releases of lace on boat shoe, the lace is only an added décor that cannot be adjusted.

2) Gold Cup Boat Shoe – You would find this boat shoe with a more comfortable feel than the classic type. Generally, it has an upper area that is made of leather or other strong material. Furthermore, its outer sole is made from rubber for anti-slippery.

Different from the classic boat shoe with a decorative lace, this makes use of a lacing system that could customize your fit. This type of shoe is also designed to withstand both wet and dry conditions without compromising comfort.

3) Bill Fish Boat Shoe – The main feature of the shoe is its extra support through its three-eye attribute. It keeps air circulation for more comfort. This pair retains the rubber-made sole for protection against slippage. Compared to the two first types of the boat shoe, it appears sturdier.

There are Bill Fish boat shoes that are found with extra padding to absorb shock or impact while on the deck. Cushioning in the soles could also be seen added for under-foot convenience. There are people who prefer this type since it somehow appears to be prepared for secured running.

You could find any of the boat shoe types in various colors. However, you will notice that common hues of the shoe are dark tan, brown, grey, and black.

boat shoes on the sea
What to Look For When Buying

It is just normal to know who makes the best boat shoes in looking for one. However, you need to focus on the features of the footwear itself. By doing so, you could never go wrong in giving out your cash.

Remember, the most comfortable boat shoes will not always be found under a big brand. There are cases the choice of footwear will largely depend on your preferences. To help you evaluate boat shoes more effectively, here are the aspects to look for:

1) Protection of the Shoe – It is paramount to take regard of the protection features of the shoe. You could begin with assessing the material making up the footwear. It is customary for boat shoes to have either shock-absorbing or anti-slippery feature.

If you are going to select a boat shoe, it is also best to find one with upper area made of leather. The leather is effective in resisting water. This material is also efficient in keeping the surface supple or ideal for comfort fit.

There must be fabric as well at the upper area of the shoe. This will keep the foot convenient even after long-term use.

2) Right Fit for Your Feet – Not all boat shoes are comfortable based on material and fit. There are footwear options having limited flexibility. In order to find the right fit, it is also necessary to check the space it leaves inside the shoe.

You have to focus on the allowance at the top of your feet. By having this space, you could still perform slight movements using your feet without the pain or discomfort. Simply press your thumb at the tip of the footwear.

As a general rule, the extra space must be equal to the length of your thumb. The distance must be present from the end of the shoe to the tip of your big toe.

3) Personal Style Match – You also have to consider the aesthetics of the shoe, which should match your personal style. In case you do not know what shade to select, you may settle with neutral tones like beige, black, gray, and brown. These colors will not make it difficult for you to find a set of top and pants.

If it is summertime, you may take regard of ivory or white boat shoes. Simply take note that this footwear color is difficult to maintain. For casual use, you may choose printed boat shoes with trendy designs.

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Using/ Safety Tips

Even the best boat shoe brands must be used with care. Basically, the maintenance you practice for your footwear is essential in lengthening its lifespan. This gives you the advantage of wearing your footwear more frequently and saves you future cost of replacement.

To help you with the proper use and care of your shoes, here are things to carry out:

1) Learn Lace Tying – You have different options of tying the laces of your boat shoes. This is necessary not only in making your footwear look appealing but in ensuring a custom fit as well. There are four main ties you could try, which are barrel, chain, tassel, and fish tail.

Primarily, the barrel could also be called heavy knot. It is a classic boat shoe tying that would definitely receive compliments from your co-sailors and friends. You also have the chain, which is inspired by chain knot used in shortening or decorating a rope.

Tassel is also a good choice. It is a must-try since it avoids relacing your footwear. Lastly, fishtail is simply perfect if you want to match everything about your footwear to the seas.

2) Shine Before Using – It is ideal to shine your boat shoes made of leather prior to use. The added gloss will keep it protected from dirt, salt, and water. There are leather protectants that have compounds that could repel various substances that may degrade the quality of your shoe.

3) Keep Leather Treated – Besides polishing your boat shoe’s leather, do not forget to condition it. This is done with the use of conditioners and oils. The solutions will not only treat the material but bring back its gloss even after long-term lack of maintenance.

Conditioning the leather material is best done every time you shine your shoe. However, prevent frequent treatment during weather with high humidity levels.

4) Use Fabric Protector – If the boat shoe you bought has a canvas upper area, you must use a fabric protector spray. This will keep the material from both dirt and water. This solution is similar to the formulations used in clothing and furnishings.

Besides repelling dirt, the solution keeps the solid matter from residing permanently on the shoe material. If you have a sensitive skin, you must wear rubber gloves. Chemicals in the product may trigger allergic reactions.

5) Machine Wash Your Shoes – The most comfortable boat shoe to wear is the one that is always clean. If the shoe is safe for machine wash, you should clean it accordingly. However, this is not applicable for footwear with leather patches.

If the footwear is too muddy, you should scrub the dirt off using running water. This is a pretreatment that will make the washing proper more effective instead of letting clay matter from getting caught with the spinning mechanism.

It is best to use regular detergent and cold water. The boat shoe could be cycled with towels provided they have the same color. It is also recommended that you remove the laces of the shoe first to avoid it from getting caught with the machine cycle.

The boat shoe must be air-dried. After washing and drying, you should also apply fabric protector spray onto the footwear.

6) Store It Properly – Storing boat shoe is also a sensitive matter to learn. It is best to find a moisture-absorbing material where you could stuff your footwear. As much as possible, you use a shoe horn to sustain the structure of your footwear.

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The Sperry Top-Side Men’s A/O Boat Shoe is the winner of the roundup given that it is very classy and has the customer sought durability based on the materials used. Besides, who would not want an original for a footwear that does not fail to impress?

Otherwise, you may select a shoe depending on your comfort. It is your discretion to select a different shoe apart from the recommended one, which matches your preferences perfectly.

Before you board your yacht or boat, wear something comfortable that will not hinder your utmost relaxation or productivity at work. Get your best boat shoe and make a statement even while in the sea.

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