Best Boat Wax Reviews 2020

Using the best boat wax has been a customary when you are engaged in boating. You need to maintain the glossy finish of your fleet, which is also a plus in maintaining its material quality. There are finishes that degrade permanently when not regularly repaired or polished with wax formulations.

In selecting the best wax for boats, there are several considerations you have to make. Primarily, you have to take into account the features to look for in the product. Then, you have to evaluate the top-quality waxes available today based on the solution’s attributes.

It is true that there are dozens of boat waxes available in grocery shelves. However, the number of products will not necessarily entail you have various high-quality marine waxing solutions to use. At times, not all are supposedly helpful for your boat.

Best Boat Wax Review

You need high-quality and customer-recommended boat wax reviews in order to determine the most suitable product for your fleet. The list of industry-standard formulations will make your selection easier and less time-consuming.

Meguiar’s M6332 Boat Wax


This formulation could be the best boat wax for fiberglass boats given it is a flagship marine product from Meguiar’s. The solution features an easy-to-use mixture of compounds that will add long-lasting protection to your boat’s exterior.  It is made out of polymer substance that adds extreme shine to either gelcoat or fiberglass surfaces.

Meguiar’s M6332 Boat Wax has compounds that will not only retain the gloss of your fleet’s exterior, but also keep it from scratches, damage, and ultraviolet rays (UV). Primarily, it gets rid of fine scratches, swirls, grease, and light oxidation. Then, it will enrich the color of your boat’s finish while trying to restore its original shade.

Besides being used on a boat, Meguiar’s stands by the fact it is also useful on SUVs, motorcycles, cars, and scooters. It is even excellent in other metal fittings and accessories. Its applications could quickly get rid of any stain on a fixture.

If you use it on a white surface, you will not have issues on residues. The formulation itself is white, making it less visible even while applying. It guarantees that your boat would be able to resist even the harshest condition when used.

The product promises to either make your boat look like new or have its original gloss. Moreover, you can be assured that the dullness factor would be removed.


  • Leaves no residue
  • Easy-to-use formulation
  • Quickly disperses on the surface
  • Works on other fixtures at home
  • Makes fleet exterior long-lasting all season


  • Intended for light oxidation only

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3M 09005 Boat Wax


This is another considerable best boat polish since it is both a polishing and restoring solution. It is designed to remove not only light but also heavy oxidation. The formulation targets minor scratches, exhaust stains, rust, grease, fading, and other buildups.

3M 09005 is also a versatile product since it could work on both gel coat and fiberglass exteriors. Compared with other waxes available, it is in liquid form, making application easier. It has a double-duty task of restoring the gloss of your fleet and adding protection.

The boat wax aims to simplify the process of polishing and maintaining your fleet. Even boat detailing professionals recommend the use of the formulation. After its application, you will instantly notice the more vibrant and glossier shine of your boat.

The polishing effect of 3M 09005 is long-lasting. You may leave your fleet again under any weather or bright sunlight without worrying about stripping off its shine. Either on the water or by the bay, your boat will remain aesthetically pleasing.


  • Can be used with buffer or hand.
  • Leaves a deep shine.
  • Requires minimum effort.
  • Saves time.
  • Works on household items.


  • May leave a hazy residue.

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Star brite Boat Wax With PTEF


The marine maintenance product is based on petroleum. The formulation has a beige tone and features polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) aside from its UV protection. According to the claims, PTFE is effective in repelling stains and water.

The added feature of Star brite will help in cleaning the boat surface easier and faster. Moreover, it increases hull speed. Even if you have to use a handful amount of the wax, you will not be worrying about the sticky feeling.

PTFE is a non-stick material, which is why it is highly efficient in repelling other materials. The formulation is also specially formulated for metal, acrylic glass, fiberglass, and other painted surfaces. It could be applied either on a polish or old wax if you prefer.

Star brite’s product is also exemplary in removing oxidation. This will be highly visible when you remove the tape. It could get rid of almost every spot on your boat’s material.

Many have commended the product for it could work even on the most damaged areas of a fleet. This only proves how strong its formulation is.


  • Leaves shine longer than traditional waxes
  • Smooth finish
  • Prevents bugs and grime
  • Makes the task quicker
  • Useful even on cars


  • Makes scratches white

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Collinite 885 Boat Wax

The marine solution leaves a luster shine on any boat interior. After bringing back the glossy finish of your fleet, it will even add extra protection to any harsh weather. Collinite boasts that its Fleetwax is an award-winning product in independent tests.

It has an ultimate staying power, which will eliminate frequent polishing of your boat. Similar to other high-quality boat waxes, it is based from carnauba. Its durability is unquestionable even when compared with other sealants.

The product targets strains, UV damages, salt spray, and excess marine growth in any section of your fleet. Drag is also reduced with its use since it increases the smoothness of any surface. This will not only keep you from difficult cleaning but also save you from fuel costs.

Collinite 885 has various awards under its belt, which are Powerboat Reports’ Top Performer in 1994, Practical Sailor’s Editor’s Choice in July 2009, and Powerboat Reports’ Top Paste Wax in October 2004.


  • Works on automotive and aeronautical applications
  • Creamy formulation
  • Dries in just four minutes
  • Compounding is not required
  • Easier to wipe off


  • May require extra effort in applicationwide orange

Aero Cosmetics 777GK Boat Wax

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The wax product eliminates the need for water in washing your fleet. It is a non-stick formula that cleans and protects. It even gives off protection against the sun on any vehicle type.

Aero Cosmetics 777GK requires two simple steps. First, you have to spray the solution. Next, wipe the formulation dry, and your vehicle exterior will be good as new.

The high-performance product will be applicable not only for marine fleet but also for automotive products. As claimed, it has been used around the world in a span of 28 years by airlines, private aircraft owners, and corporations. Its eco-friendliness may be one of the reasons it is a recommendable product.

Aero Cosmetics 777GK has a plant-based formulation. The wax has no ammonia or alcohol. You could use it both on the exterior and interior areas of the vehicle.

Since it is a natural wax formulation, you will be protected from skin and eye irritation. It even meets the cleaning standards of AirBus Industries (09-00-002) and Boeing Aircraft (D6-17487P, D6-7127M).


  • Quick application
  • Made from safe compounds
  • Leaves a nice luster
  • Works in a few minutes
  • Gives off an incredible smell


  • Bottle may leak

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Types of Boat Wax

Determining the best marine wax includes selecting from its types. By choosing one, you will be able to narrow down your choices in selecting a brand of formulation. Moreover, having concrete knowledge of the different types of boat wax will help you weigh the pros and cons of each.

1) Carnauba-Based Wax – This is considered a high-quality option if you want to reap the advantages of top-of-the-line polymer technology. The feature is known for providing long-lasting and extreme protection to your boat’s exterior. Besides cleaning, it adds protection in two layers.

By using the wax regularly, you could sustain the polished and clean look of your boat. It is a strong formulation, which is why buffing or rubbing may no longer be required. The wax’s objective is to keep your boat surfaces from harmful effects of bugs, acid rain, and UV rays, among others.

There are non-abrasive products today that are very easy to apply. Besides keeping your boat’s finish seamless, it repels dirt.

2) Metal Wax – This is a specialized formulation for a metal-made boat. It works well in exterior out of stainless steel, chrome, brass, aluminum and copper. Besides cleaning and polishing your fleet’s outer surface, it could also be useful in protecting marine accessories.

The product is very easy to use and safe for your skin. The formulation could be in either liquid or paste form. Usually, there are no harsh alkalis or high level of toxicity in the product.

3) Fiberglass Wax – This product is specially made for fiberglass boats. This type of waxes does not require buffing or rubbing. It easily gets rid of rust, dirt, oil, grease, stains, and film.

The formulation aims to restore the original shade of your fleet. After bringing back the beauty of your boat, it will add protection against salt spray, acid rain, and UV rays. Most of the time, fiberglass wax finish may last for all season.

Apart from applying it on the boat deck, you may also use it at the bottom of your boat. By doing so, you could prevent excess marine growth, salt water, stains, and detergents.

It is recommended that you look for an all-in-one waxing solution. Besides the gloss element, it must have a bit of abrasive for polishing way oxidation and dirt. If you select pure waxes, you will still have to work on removing the stains on the surface regularly, making it a time-consuming task.

What to Look For When Buying

If you are shopping for best boat polish, there are features you must take note of. These product aspects will help you obtain the most useful product based on your requirements. There are tons of boat waxes available, which is why careful and wise selection must be carried out.

1) Contains Mild Abrasive – If you want to save cost and effort at the same time, you should find a wax formulation with a cleaner. There must at least be a small amount of abrasive that could scrape dirt, stains, rust, and grease away from your boat surfaces and fittings. In other words, it is recommended to find an all-in-one solution.

2) Longer Shine – There are cleaning and waxing solutions that compromise the longevity of shine it leaves the fleet exterior. Look for a wax formulation that could provide gloss in a way a pure wax does. This is highly applicable if the gelcoat of your boat is oxidized or quite filled with dirt.

3) Organic and Mineral Stain Remover – A high-quality boat wax that has a cleaning solution must at least get rid of both organic and mineral stains. The former pertains to color changes due to spilled drink, bird dropping, wine, plant substance, or food. Alternatively, the latter refers to stains due to chainplate, metal accessories, and exhaust ports, among others.

If you cannot find one that could remove both types of stains, you must still look for a solution that will strip off the dirt but will prevent gelcoat damage. As much as possible, you avoid looking for a formulation that has acetone, methyl ethyl ketone, or other strong solvents.

4) Added Protection – The wax should not only remove the stains on your fleet’s surface but also add protection. It must safeguard from future effects of salt spray, ultraviolet rays, marine growth, detergents, and grease, among others.

5) Easy Application – There are wax formulations that may require several steps, which may not be a good thing for a busy-headed person like you. Fortunately, there are products whose thin layer of wax could clean a larger area of a fleet. This then improves the speed of finishing the task.

6) Versatile – In order to cut more cost by buying a boat wax, select a product that is versatile. It must at least be usable for other applications, such as for aeronautical or RV use. This only implies that it has an excellent and durable coating solution.

Usage Safety Tips

You must practice careful and safe application of a boat wax to reap its utmost benefits. There are various professional tips that you may take into consideration to complete the task quickly and manageably. Here are among the things you need to keep in mind:

1) Read the Instructions Carefully – You have to read the manual included in the wax formulation to learn how it is used properly. The instructions will also save you from the danger of skin irritation. For instance, it will instruct whether you need to wear protective gloves during application.

2) Prepare Your Boat – Your marine fleet must be prepared before the wax application. It must also be positioned securely, preferably on a surface level to the ground or flat. This is helpful since you will be moving all over the fleet and spraying or applying the solution in every section of it.

It is advised to cover the interior of your boat before waxing. This is helpful in cleaning your fleet comfortably without worrying about the safety of your things inside.

3) Assemble Your Tools – Prior to applying the wax as well, the tools needed must be on-hand. These materials include chamois, deck brush, soft-bristled brush, and a lot of cotton fabric. For eye and knee protection, you also need a pair of goggles and knee pads, respectively.

4) Wash the Fleet First – You must have a complete washdown of the fleet before restoring its shine. By doing so, you could easily detect the stubborn or tough dings, scratches, or stains you have to focus on. Remove all sorts of grime using a hose.

Plain water is useful in cleaning the exterior. In case you need to scrub the grime, you must use wet sponges. It is not generally recommended to use sandpaper for this may damage the glossy finish of your boat.

5) Do Not Rub the Product Too Hard – You are not required to scrub the surface of the boat too hard. The marine wax has sufficient compounds that could dissolve the most stubborn stain on your boat. Light pressure in one direction is enough to carry out the work.

6) Start at the Transom – The most effective way of applying the waxing solution is covering 2 feet by 2 feet sections at a time. It is best to start at the transom and proceed to the bow. In case you have to use a buffer, you must begin at the slowest speed possible.

7) Practice Care on Non-Removable Fittings – It is imperative to use a fabric on non-removable boat fittings. If there are removable parts, you must detach them for polishing first. Simply keep the screws with them so you will not lose any or be confused.


If you need a recommendation, you might as well try Meguiar’s M6332 Boat Wax given it bettered all the other products mentioned above. Besides enriching the color of your boat’s finish, protecting it from UV damage, it even works on light oxidation. It has everything you need for good cleaning and waxing capabilities with the plus of its aroma.

Alternatively, you may also purchase any of the remaining featured products if Meguiar’s fails to meet your expectations.  Undeniably, all the featured boat waxes can satisfy most of the customers despite their reported flaws.

The guidelines and reviews of best boat wax above will give you more chances of extending the beauty and life of your fleet’s exterior. You may now also be free from tedious and frequent polishing task.

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