Best Car Wash Soap Reviews 2020

Reliable car soap is undoubtedly essential for the car enthusiasts in washing their beloved vehicles, as car washing is a weekly ritual throughout the maintenance. Aside from the pleasure of having a clean car, being proud of driving a clean one is equally crucial, considering the aesthetics of the car’s exterior. Also, a maintained and clean vehicle helps in extending the paint and finish for several years.

In keeping your car looking vibrant and new, you need to have the best car wash soap, ensuring that you get the job done well with the proper equipment at hand. This might be a daunting task due to the unlimited products on the market. Keep in mind that these products are always advertised as the best, although not all of them keep their promises.

So, this article will help you narrow down the choices, giving you only the top-ranked and the best car wash products that generate high-quality results as advertised. These products have been rated by actual users too; hence, you are assured of their quality and reliability.


Best Car Wash Soap Reviews

Armor All 10346 Ultra Shine Wash and Wax

41DW5Alh5PL 3With a 4.7-Star Rating is the Armor All 10346 Ultra Shine Wash, which is highly capable of gently lifting away dirt that usually causes swirls and scratches. This top car wash soap delivers no less than mirror-like shine while protecting the vehicle effortlessly. It contains a layer of carnuba wax, resulting in a deep shine and surface protection against damaging elements.

Moreover, the Armor All 10346 greatly helps throughout water beading on the car’s paint, while revealing the paint’s deep radiant color at the same time. It is very helpful in maintaining your car’s exterior, especially when there are lots of road construction, road dust, and smoke particles in your area.

With a weekly car washing, Armor All 10346 will really live up to its promises, surpassing your expectations, unlike the common car wash soap out there. It is super sudsy by adding just an ounce of the soap to a gallon of water, and you’re ready to clean the entire exterior of your vehicle, including the wheels and undercarriage.

There is no streaking as well as marks with the Armor All 10346. Just remember to wash and dry your vehicle quickly, say one side at a time. Once you’re finished drying, the product leaves a wonderful reflective shine, plus a nice scent similar to most of automotive deodorizers.

In all, the Armor All 10346 Ultra Shine Wash and Wax is not only good car wash soap, but also a very efficient one that foams up very well, shine and cleans, and with an affordable price tag that satisfies every car enthusiast.

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Optimum (NR2010Q) No Rinse Wash & Shine


The Optimum (NR2010Q) No Rinse Wash & Shine is also worth considering. It garners an average rating of 4.8-Stars from actual users. This car washing soap claims to be the most technologically advanced when it comes to car cleaning systems as it is highly capable of eliminating polluting storm water runoff and safely cleaning the exterior of car surfaces.

This is the best car shampoo for many consumers as it contains an exclusive formulation of high lubricating polymers, which bond to paint and release grime and dirt. Thus, it offers safe and brilliant finish simultaneously.

This car shampoo is preferred by car enthusiasts and the professional car detailers due to its ability to clean vehicles fast, and not to mention, very satisfactory results. It is also safe for all vehicles such as motorcycles, trucks, cars, wood or fiberglass boats, RVs, ORVs, and even for airplanes.

For many users of this product, they claim that the Optimum (NR2010Q) is the best car wash soap for black cars, especially during the winter season. Incredible results are achieved with just two cap-fulls of the soap combined with a bucket of water.

Without a hose and rinsing, you can surely see amazing results as the dirt tends to bond with the solution, after drying your car with a microfiber towel. Indeed, this product is highly recommended by actual users as it cleans very well without leaving swirl marks, plus offers protection throughout the exterior of your car.

wide orangeMeguiar’s G7164 Gold Class Car Wash

51U4N9FJRQL 1Another thing to look for, while shopping for the best soap to wash car or any vehicle, is the Meguiar’s G7164 Gold Class Car Wash. Garnering an average rating of 4.7-Stars, the Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo and Conditioner lineup from Meguiar’s has a unique design in cleaning and conditioning paint in a single step.

This product features an exclusive and advanced formula, which gently foams away stubborn dirt, road grime and other contaminants without stripping the wax protection. It also contains a very rich paint conditioner, clearing away debris, while revealing the color, clarity, and vibrant look of your car.

It is the best car soap and wax with the best combination of the finest conditioners, plus premium ingredients, delivering only exceptional results. It is loved by a lot of car enthusiasts throughout the world as Meguiar’s Gold Class undoubtedly continues in setting the standard for automotive care and maintenance.

The Meguiar’s G7164 has been certainly formulated to clean and condition at the same time and is very easy to use as well. It is pH-balanced and non-detergent formula that is greatly assisted by a superior wash mitt, the Meguiar’s Microfiber Wash Mitt.

Its advanced formulation never compromises wax protection, unlike dishwashing detergents that tend to promote oxidation and strip wax protection, resulting in unwanted premature deterioration of rubber trim, plastic, and vinyl.

Using a proper drying cloth is equally essential as using this product. It is highly recommended using the Meguiar’s Water Magnet Microfiber Drying Towel, which is sold separately. Never allow air dry as this result in water spots. Nonetheless, Meguiar’s G7164 is very reliable, handy, and the best-rated car wash soap for car enthusiasts.

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Mothers 05664 California Gold Car Wash

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Car wash soap reviews also indicate that the California Gold Car Wash is a powerful cleaning agent when it comes to vehicles. It is a product that deserves the 4.7-Star rating from customers due to its strip wax protection, powerful cleaning ability, and thorough car care.

It has a strong formulation in washing away dirt, bugs, bird droppings, road film, airborne pollutants, grime, and many other contaminants that your car may come across. It has been formulated to protect the wax without dulling the paint at the same time. This product also boasts water-spotting resistant feature, unlike other brands and products out there.

Its pH-balanced formulation means it is safe, despite continuous use, while its super-sudsy formula can resist water-spotting. It is created to shine without eliminating wax, while offering long-lasting benefits with regular and proper use.

The Mothers 05664 California Gold Car Wash has also generated countless positive reviews from actual users, delivering satisfactory results even after a single wash. There are zero streaking and water spots, based on reviews, while a small amount of the formula suds up an entire car.

Surely, this is the best car wash soap that lifts dust and dirt, while preventing scratches simultaneously. It lathers well and maintains such consistency throughout the task. The concentrated formula works as advertised, noticing a significant difference from using ordinary soaps and dishwashing detergents. Without a doubt, the Mothers 05664 is among the top-ranked car care products on the market.

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Chemical Guys CWS301 Citrus Wash


Finally, with an average rating of 4.5-Stars is the Chemical Guys CWS301 Citrus Wash. Compared to most of the best car wash products reviews previously, this product features a unique formulation, which is derived from citrus hyper shampoo, combined with gloss enhancer.

It is the best car wash liquid with a 1 to 4000 dilution ratio, the highest concentration premium car shampoo worldwide. With just a cap of the formula, you can actually mix it with five gallons of water that still delivers the finest, cleanest, and shiniest surface.

Because it is citrus-based and hyper-concentrated, this product works no less than as the ultra surface prep paintwork cleanser, plus shampoo and gloss enhancer, packed in one. It is also a biodegradable and 100% surface-friendly formula, outperforming the hazardous solvent shampoos, and other surface cleaners on the market.

The citrus content aided by lubricating foam tends to penetrate fast in lifting and holding soil in suspension that leads to easy scratch free rinsing feature. The citrus extracts are substantially effective in breaking down dirt and grime and lubricating surfaces at the same time. These properties result in rinsing off debris gently.

The natural and powerful cleaning ability of this pure citrus cleaner also eliminates artificial colors, thickeners, and additives; thus, it delivers only the cleanest, streak-free, and glossy finish. The Chemical Guys CWS301 certainly outshines most waxes and brings back the shine to your car in every wash. This product promises to change the way of car detailing as it has been created to be the most advanced detailing solution for automobiles.

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Car Wash Soap Buying Guide

At this point, you now have several choices when it comes to the best car soap for cleaning and maintaining the paint and wax of your car. However, there are still a few tips you might want to consider, before placing your order online. Below are the three essential features you need to check while shopping for such products.

Formula pH Level

This is a factor in every car wash shampoo or liquid that pertains to the acidity or alkalinity. There is a certain level of alkalinity that helps in breaking up dirt and other solid materials, which have an acidic nature, like bird droppings, for instance.

Excessive pH level means excessive alkalinity, while a formula with very minimal pH level could damage the paint, coat, and wax of your car. Therefore, finding a formulation with a balanced pH level, such as the Mothers 05664 California Gold Car Wash will do well, even for long-term use.

Streak and Water Spot Resistance

The second property you should be looking for is the ability of the product to protect or resist water spots and streaks as these are potentially damaging to your car’s exterior. Streaks tend to leave your vehicle looking dirty. So, it is important to look for the best car wash formula that claims to avoid both streaks and water spots, such as the above-mentioned products.

Liquid-to-Water Ratio

This feature is basically meant to save you money. So, good quality car wash products come in concentrations, usually providing 1-to-1 ratio (1 ounce to 1 gallon). The more concentrated the liquid is, the more you can get from the bottle. Comparing the products above, the Chemical Guys CWS301 Citrus Wash claims to be the highest concentration premium car shampoo.



In a nutshell, it is always best to use the proper equipment and cleaning agents when washing your vehicles. It is never advised that you use household cleaning agents like glass cleaner and dishwashing detergents as these products may strip off your car’s protective wax.

Make use of a dedicated product that is specially formulated for automotive use as such car wash products are milder in nature. Applying the suds with a soft sponge or a wool mitt all over the car’s body is highly recommended too. When cleaning the wheels and the lower edges of the vehicle, you can also use soft and non-abrasive cloth in removing the stubborn deposits. Hence, separate sponges for the wheels, tires, and the body are equally important.

Car air dry is not recommended by car experts either because it leaves watermarks, instead, soft terry towels or a natural or synthetic chamois will do the job very well. Or better yet, choose the best car washing soap with quick-dry formula to accomplish your task faster and easier.

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