Best Cold Air Intake Reviews 2016 – 2017

Car engineers estimated that, for every 10 degrees of cooler air in a car’s engine, the power output of the engine can increase about 1 percent. This makes it essential to have a cold air intake in increasing a car’s performance.

A cold air intake is a type of air intakes used in a car which draws cool air outside to the vehicle’s engine. With a much cooler air flowing through the engine of the car, the combustion requires an even lesser heat and fuel.

In choosing a cold air intake, specifications and features should be considered to make sure you get the advantages and benefits the best cold air intake can offer.

Best Cold Air Intake Review

Spectre 9900 Cold Air Intake


Spectre is one of the most popular makers of different high-performance air intake systems for an impressively wide range of vehicles.

Most of the cold air intakes that are made by Spectre use a mandrel bent intake tubes that are also chrome finished. The tip of the tube also features cotton gauze air filters.

The Spectre 9900 cold air intake is one of the top and finest with its Spectre Performance Cold Air Intake Systems engineering. It is specifically designed to get a much larger horsepower and torque from a car while also working to prevent any harmful debris going into the car’s engine.

The 9900 cold air intake system by Spectre comes with a red air filter with a reusable low restriction and a high-quality aluminum tubing structure.

This air intake also features a heat shield which is black-powder-coated. This is designed to help prevent the engine air from going into the intake inlet.

The Spectre 9900 cold air intake is built with an easy-to-install performance. This cold air intake set also includes an instruction manual and a mobile-friendly installation instruction. This additional feature makes it easier to install the intake on your car.

The set also includes clamps, hardware, and the necessary boots for a better OE fit and finish.

The Spectre 9900 cold air intake fits a variety and models of cars. It can be well suited for some Cadillac Escalade, ESV, and EXT; Chevrolet Avalanche 1500; Silverado 1500; Silverado 1500 Classic, HD, and HD Classic; and all Chevrolet 2500 and 3500.

Spectre Performance Air Intake Kit: High Performance,...
523 Reviews
Spectre Performance Air Intake Kit: High Performance,...
  • BETTER TOWING: Improves acceleration and uphill performance...
  • IMPROVED ENGINE SOUND: Hear the power under the hood.

K&N 63-3082 Performance Intake Kit


To achieve a higher performance in cars, the horsepower and towing capabilities are not enough. It should also offer power as well as fuel efficiency, a refined interior with the used of today’s modern technology, and an overall platform that can work well on the road as well as off the road. It has to be a complete and all-in-one package.

Most power cars such as the Chevrolet Silverado, Chevy Suburban, Chevy Tahoe, GMC Sierra, GMC Yukon, and the GMC Yukon XL have the power, towing capability, fuel efficiency, interior refinement, and the most advanced technology in the industry. Although these factors already make these types of car powerful in terms of their performance, installing the K&N 63-3082 performance air intake system can better improve their capacity.

The 63-3082 cold air intake is expertly engineered to guarantee the increase both the horsepower and torque. It helps in minimizing the restriction and increase a colder airflow into the car’s engine. It is designed with an oversized conical shaped high-flow air filter.

The extra size of the filter can provide even more airflow at a lower restriction compared with some standard filters. The air filter is also washable and can be reused. It can go about 100,000 miles before it requires cleaning again.

K&N products are built using the finest materials which make it even more durable and can work just as well under tough conditions. The K&N also gives a 10-year warranty or about a million mile warranty which is not at all bad. This intake system is also easy to install with only using your basic hand tools. It doesn’t require any additional modifications in your car either.

K&N Cold Air Intake Kit: High Performance, Increase...
2,275 Reviews
K&N Cold Air Intake Kit: High Performance, Increase...
  • BETTER TOWING: Improves acceleration and uphill performance...
  • IMPROVED ENGINE SOUND: Hear the power under the hood
  • WORLD CLASS PROTECTION: Pushing the limits of engine...

aFe 54-12192 EcoBoost Cold Air Intake System


aFe performance intake systems boast their in-house dyno testing and both their flow and filtration system to produce high-quality intake systems.

The aFe 54-12192 EcoBoost cold air intake is an advanced stage 2 air intake system that can outflow another factory. It can produce a very impressive horsepower at about 32 hp and a torque at about 35 pounds × feet. It is one of the most sophisticated designs in the industry today.

Intake air flow and the velocity increase with its dual tube design which has an equal length and with an H-pipe balance tube. This also increases the engine’s horsepower and helps improve the throttle response and allows for a much quicker turbo spooling. This cold air intake is designed inside a 16-gauge heat shield which is very durable. It helps utilize the lower half of the factory airbox and doesn’t require any assembly.

The aFe 54-12192 cold air intake system is designed with two 360 degrees of a conical-shaped Pro 5R air filters. This provides an even better protection and allows for a maximum performance. These filters are made with 100 percent of polyurethane which makes it extremely durable to last a long time under multiple cleaning cycles.

This cold air intake system is specifically designed for a quick and hassle-free installation with its mounted heat shield design. As easy as snapping the intake system on the lower half of the factory air box, you are all set.

aFe Power Magnum FORCE 54-12192 Ford F-150 EcoBoost...
108 Reviews
aFe Power Magnum FORCE 54-12192 Ford F-150 EcoBoost...
  • Outflows the factory intake by up to 44%. Produces an...
  • 5-Layer progressively finer oiled, washable cotton gauze...
  • Heat shield snaps onto the lower half of the factory air box

AEM 21-744C Cold Air Intake System


The AEM 21-744C cold air intake system replaces a car’s restrictive factory air filter and its air intake housing to produce an increased horsepower and torque. This cold air intake system is specifically designed to fit some Chevrolet Cruze and some of the Chevrolet Cruze Limited models.

It features an AEM Dryflow synthetic air filter which is specially made oversized. This larger air filter is better for an increase in air flow, filtration, and overall performance. This oil-free air filter is also designed for reuse, which requires cleaning every after 100,000 miles of the run.

The heat shield that houses the cold air filter is designed to help reduce the temperature of the intake air as well as increase the horsepower. The tubing of the air intake is made from a mandrel-bent aluminum, which features a gunmetal gray powder-coated finish to make it even more durable.

The overall AEM 21-744C cold air intake system is built to accommodate the factory emission devices of the engine as well as the mass air sensor.

The 21-744C air intake is also designed to be easy to install using only common tools and features a lifetime limited warranty.

AEM 21-744C Cold Air Intake System, Gunmetal
70 Reviews

Injen IS1660P Intake System

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The Injen IS1660P cold air intake system is precisely made and custom built to be a direct replacement of your car’s factory-installed air intake.

It can help release your engine’s maximum power by force feeding a much cooler and denser air into your engine. This allows for a maximum and reliable horsepower gains as well as an increase in torque. This also improves engine’s efficiency and its fuel economy.

The Injen IS1660P cold air intake is built using aerospace-grade T-6061 aluminum to create an extremely strong and anti-corrosive cold air intake system which is also incredibly lightweight. This cold air intake is dyno-proven; it can deliver an optimum throttle response within the RPM spectrum.

This cold air intake features the signature of Injen air intakes which is the urethane air filter. It can effectively block dirt, grime, and even some grit-not oxygen. It also features a rubber vibrant-mount cushioning to make sure mount is secure and balanced.

The IS1660P air intake system comes with silicone hoses, stainless steel clamps, and a very detailed installation instruction for an easy and hassle-free at-home installation.

Injen Technology IS1660P Polished Short Ram Intake System
46 Reviews
Injen Technology IS1660P Polished Short Ram Intake System
  • Piping is mandrel bent to provide maximum airflow
  • Duel layer surgical gauze cotton filter element provides...
  • Aerospace quality aluminum construction provides lightweight...

S&B 75-5059 Cold Air Intake Kit


The S&B is one of the longer running cold air intake brands and makers of high-quality air intakes for decades. S&B air intakes are built through the manufacturer’s years of experience in cool air, filtration, and power for your car engine.

Aside from the premium design features of S&B products, its S&B 75-5059 cold air intake is designed with a custom-made air box. This exclusive design brings them on top of most cold air intake reviews. This helps in keeping the warm air from the engine out as well as some loose dirt.

This 75-5059 cold air intake features a premium air filter which is made up of eight layers of cotton gauze which is specifically designed to match every vehicle type. This air filter is made with durability which can last longer and is washable and reusable for life.

The air box of this system also features a top made with a clear window to make it easier for inspections.

The S&B 75-5059 cold air intake has a cross-link intake tube which is specially crafted to minimize the restrictions in the line. The overall design of the 75-5059 cold air intake is specifically designed to increase a car engine’s performance by aiding in the balance of air and fuel ratios to help improve the gas mileage of the car.

This air intake kit includes a mounting hardware which makes it easier and quicker to install. You can get it done and ready for just about 30 minutes or even less.

It also comes with an installation instruction with illustrations to make it even easier for at-home installation. This is also backed by the S&B’s impressive 1,000,000 mile-run warranty.

S&B Filters 75-5059 Cold Air Intake for 2009-2014 Chevy/GMC...
99 Reviews
S&B Filters 75-5059 Cold Air Intake for 2009-2014 Chevy/GMC...
  • 34.57% More Airflow & 99.26% Efficiency Rating. Tested To...
  • Designed To Avoid Check Engine Lights
  • Premium Silicone Parts Last Longer And Look Better

Benefits of Using a Cold Air Intake

Installing a cold air intake in your car can give a lot of benefits and advantages in increasing a car’s performance. With the best cold air intake in your car, it can increase its horsepower at a certain level.

When a car is paired with its compatible and best-of-breed cold air intake in the industry, it can increase about 5 up to 20 horsepower to the car’s current speed. It can also help increase the responsiveness of the engine whenever there is a speedy acceleration. This is all because there is much more available air for combustion to make the engine reach its maximum speed.

The power of a car relies on the explosion created by the mixture of air and fuel. With a less amount of air in the engine, it tends to consume a larger amount of gas in exchange for the lack of engine

Having a cold air intake on a car can feed the much-needed air in the engine which will then increase its fuel economy. Saving on fuel expenses is another great way you can benefit from a new cold air intake.

Stock air intakes that are already in cars mostly have disposable paper filters. Although they can do their work of trapping debris from the engine, they often require replacement.

New cold air intakes, however, are mostly made up of advanced versions of filters which are also washable and reusable. These new filters often require being cleaned only after at least 50,000 miles run, which are also more effective in the filtration method.

For most performance cars, a roaring engine and an aggressive sound are factors that make them thrilling. This is also one of the advantages of replacing the car’s factory air intake with a new one.coupe performance car

A new cold air intake can feed more air into the engine, which gives it an enhanced sound. However, there are also types of cold air intakes that can muffle this sound but still increase the engine efficiency.

Things to Know Before Buying a Cold Air Intake System

There are the latest cold air intakes, and there are also the best cold air intakes. The difference between the two is that the first one doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best for your car, while the second one is the best suited to improve your car’s performance.

There are certain specifications that needed to be considered when buying a cold air intake:

1) Thermal Barrier – The air intake system takes air from a cool and dense source. However, if they are not safe from thermal contamination, the power gains of using a cold air intake may be minimal.

Choosing a cold air intake that is made from materials that can resist any heat transfer like certain types of plastic like the carbon fiber is a much better choice. Having a thermal barrier coating such as zirconium and ceramic can also give a huge positive impact.

2) Oiled Filter Element or Dry Filter Element – In a filtration process, an oiled filter element does a much better job compared with the dry filter element.

However, this can sometimes be a problem to the air metering devices like the mass air flow units. Some microscopic particles of the oil can contaminate the airflow meters, which will cause it to malfunction after some time.

Having a dry filtering element will be a much better choice for cars with mass airflow units.

3) CARB Approved – The California Air Resource Board approval in a cold air intake is an important aspect to consider especially in California. This certification is made to ensure that a certain exhaust system of intake won’t inhibit or affect the emission control of a car.

4) Water Ingestion – Air intakes that take air from the bottom part of the bumper of the car can be at risk in ingesting water especially in areas that have regular rainfall. This is something to consider when buying a cold air intake.

There are certain brands that make cold air intake with a bypass valve to prevent water ingestion. There are also those that have a two-piece design that can be converted into a short ram intake when the lower portion is removed to prevent ingestion of water.

These are two factors you have to consider when buying a cold water intake to prevent any engine damage by water ingestion.

Having the best air intake for your car will make sure that you can get all the advantages and benefits a new air intake can give to a car’s performance.

Symptoms of Failing Cold Air Intake

A reduction in your car’s engine performance on either power or acceleration can be caused by a clogged or a dirty air filter. This, along with a problem in starting the car, is one of the most common symptoms of a bad or failing cold air intake. In these cases, you probably have to install a new cold air intake in your car.

Another symptom that you probably need a new cold air intake is an excessively high or surging idle. Also, when the Check Engine Light comes on, there is probably a problem with the car’s system which is mostly a failing cold air intake.check engine light on


Installing a new cold air intake on your car can provide a lot of advantages and benefits mainly in increasing your car’s engine power as well as the fuel efficiency. A best-of-breed performance car can be turned into a much higher level and apart from its competitors when paired with the best cold air intake there is.

The best cold air intake should do the work of improving a car’s performance on the road as well as off the road and under different weather conditions. This means having the safety capacity from water ingestion if you happen to drive on a flooded road.

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