Best Cool Life Jacket Reviews 2020

Life jackets are commonly heard because of their indispensable use for safety during water travel. They are also referred to as Personal Flotation Device. Primarily, this vest for life is used to keep you afloat in water by increasing your buoyancy.

You can use this when you do water activities like canoe and ski. You need to consider the best life jacket when you are out there because the condition of the water system changes frequently in a blink of an eye.

If you are searching for the best life jackets in the market for you and your family, then this buying guide will be of sure help. It provides the top life jackets in the market that you could choose from.

Best Cool Life Jacket Review

Stearns Adult Classic Series Life Jacket


The Stearns Adult Life Jacket is something to look for when you would like to ensure extra protection when you are in the water. This is considered as the best life vest for strenuous water-based activities because it provides greater buoyancy compared to the other life jackets on the market. The floating mechanism is brought by its PE foam component.

The PE foam is a very resilient material for life vests. It provides buoyancy factor to the jacket due to its closed-cell structure. It can even provide dampening of vibration as well as insulation. This makes it the best material for life jackets.

One of this jacket’s important features is that it is certified to be a Type III US Coast Approved Life Jacket. The USCG makes recommendations for the life jackets to be used in a variety of situations. Stearns Adult Life Jacket has a buoyancy of 15.5 pounds. This is the reason it is classified as a floatation aid.

In terms of style, it is also considered as the most comfortable life jacket to wear. The design of this jacket is perfect for activities like boating and other water-related sports. They are meant for calm waters, not for violent water condition. If there is a fast rescue going on, this is the jacket to use.

To increase the level of protection, it is equipped with three buckles that are meant for boating. The side is also open for limitless movement. The edges of the life jacket will not be a hindrance because the size is universal.

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Kemp Absolute Outdoor Type II Life Jacket


If you are looking for the light weight life vests, then Kemp Absolute Outdoor Life Jacket tops the list. This is a foam-filled material that contributes to its floating factor. It also provides a fluffy feeling to the user.

It is made with an orange color because this hue is an illuminator. If you have ever watched boating competitions, those enthusiasts usually wear it in case the boat they are riding capsizes. It is designed to provide lesser buoyancy and it has the capacity to turn the person who has drowned face-up.

Among the other jackets, this is classified as a Type II US Coast Guard Approved Life Jacket. This type of life vest is generally used for the purpose of boating. This is recommended to be used for calm and inland waters.

This near shore life jacket also features inflatable and hybrid features. Its minimum buoyancy is around 15.5 pounds for most of the adults. If there are situations for immediate rescue, then Kemp Absolute Outdoor Life Jacket is recommended to be used.

Another feature to note is its waist buckle. This ensures that the life jacket will not separate from the body even if the person wearing it is unconscious. It is not bulky to wear and the design also makes it one of the cool life jackets in the market.

The Kemp Absolute Outdoor Life Jacket is available in a lower price tag that is why most organizations prefer to buy them in bulk. For boating activities, they are usually bought in greater number especially during the peak seasons.

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O’Neill Wetsuits Superlite Life Vest


When talking about the best life preservers, O’Neill Superlite Life Vest should be one of your options. It is made with the highest level of quality as well as functionality. The standards of this life jacket correspond to the quality needed for water ski and wakeboarding activities.

Its Polyethylene foam makes it included in the lightweight life vests category. The outer shell is also coated for a smooth and silky finish. It also provides protection from lint and other damages caused by frequent usage.

The design of this vest includes a front zip and Delrin buckles that can be easily released. They are made to ensure that the life jacket will not be intact while you are wearing it. It will be useful even in extreme water current and conditions.

One feature that sets O’Neill Wetsuits Superlite Life Vest apart from other ordinary PWC life jackets is the inclusion of a mesh meant to drain water. This makes the life jacket very lightweight because water is not sipped permanently by the PE foam.

The armhole size is built with creativity and strategy in mind. The design permits all kinds of movements from the wearer. It is big and wide enough to allow you to move freely. In case you need to take it off for emergency purposes, the quick-release buckles will not be difficult to remove.

Users recommend it, especially for plus sized individuals. It is comfortable to wear because it doesn’t feel too tight or too lose when you wear it. If you are a water ski enthusiast, better get one of these life vests.

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ONYX MoveMent Dynamic Paddle Sports Life Vest


If you are in search for the best life vest for kayak, then the ONYX MoveMent is the one you are looking for. The design of this life vest has a lower back that is made from mesh. The airy feature of this life vest contributes to its floatation capacity.

Everyone can surely benefit from this because the shoulder straps are adjustable. You can adjust it depending on the body structure of the wearer. It is also padded to give ultimate comfort to the one using it.

You can easily get spotted when you’re wearing it because of the reflective SOLAS material. You can even bring some stuff while you are in the water because of the inclusion of zipped pockets.

The nylon fabric material of this life vest feels soft to the touch and very fluffy when worn. The vest is very lightweight so you won’t have any problem moving around even when you’re in the water.

Most of the kayakers testified that ONYX MoveMent Life Vest
is the best jacket they have ever worn for kayaking. According to them, the mesh in the back of the vest works effectively by making you feel like you are just wearing casual clothes.

Another great distinction of this jacket is the whistle attached to the cord. It is very useful for emergency situations. You can opt to clip it inside or outside the vest. Its compact and slim design will surely be convenient for kayakers and paddlers.

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Streams Adult Watersports Classic Life Vest


The Stream Watersports Life Vest is another Type III US Coast Guard Approved Life Jacket. It carries with it a lot of good features and distinct qualities. Just like the other line of products of Streams, it is made from Denier nylon.

The soft Polyethylene Foam contributes to its soft texture and ability to stay afloat in water. The vest is made with a belt that measures 2.54 cm. You can adjust it because a squeeze is included.

The buckle closures can be easily released by applying pressure. This also makes it possible to be adjusted according to your level of comfort. You can greatly enjoy water skiing with this vest because it will not easily fall off your body.

The size of Streams Adult Watersports Classic Life Vest has an opening that measures 30 inches up to 52 inches. You can even choose the color. If you would like to make it a little loose, you can do this by squeezing the buckle. It is designed that way to allow the user to adjust it to his comfort level.

Most of the users endorse it because of its durability and longevity. The material permits it to be used for a longer period of time compared to other ordinary life jackets.

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Best Cool Life Jackets Buying Guide

A life jacket is one of the most important equipment you should have on hand when you are joining water-based sports and activities. Depending on the rules and regulations set by the management, there are many different life jacket types available for different purposes.

Most users appreciate life jacket’s reliability for sports-related events. This has been used in many resorts and other recreational centers to ensure the safety of the public.

Kayak enthusiasts will find it very convenient for their movability. Paddling has never been easier with this life vest on. Another thing that you will surely like about it is that it is not hot to wear.How it Works

Life jackets work by increasing the buoyancy of an individual while he is in the waters. This upward force helps to keep the body floating. The heavier a person, the greater buoyancy he needs when submerged in the water.

With this life-saving item, you will be able to do most of the activities that involve going in the water. Wearing them keeps you from worrying about drowning because they are designed to add buoyancy while you are submerged.

It all depends on the size and weight of a person. It is very important to determine your weight first before choosing what life jacket to buy. This is to ensure that it’s going to be efficient and effective when used.

Different Variations of Life Vests

You need to get familiarized with the US Coast Guard Life Jacket Approval for the proper selection of your jacket. There are different types and their explanations are given below.

  • Type I – This life jacket is basically used for offshore or inland purposes. This is very versatile because it will work effectively in all kinds of water conditions. The material of this life jacket can give up to 20 pounds of additional buoyancy.
  • Type II – This type of life vest is only intended for calm water conditions. This is best recommended for fast rescue operations. It has the ability to turn the person face-up when unconscious. It can provide the user an additional 15 lbs of buoyancy.
  • Type III – This type of jacket is classified as a floating aid. This is meant for ultimate comfort when worn and is best worn for boating purposes. Users can rely on this type of life vest especially in wavy waters. Sports-related events provide this jacket for all the participants.
  • Type V – This is designed for certain water sports activities. It should only be used for purposes specified in its label.

How to Choose the Best Life Jacket for You

It is essential to choose the best life jacket because your safety depends on it. You need an equipment to keep afloat in water in case an emergency situation arises. The important considerations are the size, design, and the type of material.

Sizes of Life Jackets

There are adult sizes life jackets and they are the common ones found in stores. The factor that you need to remember is that when you are choosing a life jacket for an adult, you need to consider the chest size. It is a wrong perception to base it on the weight of the individual.

Women also follow the same instruction in choosing a life jacket. There are many styles that would give you a fashion sense even though you are only wearing a life jacket. These jackets are usually equipped with contour cups and princess’s seams.

Last but not the least, the life jackets for the kids should be based on their weight and not on their height. The infant life jackets are recommended for infants who weigh 8 to 30 pounds. On the other hand, child’s life jacket is perfect for a weight of 30 to 50 pounds. The youth’s life jacket is perfect for 50 to 90 pounds of body weight.

The child’s life jacket has several additional features that make it really convenient and safe while worn by the kids. There is a padded head support that keeps their heads above the water.

Aside from this, there is a life jacket with a handle for the purpose of pulling the child out of the water. It also has a strap to keep the life jacket in place.

Fit of the Life Jacket

Different designs of life jackets have a different fit. It also depends on the placement of the foam. Some are made for universal use and some are meant for a specific gender. Women’s life jackets have contours while others don’t.

The life jackets for men are sometimes made with wider chest area. This is to ensure that all sizes of individuals would fit on it.

Different Types of Life Jackets

In choosing the best life jackets, one of the most important considerations is the type. People buy based on their preferred design, purpose, as well as the cost of the vest.

  • Kapok – If you would like to have a life jacket that is fluffy and very soft, then you should go for Kapok life jackets. They are made from super-fine fiber that contributes to its fluffy texture. You should remember that it is susceptible to fire. That’s why extra precaution should be taken when using it.

This jacket has the ability to resist extreme temperatures like coldness and hotness. Aside from this, the material is very light and can deliver greater buoyancy. The good thing about it is that you can recycle the fiber material when your old life vest expires.

  • Gaia – These types of life jackets have lower density and considered to be eco-friendly compared to other materials. It makes use of organic nitrile that contributes to its floatation capacity. You will surely love using it because it delivers a great job in keeping you afloat.
  • PVC’s – This is made from a material called polyvinyl chloride. This is very affordable and is a great resistor of different materials like oil. This is famous for its strength and durability.


Companies and organizations have made it a point to ensure its strict implementation to avoid accidents and other water-related incidents.

Aside from the given sense of fashion, the best life jackets are great life-saving equipment. Selecting the right life vest should be based on your size and need. You should remember that life jackets are usually made depending on the wearer.

It is recommended to avail Kemp Absolute Outdoor Life Jacket because it can provide the highest buoyancy to the wearer. This is applicable to different kinds of water-based activities so it will be definitely cost-effective on your part.

Abiding by the guidelines will ensure that your life jacket will be able to perform effectively, especially during emergency situations.

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