Best Cordless Impact Wrench Reviews 2017 – 2018

Have you ever heard of an impact wrench? This tool is also known as impact gun. You might be wondering where you can use it. They are actually used as a last resort in detaching a screw from a hole. An Impact wrench is a very handy tool when working with bolts. This tool makes it possible to grip bolts with much power. It uses air pressure in twisting the lug nut. The air pressure is the reason why the bolts and screw would suddenly loosen up.

To put it simply, impact wrenches add to the force exerted by a person to loosen or tighten a bolt. Sometimes, your strength is not enough to loosen really hard-to-turn bolts. They can really be your life saver in times of great frustration.

The rotational force applied by wrenches is tremendously strong, that is why you really cannot underestimate them. They may look like a small device, but the force that they produce is outstanding. If you would like to know more about impact wrenches, then this article is for you.

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Best Cordless Impact Wrench Reviews

Milwaukee 2763-22 M18 1/2″ Inch Impact Wrench

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This is a product by Milwaukee Electric Tool and it amazingly got 4.8 stars out of 5 from the users. The ratings of this impact wrench speak for itself. This is designed to be cordless, that is why it is much easier to use.

You don’t need to be frustrated from long tangling cords. M18 1/2″ Inch Impact Wrench operates through the use of fuel. In the past, people are wishing that wrenches could be cordless. That is the reason why wrenches have become phenomenal.

M18 is perfect to be used by workers in construction companies. Heavy equipment would surely get the benefits of it. You don’t need to manually remove a bolt with your bare hands. It would only hurt you for a wasted effort. Well, with the M18, you can get yourself a break.

Some of the notable features of M18 1/2″ Inch Impact Wrench are the tremendous amount of fastening torque as well as the 1000 ft-lbs nut busting torque. Based on these measurements, M18 has really got a superb performance. It also comprises a brushless motor, which outdid most of its competitors.

This impact gun has 2 modes for fastening. The REDLINK PLUS intelligence makes it possible to control the force exerted in fastening bolts and screws. You can set it for a normal force or you can set the mode for a really tight fastening force. The batteries included in the package are really meant for a longer run time.

Most of the cordless impact wrench reviews have mentioned the superior capabilities of M18. When it comes to heavy-duty construction, M18 is the right tool to have. Power is the perfect description for this tool. This is why most workers are aiming to have their own M18. You would only realize its power when you are in the actual situation of working with it.

Aside from this, you’ve got longer working hours with this tool. You need to consider the run time of most impact wrenches because that is where you could measure its real capability. The batteries are perfect for longer usage.

The best thing that you would surely love with this impact wrench is that it’s even tougher than nails. Now, you bet on that. This is indeed very durable. If you are the type of person who usually drops things, then you would be able to test the strength of this impact wrench. The body is tremendously hard that it can withstand serious blows.

The maker of this impact wrench has included great innovation in their design. The majority of the features are really very impressive, especially the superior power of the torque force. If you are looking for a serious impact wrench for heavy duty tasks, this should be on top of your choices.

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DEWALT DCF899P1 20V MAX XR Impact Wrench Kit


Dewalt is a renowned brand when it comes to high caliber tools and devices. They always come up with really impressive features for their products. One of their latest inventions is the MAX XR. This is also a cordless wrench and Dewalt has promised that this tool would show true power when it comes to bolts and screws.

As a cordless impact gun, you can bring it wherever you like. Another feature highlighted by the company is its portability. Aside from this, they designed it to have a brushless motor that is perfect for tasks that require mobility and durability. If you are working for construction companies, farms, and infrastructures, you should definitely have it in your kit.

It can deliver up to 700 ft.-lbs torque force with only a single twisting action. Now, that is what you call power. This makes it very superior among other power wrenches. Lion batteries would be included if you purchase this product. You have the option to buy additional accessories if you want to. The good thing about it, you can also find a good deal online.

Some of its new features include the 3-speed selector control. This control is meant to give you an option for the preferred speed of your impact wrench. You can check which one would best fit a particular job or task.

To make it really practical and convenient for you, MAX XR has built-in LED lights for clearer visibility while you’re working. You can use this tool even at nighttime, all thanks to the LED lights. It definitely helps in keeping your work accurate as possible. As you know, bolts and screws are really small; a good lighting would definitely help in keeping it visible at night.

Most of the reviews hailed MAX XR as the best impact wrench for both daytime and nighttime use. Consumers appreciate its portability and easy handling feature. Some of them even mentioned, though they are not experts in tool handling, MAX XR makes them feel like they are pros.

If you feel like these are the features you are looking for an impact wrench, MAX XR is definitely worth the try.

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Ingersoll Rand W7150-K1 ½” Hi-Torque Impact One Battery Kit


Ingersoll Rand W7150 is another innovation of cordless impact wrench.This tool received 4.7 stars out of 5 from the consumers. In terms of the price, it is rather pricey compared to other brands. Although it is relatively expensive, the features are really promising.

You could call this as a power gun because of the superior power it can deliver for both reverse and forward torque. Other brands don’t have this capability, and that’s one of the unique features of W7150-K1. The company also boasts the high power earth magnet motor of this tool. In fact, this is one of the most powerful impact wrenches in the market.

If you are looking for a durable impact wrench, this would surely fit your qualifications. The steel line is protected by a strong aluminum hammer case. You don’t need to worry about breaking this tool because the internal parts are well-protected. To add on its protective features, the drive train is composed of pure metal. This is meant for maximum performance and durability.

Another feature that is really notable with this wrench is the electronic control for speed with brake. This feature allows the user to take full control of the tool. It gives you a lot of options for your preferred settings. On the other hand, the metal housing contributes to its durability. It can withstand serious drops because of the metal housing.

The grip of this impact wrench is very comfortable to use because it is soft to touch. Most people feel frustrated due to the vibration of the device. You don’t need to worry because this patented soft touch handle reduces the vibration of the tool while at work.

This cordless impact wrench is smaller and shorter than the other brands. However, its power is still notable. The cordless impact wrench review contains a number of positive feedbacks from the users. Most of the consumers like the compact design of this wrench. Aside from that, they were amazed by its capacity to quickly loosen a screw by a simple twisting action.

Technicians ought to have this impact wrench. It is perfect for their active lifestyle, and it’s easier for them to carry around. This would also complement their kit. The good thing about this impact wrench is that it is also good for home use. It is very handy when you need to do some minor fixtures at home.

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PORTER-CABLE PCE210 Impact Wrench with Hog Ring Anvil, 1/2-Inch


This impact wrench from PORTER-CABLE amazingly received 4.7 stars out of 5 from the consumers. The price is also very affordable. If you have something to look forward to, then it’s definitely the PCE210. This runs with a7.5 amp motor and a Hot Ring Anvil.

It is capable of delivering 240 ft-lbs of torque for an effective loosening of bolts and screws. The metal gear housing is very effective in releasing heat while the tool is at work. This is one of the corded impact wrenches that can deliver optimum results.

Most consumers opted for this product because of the affordable price and high caliber performance. It became in demand because of the continuous search of the people for high-quality products without the high price tag.

If you avail this wrench, you are guaranteed with a 3-year warranty from the company. That is already very generous of them because this corded impact wrench is very durable, so your worries would be lesser. With its classic design, you find it very easy and comfortable to you use. The vibration is also not that much, so you wouldn’t feel too tired in using it.

You can find the best wrenches in the market, and this tool always has the safe spot in the list. Tradesmen have praised the efficacy of this impact wrench, especially in heavy equipment fixtures. Reviews have mentioned the experiences of the consumers in using this product.

This electrical impact wrenches are usually an option for tasks that require longer hours to accomplish. You can work as long as you want since you don’t need to think of running out of batteries. This is one obvious advantage of corded impact wrenches.

Some users also noted that this really works for larger nuts. You don’t need to be burdened by air compressors since they can really be painful. You would be able to loosen lug nuts with this tool. Aside from this, it works perfectly well in basic applications. That would save much of your time and energy.

As far as best wrenches are concerned, PCE210 would surely be one in the list. The ratings it got prove the satisfaction of most of the consumers in using this tool.  You simply need to tap the trigger once in order to put on a lug nut. That is how powerful this impact wrench is.

If you are searching for an impact wrench either for commercial or home use, try out the PCE210 and experience superior performance with this tool.

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AIRCAT 1150 Killer Torque 1/2-Inch Impact Wrench, Black


When it comes to impact wrenches, the AIRCAT 1150 is surely the best seller. It even received 4.7 stars out of 5 from the consumers. There is a reason why it is one of the best sellers. The features of this impact wrench are truly promising.

This design is inspired by powerful performance and durability. It can deliver up to 1,250 ft.-lbs torque force. This is obviously the leader among the other brands of wrenches. It could even produce 1,400 blows per minute. Imagine how powerful it is. The rotor of this tool is much larger than the others. This is where the extreme power came from.

You would also like a quieter environment when using this wrench. It doesn’t produce much sound that is why you wouldn’t be bothersome to others. Aside from this, it also has a variable speed system that allows you to control the speed of the rotation. Indeed, this is the best impact wrench in its league.

AIRCAT 1150 wrench only weighs 4 pounds. It is very light so it is easy to carry around. You can make use of this wrench for longer hours without feeling burdened by the weight. If you want to own the best impact wrench in the market, then this is the one you should be looking for.

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Best Cordless Impact Wrench Buying Guide

Choosing the Best Impact Wrench

  • Be Particular with the Torque – Many buyers make this as their first consideration. The torque is the actual rotational force exerted by the wrench. This is the most important factor in removing a fastener.
  • Choose the Right Weight – Impact wrenches vary in weight. Some are very light, and some are really heavy. Choose the one that you are most comfortable with. Aside from this, consider the type of job you would like to accomplish.
  • Size Matters – Different brands differ in sizes. Some impact wrenches are larger than the others. This is because of the inclusion of some accessories and rotor. There are compact impact wrenches as well. If you are always on the go, it is advisable to avail the smaller ones for portability purposes.
  • Blows Per Minute – This pertains to the number of times the hammer strikes the anvil. The higher the rate is, the more powerful the force of the torque is. If you would like to unfasten screws quickly, then you must invest for a wrench that has a higher rate of blows per minute.
  • Ergonomics – This is all about how comfortable you are in using the impact wrench. There are wrenches that have softer cases for handles. It is very comfortable to the hands. Consider the one that you find really comfortable in using.
  • Price – Different brands offer different prices. Some wrenches are really expensive; however, some are really affordable. You simply need to find the wrench that matches your budget. There are brands that offer good quality of wrenches for a lower price.
  • Warranty Period – This is one of the most important factors in decision-making. The warranty period is very important. Some of the leading companies offer longer warranty periods for their products. This is a part of their strategic plan in maintaining the lead in the market.


Impact wrenches are highly in demand nowadays because of the multiple benefits that you could get from them. As long as you use them properly, you would be able to reap the benefits of using these powerful tools in accomplishing your tasks.