Best CREE Flashlight Reviews 2020

When you talk about the best CREE flashlight, you are actually dealing with the LED type of flashlights.  These have been used in flashlights widely. To make it simple, it just refers to the LED inside the flashlight.  It has individual kinds of LED that is why the output of lights varies as well. The lights could be classified as warm, cool, and neutral. There are a number of reviews that you can read about the best Cree flashlight.

You might wonder what CREE means. Most people in surveys would agree that these are the actual flashlights. However, there is more to this information than meets the eye. It pertains to the lead in it. Another thing that you should know is that it also refers to the company. So to make it simple, CREE is the maker of LED for flashlights.

People really adore CREE.  The Cree flashlight review shows that the users are actually in awe with the versatility of this LED in flashlights.  The kind of innovation done in this is only through the flashlight itself.  If you are really interested to know more about the different CREE flashlights, then, this article is for you.

It is easier to choose if you have a wide array of choices.

Best CREE Flashlight Reviews

Mikafen Mini Cree Q5
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This is a product of Mikafen, and it is sold at such an affordable price. This is why most people can afford it.  It was given 4.5 stars out of 5 by the users that simply proves the quality is great. It is also considered as the best Cree flashlight.  The focus range of this flashlight could be adjusted to certain ranges of your own choosing.  What is good about this product is that you could actually zoom it in and out.

The design is skid proof, and it is also protected from splashes of water. This is because the case is made up of aluminum alloy. That explains it well. Cree flashlight reviews reveal that many users are satisfied with this product.  That also explains why the rate is so high.

There is a steel body clip that can be adjusted and the brightness can be set to high or low. With these features, this flashlight would be perfect for cycling and hiking because the lumen can reach up to 300.This is actually the best Cree possible.

This creed led flashlight is a good option for doing outdoor activities because the illumination is just perfect for exterior use. The battery source is rechargeable  so you don’t need to plug it to make it work.  It is quite heavy for its size and is made up of aluminum for proper insulation.

In terms of durability, there is no doubt about this product because the built is sturdy enough to withstand crashes and unpredicted accidents. The durability of this product was also testified by most of the users. In fact, that is one of the reasons why they purchased it.

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ThorFire C8s LED Flashlight MA 900 LM


This product is made by ThorFire, and it amazingly got 4.4 stars out of 5. This cree flashlight costs cheaper than the others, and you get yourself a free shipping for the product. The light source of this tool is LED, and it only weighs 3 ounces. It is so light, isn’t it?

This version of LED flashlight was redesigned for a more excellent quality C8 model. This is in fact very popular among the public. There is an older version of this model, and the maker thought of improving the light.

The LED light is very bright that it generates up to to 900 lumens in its highest mode. Moreover, it is in the laboratory for a credible.  This version of C8s is proven to be brighter than others.  Upon availing this, you just need to operate with four simple modes that are high, medium, low, and moonlight.

The cree flashlight reviews reveal that this tool can actually give off a very blinding bright light, so the users should not point it directly to the eye of a person. The moonlight mode would be the dimmest for the purpose of protecting night vision.

To make it really sellable to the public, the makers guaranteed a return within 40 days from the day of the purchase. Most of the customers’ feedbacks are good and positive. One consumer noted that this is a quality flashlight because you can utilize the four different modes for the light.

The moonlight mode is recommended if you plan on conserving energy. This could be your next best cree.  The brightest mode of this CREE light could literally make you blind. The built-in memory was also tremendously helpful. This torch has a really great build quality and illumination.

You get the value of your money with this mini tool. Another great feature is the length of range it reaches. The device would not even feel hot in your hands after hours of using the power.  The cree led flashlight review shows that many consumers are experiencing good quality flashlight.

Another buyer praised the aesthetics design of this product. Because it works with batteries, it is easily replaced. The light intensity also varies as well.  A thumb button was carefully placed. If you were looking for a really gorgeous quality, then, this is the one you are looking for.

To give you a preview, the body of ThorFire C8s LED Flashlight MA 900 LM is matte black, and the aluminum is heavily gauged. This could be used for rescuing purposes as well as for hiking activities and for law enforcement.  It can give you the nice grip feeling, and the lenses are made up of real glass, which is an added factor.

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Super Bright 3800 Lumens 3X CREE-XM-L


This is a product launched by ThorFire and was rated 3.7 stars out of 5 from the cree flashlight review. It is sold also with a reasonable and affordable price. This is actually a torch flashlight that uses the CREE-XM-L T6 LED. As a result, a bright beam of light is produced up to 3800 lumens. It is such an ultra-bright light.

The booster circuit can be integrated with the batteries.  It is made up of aircraft grade alloy, and the body is well built. It won’t be rusty, and it is also subjected to scratch-free finish.  The color of the light is white, and it was built with five different modes. The lifespan of the LED could reach approximately 100,000 hours.

The lenses of this cree flashlight are made of coated glass for dual protection.  The consumers have noted that you get a good value for your money when you avail this. This is a multi-CREE led light. If you need to use it in risky situations, then, it because it is the perfect companion for those cases.

You try using it while walking in a dark place. You would eventually realize that it could cast a bright light in your path and with amazing illumination. This would define what a cree flashlight is.  Of course, there would be times that it would get low on battery.  This is also due to the extreme light that is why the power would be consumed fast. It is recommended to bring extra batteries for emergencies.

Flashlights with 1000 lumens and up are already categorized as extremely bright cree flashlights.  The brightness is incomparable with the lower lumens of other brands.  This is the reason why people bring it in camping sites because the brightness could reach even distant ranges.

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Hausbell 7W Ultra Bright Mini LED

From the name itself, you would know that it is an ultra-bright LED flashlight. The price is amazingly cheap. This product would surely save a lot of fortune from you. This product is a cree tactical flashlight. It is relevant for important missions.

This flashlight is made by Hausbell and impressively received 4.5 stars out of 5 from the consumers.  As one of the cree torches, this LED flashlight could give a fairly good brightness of light.  It can also be adjusted depending on the resolution of the zoom mode that you prefer. It can produce maximum of 300 lumens, which makes it similar to typical LED lights.

This is a portable version of most flashlights because of its small size that would easily fit in your pocket.  The design of this led cree torch is meant to be water-proof and skid free. This is a big plus because most users are searching for that feature. The focus range is also very practical because you can easily adjust it.

This LED flashlight is good to use in hiking, biking, camping, and other outdoor tasks that would not require too much bright illumination. This is a battery powered device and runs on watts. The reason why people ultimately avail this product is because of its relatively cheap price.  Almost everyone could avail it in no time.

The fact that it is adjustable means that you could make the light focus on one thing or just produce a wide spectrum of illumination. The batteries could also last long because the flashlight is just small.  It is not one of the heavy duty LED flashlights in the market, so students can carry as well.

The switch buttons always work just fine without the need to shake it just to make it open.  According to the cree led flashlight review, this tactical flashlight is very portable, and you can just literally bring it anywhere you want to. It is recommended especially for emergencies.

The body is made up of solid metal that makes it very durable as well. You can easily grip it because it is designed for good gripping convenience. The weight is justnice so you would be relieved to know that this is really a quality product.

The higher build quality of this product is also known for the brand of Hausbell. This tactical flashlight is very convenient to just bring with you anywhere you go.  It is a reliable tool for unexpected cases or situations. It is so cheap that you could buy several of it as spare stocks.

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InnoGear 5000 Lumen Bright Headlight


This is one of the evolutionary products of InnoGear. This flashlight got a high rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 from the buyers, which says a lot about this flashlight. The price is affordable for the quality. This cree flash light is indeed a very powerful one because it can go as far as 5000 lumens.  Imagine how bright it is.

It also features four working modes just like the others. It has a low, high, mid, and flashing mode. Each of the modes present an outstanding capability. This can also be used as a power bank, and it is a real hit for most of the users. This cree flashlight could be rotated up to 90 degrees without breaking it.  Aside from this, it is also waterproof, so you can bring it in places like pools.  It is also safe from heat. The material of this product is aluminum alloy and rubber. These two combinations make a really durable flashlight.

When you buy this cree led flashlight, it comes with the package of a charger, headlamp, and several batteries.  This is already a good find for you for such a great value.  This device is meant for outdoor activities because there is also a headlamp that is perfect for cycling.

Most of the users noted that it is not overheating even though they have used it for a long period of time, which is a big plus. s. The safety feature of this product is also incomparable because of the durable material of its body.

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How to Choose Your Cree Flashlight

  1. Purpose: You need to ask yourself the purpose of buying the cree led flashlight. There are different flashlights for different situations, so better know your reason clearly so you can decide for it.
  1. Consider the Brightness: You should know if you need a very bright flashlight or just a typical one. For outdoor use, the higher lumen flashlights are advisable.  For activities that are not requiring too much brightness, some fair quality led flashlights are enough.
  1. Shape and Weight: You always consider it because there are flashlights that are very portable and there are ones that are heavy duty. If you just like having it around, then, the small ones are the perfect use.  In tactical uses, the heavy duty ones are most likely needed.
  1. Battery Type: Not all led flashlights require the same power source. Some of them need different number of batteries. It is actually dependent on the power consumption of the flashlight.
  1. Beam and Mode: You might want to decide if you will go for four mode flashlight or  five modes.  These modes have different functionalities, and you should choose based on your need.
  1. Brand Name: This is one of the deciding factors on what flashlight you would buy.  You can also check it out in cree flashlight review. You can get good advice and information there about this led flashlight.
  1. Affordability: So far, this is the factor that most people are concerned about. They need to fit it in their budget. Liking the product is not enough if you don’t have sufficient funds to buy it. Choose the most practical one and try asking around before buying.  You wouldn’t want to waste your money right?


Cree flashlights are gaining popularity nowadays, and they have been used in a wide array of applications. It is hard to choose on your own especially if you don’t have any idea what is cree.  The best way to do is to check the cree flashlight review and broaden your knowledge about these mini tools.

The terms are highly technical, so at first, you might feel overwhelmed, but when you already know what you are looking for, then, you don’t have to worry.  The market is patronizing this advancement because the uses are too many to mention.  They are not only for entertainment but also for practical purposes as well.

You just need to remember that cree is not the flashlight itself. It is the bulb inside the flashlight.  Knowing this simple difference could help in sorting out what you need. There are a lot of brands out there. Some of them are famous, and some are just not so popular.

The reviews are great places to know about a particular product.  They provide important insights that could help you in deciding what to avail. You need to be wise in choosing to get the best value for your money. Consider all the factors and weigh them all. In this case, you would be able to maximize the uses of cree flashlights.

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